Assassination and Jihad!

Was just watching "Benazir's Assassination" from DAWN News, and was getting sick by the idea of why is all this happening. They had created a recreation of the actual event that might have taken place. All the details they thought was included along with the Govt's False Statements. Is this Jihad? Is she Shaheed. Is Zardari meant to be our President? Are our Mullah's doing the right thing killing the innocent? NOOOO!!! i dont believe in any of these questions having answers like Yes.
The thing that i would take first will be the Govt:
  • Where were the security officers when Benazir got shot?
  • Why did they claim that she died because of hitting the lever when she fell by the gun shot's force?
  • Why was Zardari in Dubai?
  • Why werent any of the Doctors that operated and checked Benazir allowed to give any comments o the issue publically?
  • Of all the 365 days, how did PTCL manage to grab Mullah Mehsood's Convo on that paticular day.
  • Why to elect Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the Chairperson of PPPP while electing himself as the President of Pakistan? Im well aware of the age requirements, but if the kid is too small for everything than why to make him a puppet for the Party's Affairs?
  • If he wanted to be a leader who was not biased, than why not elect such a party member who would have been more experienced and more capable of the post than he was.
  • Why is she declared Shaheed?
My Next Questions are for the Mullah's irrespective of their Nationalities:
  • Why doesnt Osama Bin Ladin and Baitullah Mehsood pack their own bodies in self-destructive material and push the button infront of bush?
  • I know they r popular but heck whats the use of being a Jihadi then?
  • Why do they preach Jihad in a wrong way, by teaching people to kill the innocent instead of the culprits?
  • Haven't they read Quran? Dont they know Sunnah?
  • Why are they then hiding inside the mountains, running here and there showing the world that they are the biggest cowards in the world? and Where is Osama NOW??
  • Dont they know that Suicide itself is HARAM in Islam, be it in a Jihadi way or non-Jihadi way.
  • Why did the Leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangwai force the victims to create such a stupid drama in India. What was the use of killing innocent people on railway stations, banks n hotels?
I know what is happening with us Muslims all over the world is indeed terrible. What Israel has done to Palestine is something that is not even near to humanity. But what was the initiative, the Palestinians who were less in number and resources triggered some rocket attacks over Israel as a result of which what happened? every being knows that Israel has destroyed half of Palestine that was left behind killing loads of people and that too innocent people. You go for Jihad a proper Jihad in which you have full resources, a battle in which innocent people wont be killed, but then again the point is if the Issues can be resolved by talks than why killings and war? Cant we do Jihad by the power of Knowledge. For all the knowledge that we had where have we lost it? Have we lost it somewhere between gaining the cultures of the West and losing our interest in gaining what was not Ours in the first place. Jihad is not always bloodshed and killing. It comprises of all those types of hardships that makes a Human calmer and deeper from the inside bearing piece and patience not only for his fellow beings but for the whole of Humanity. ALAS! Islam's image has been destroyed badly by it's sole Flag bearers the Mullah's. I want Muslims to get up and see Islam, Quran, Sunnah, Jihad all of them just clear ur concept. Study ur religion urself, Its not at all only for the Mullah's, they dont know it more then us nor their words r like mark on a stone. Jihad is not at all as we see these days. There are no more Shaheed's anymore!!

A New Year has already Begun

I know i know Im late at declaring my New Year, but guess this was the time it was meant to be ;). I have a pretty long list of things that i have decided that I will InshAllah try to cover up. And m really bad at remembering things the time i sat to write this note i had loads of stuff to write but then its all vanished now :S.
Point 1: Have to work up to keep my memory going!

M bad at learning the small things( as pointed out by my friend) I look at the bigger parts of the game.
Point 2: Ill start looking at the smaller details with firm conviction than before, and wont be afraid of the minute creatures :P

I m old enough, and i still cant cook food (after all i too want to get my hands painted soon :P )
Point 3: Ill start learning Professional Cooking from This Year :) though i have already started taking some steps ;)

I cant have control over my anger, im SHORT-TEMPERED and i know that's bad :(
Point 4: I have to and surely have to get rid of this Hyper Angerivity :P

The things I have learnt spirituallyI will InshAllah try to Apply as many of them as Possible InshAllah.
Point 5: Learn and Note Down!.

I need my own domain seriously, I so want my own domian.
Point 6: Will surely get my DOMAIN by the coming next 2 months InshAllah :)

I have to learn loads of stuff, read loads of books and do loads of other stuff (that are still unplanned) :P
Point 7: Tell myself that there are many things that will come into my life UNEXPECTEDLY( be PREPARED *brows stretched*)

I have to get my Driver's License by February InshAllah. (If i get in the classes On time!!)
Point 8: Have to get myself registered soon, so that my name gets shortlisted :P

Have to learn how tu put Mehndi ( I mean Mehndi hathun pr lagana sir pr nahe :P )
Point 9: Spoil as much hands as I can before this Year's Eid ;)

Help as may people as I can, be it in anyway. Wherever and Whenever i get a chance i Have to help them InshAllah.
Point 10: Have to make myself firm and have to learn inorder to serve.

Guess these 10 commandments would be enough for now. Rest will come my way as i walk on the trail of this New Year :)

بی بی! ہم بھی شہید ہیں

These are the Names of the Brave Men who have fought ruthlessly in Field and brought us the Victory that wasn't a child's play in the case of Pakistan who had nothing at the time of Partition but just named tanks and planes. They were the one's who had solid hearts and a concrete vision of Victory and loosing their lives just for the sake of their Country. Its the day now when nobody knows that 6th of September is Pakistan's Defense Day, the day to pay patronage to the one's who have given us their everything.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar
Major Tufail Muhammad
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas
Jawan Sowar Muhammad Hussain
Major Mohammad Akram
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz
Major Shabbir Sharif
Captain Karnal Sher Khan
Havaldaar Lalak Jan

And then it is, that we can't even find them on a 10rs Postal stamp, and we can find Shaheed Benazir Bhutto's Pictures engraved on 10rs coins the 1st year after her death. M just bound to question "Shaheed tu woh bhe hain and Shaheed tu yeh bhe hain?", There are Moselum's of the members of the Bhutto Family but none for whom have fought for their Country and given their lives. The fight fought by the Bhutto's is different than what they fought for us. I beleive in Saluting them rather than the Bhutto's. For me they are the true Martyrs

"TEN-JEW-BERRY-MUDS"(Thank You Very Much)

The following is a telephone exchange between a hotel guest and room-service, at a hotel in Asia , which was recorded and published in the Far East Economic Review (M sure this is a Phillipina call :P ):
Room Service (RS) : 'Morrin. - Roon sirbees.'
Guest (G) : 'Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service. '
RS : 'Rye .. Roon sirbees . morrin! Jewish to oddor sunteen?'
G : 'Uh..yes. I'd like some bacon and eggs.'
RS : 'Ow July den?'
G : 'What ?'
RS : 'Ow July den ? ... pryed, boyud, poochd?'
G : 'Oh, the eggs! How do I like them? Sorry, scrambled please.'
RS : 'Ow July dee baykem? Crease?'
G : 'Crisp will be fine.'
RS : 'Hokay. An sahn toes?'
G : 'What?'
RS : 'An toes. July sahn toes?'
G : 'I don't think so.'
RS : 'No ? Judo wan sahn toes ?'
G : 'I feel really bad about this, but I don't know what 'judo wan sahn toes' means.'
RS : 'Toes! toes!....Why jew don juan toes? Ow bow Anglish moppin we bodder?'
G : 'English muffin!! I've got it! You were saying Toast.' Fine. Yes, an English muffin will be fine.'
RS : 'We bodder?'
G : 'No ... just put the bodder on the side.'
RS : 'Wad! ?'
G : 'I mean butter...just put it on the side.'
RS : 'Copy?'
G : 'Excuse me?'
RS : 'Copy ... tea ... meel ?'
G : 'Yes. Coffee, please, and that's all.'
RS : 'One Minnie. Scramah egg, crease baykem, Anglish moppin w bodder on sigh and copy .... rye ?'
G : 'Whatever you say.'
RS : 'Tenjewberrymuds. '
G : 'You're very welcome.'

PS: what kinda hell have that person gone through while just placing a Breakfast order. How would have he ordered Lunch and Dinner ;) Lols i know how it sounds when people with such accent speak to u and u r like WHAT, WHAT, What did u say there, Sorry i couldn't get u :P and those poor people keep on repeating the same thing with the same accent again n again :P

Another of THOSE DAYS!

I was just having a good day after all, but HECK sometimes u cant deny the fact. I was supposed to have an Exam today that holds a greater percentage in my Finals. But NOPE! our star-studded SIR said " I want U guys to have another 100-200 questionnaire to practice and than after the next 2 classes will have the Exam". Dammit! U haven't taught anything worth while and ur taking Exams as if we have prepared for the Master's Level.! The next bomb shell was "The Institute is planning to cut off the internet usage for the Students soon", and i was like "Why is that so" and he is like" Coz most of u CHAT during the class" and m like "Not ALL are the same". FOOLS! I call them, we are paying bloody 20,000 bucks for nothing I must say. Education has lost it all. The Faculty skipped four of the Major Chapters declaring its not gonna come in the Exam after all so dun bother, and today "Naaaaah, i didn't say that. What i meant was those are for self study", come on, we are not born coders as if we were having wireless keyboards and mouse when we were born, we are here to learn not to study by ourselves. And u want us to go through those 200 n above baseless question tht wont make any sense to us after all. Poor MK my friend. A Jordanian, and a working student. Poor soul was waiting for the Exam till the class ended as He didnt even know it was postponed. How sad i felt when he told me how hard it was for him to go through all of this.
For what happened next i just wanna quote that "INDIANS R SICK, SICK,SICK and more SICK" they r the reasons all Dengue attack Pakistan. No matter ur in an Arab State but if ur in a place where most of the sub-ordinates are INDIANS then they will drive u NUTS just coz they have SICK MENTALITY even SICKER than our MULLAHS'. Im disappointed really disappointed by every official of my Institute they SUCK really bad, as well i sympathise with each and every indivdual who has gone through this.

my hypothesis for FOREVER IS: "Indians' can never be our well-wishers no matter how sweet their talks get, BEWARE before it gets LATE!!"

Andaa Alaa Andaa

"Anda and woh bhe Aisa Andaa"
lols I discovered this weird drop shaped egg from a dozen eggs that my Dad brought. Heck I didnt even know that Eggs too have a supposed Expiry Date. What if I have an egg after that day will I have Bird Flu :P or any other suggested diseases anyone ;)

29 Days to GO :(

There were just 29 more days left when my Pyara Golu Mobile was going to be an year old :( and today I losht my this year's love :( and m SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD bt guess that's how it was meant to be. I have made endless efforts to repair it on my own. Have attached the LCD the keypad but all in vain as the LCD aint working coz of the wires that might have got detached when it fell down :( It was Here just 11 months ago and i was sho happy to have it though later on i realized that Sony Ericsson isn't something to rely upon but heck that wassssh my Birthday Gift!!

I'll try to get it repaired from some shop but if nothing good comes my way than either i have to sell it to the shop owner or just keep it as a memorandum, plus the warranty period is still there but heck i have lost the receipt and the card as well :(. Allah knows better what will be there for me HE knows it all better :)

یہ کیسا ڈرامہ ہے؟؟؟

ابھی کچھ دیر پہلے اپنے کمرے میں بیٹھی پڑھ رہی تھی، کہ ساتھ والے کمرے میں سے عجیب ڈرامائی آوازیں آرہی تھی۔ کیا ماجرہ تھا فلفور تو سمجھ میں نہیں آیا مگر کچھ جو سمجھ میں آئی وہ یہ تھی کہ تب تک پاکستان کی کمر توڑ چکا ہو گا۔ جب یہ بات میرے کانوں تک پہنچی تو شک ہوا کی شاید یہ کسی نئے ڈرامے کا اندیشہ ہے، اور جب اٹھ کر غور فرمایہ تو شک یقیں میں بدل گیا، آج ٹیوی پر انڈیا کا ایک اور نیا ڈرامہ دکھایا جا رہا تھا۔ ایک تو یہ سب دیکھ کر ہنسی بھی آتی ہے اور ذہں یہ سوچنے پر بھی مجبور کر دیتا ہے کہ کیا آخر انڈیا نے ہمیں مذاق سمجھ کر رکھا ہوا ہے، یا یہ کہ ہم اتنے بیواقوف ہیں کہ اں کے یہ سب ڈرامے دیکھ کر ہم شاید ڈر جائینگے یا ہماری اکسٹھ سالوں کی محنت بے معنی ہے. وہاں انہوں نے کئی دس نکات پر مشتمل ایک ایجنڈا تیار کیا ہے، یا ماں لیں خیالی خاکہ تیار کیا ہے کے چند ہی دنوں میں وہ ہمارے پاکستان کا کیا حال بناینگے۔ یہ سب دیکھ کر یہ سمجھ میں بلکل نہیں آیا کہ اگر یہی انڈیانوں کا تریکہ کار ہوگا تو ٹیوی پر دیکھانے کا کیا جواز بنتا ہے انکے بناوٹی ڈرامہ کے چد نکات ایسے تھے

کہ ہم بحری رستوں سے ہوتے ہوئے کراچی تک پہنچ جائنگے اور جب ہمارے جانباز سپاہیوں کے ہاتھوں ہی شہر تباہ ہو جائگا تو پاکستان کی کمر ٹوٹ جائگی
پاکستان کے ہاتھ کچھ نہیں آئیگا اسکے تمام ہتھیار دھرے کے دھرے رہ جائینگے
مزہ تب آئیگا جب ہماے اگنی پتھ اور نا جانے کوں کوں سے پتھ اسلام آباد پر دھاوا کھول دینگے

خیر اسکے بعد کی بحث بہت لمبی تھی اور اس میں جاونگی تو لکھتے لکھتے ہاتھ دکھنے لگینے۔ صرف یہی جان کر اور سوچ کر حیرت ہوتی ہے کہ انڈیں بھی انتہائی بیواقوف قوم ثابت ہوئی ہے اور یہ کہ “بلی کو خواب میں ہمیشہ چھچڑے ہی دکھائی دیتے ہیں" ہم باحیثیت قوم بہت مضبوط، متحد، اور منظم ہیں۔ یہ سب ڈرامے نہ تو ہمیں ڈرا سکتے ہیں اور نہ ہی ہمیں کمزور کر سکتے ہیں

PS: my reason for writing all this in my native language was to in a way encrypt it from the rest of the world ;)

A new Mechanical Description

My Mom just now described an Elite description about a problem that our Water Motor is facing since 3 months. Its simply a roaring sound coming after our Water Tank feels his stomach is getting emptier and starts making a growling sound just to make us stop using water for a while. So the description was given by my Mom as:
Yeh kuch pani kay pump ke motor ke machine ka masla lagta hai

After listening to the description given by our house leader nobody could come up with anything except for a blank face and than a roar of laughter :P Guess that sound made my Mom nuts and she spoke ambiguously. None of the parts mentioned were different than the other :D Haaaaaaah my Mom got nailed by US pretty badly after that ;)

New Anti-Bush Policy

Hahaa these pictures really kicked the laughter out of me :P


Well I am very very much fond of cooking. Though the reality check for me is that I have the memory of a gold-fish I mean no matter how much times I revise a certain dish's recipe Im blank when Im infront of the stove. And after 6 whole months of practice I finally excelled in the art of roti(desi bread) making but alas untill today :( . I was so confident about myself that might be m the bestest of the roti maker in town or in my family on a further note, and to my surprise despite of all those months pratice I failed to produce even one single perfectly round shaped roti, all I could see on the paten were different parts of the world that are only visible on the globe. I was indeed over-confident about my skills and ended up being disappointed. Kheir thats something I have to get over with but its just that I was so proud of it :(. Nonetheless I have other things more and far more important than this to worry about and that is my Exam on Sunday! Of all the practice tests that my Sir took today, he said it at the peak of his voice that this practice aint nothing my fellow students the Hardest of all is Yet to Come! :@. Gosh I hate tests.

PS: Our pyaray nation walay after all the discrimination faced from Indi's side I was ashamed to see Baba-e-Quom's logo on the top right corner of the Musik Channel and below Priyanka And Esha, dancing over the beats of DON. Do we have a little of our self-respect left?

بابائے قوم محمد علی جناح

“Come forward as servants of Islam, organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.”

Presidential Address at the All India Muslim League, Lahore

March 23, 1940

Salute to the Father of the Nation. He was the only one who wanted Pakistan as ONE, He wanted no sindhi, balochi, pathan or punjabi his vision was just to see a Pakistani be it of any religious sect. A strong, bold, successful and Proud Pakistani. We have to build this Nation on the basis of being a Pakistani and Muslim, as Pakistan was built on the pillars of Islam, on the name of Islam. And being a Pakistani we have to adhere to the principles upon which Quaid-e-Azam built this Nation that are Unity, Faith and Discipline. On a note these are just three words but on a potential scale if followed they can bring peace and evolution.
"ہمارے قائد تجھے ہمارا سلام"

Arab's Culture.

Saw this post about the differences Razz found while his stay in America. I thought why not i compare the things i found different in Arab's (as m living in Middle-East) And yeah m too not being sarcastic or anything but its just that we all are different and we keep on noticing it ;) My differences wouldn't be entitled and they would be simply appearing in a list.

  • For instance Arab women appear on a Hospital Appointment, all dressed up in a way as if they have landed at a wrong place and they were supposed to go on a Wedding Reception.
  • Arab's just cant live without 2 things and that is their Mobile Phone and a Land Cruiser. They stick to their bluetooth devices or ear phones 24/7, i suppose even in the bathrooms as though they cant even miss a single call. As for the Land Cruiser than no matter u have food at home or u have paid the Electricity bill but u cant forget to fill the Cruiser's Tank.
  • You cant forget to mention their casual meet-up in which they talk in a way as if they have stuck themselves in a real Bad Conversation "كيف حالك ، وأين أنت" (How are you and where have u been) and then there is a big HAHAHAHAHAHHAH(without any reason and suffice)
  • They order food in a way as if they are inviting 100 people over, but just 2 of them turn out. The 2 of them eat and the HUGE leftover is the crown of the dustbin
  • The Arab lads usually drive their Cars with one leg on the accelerator and one on the window. Yeah that seems weird but that is how they show that they are driving a bloody Automatic Car.
  • They place a 500 bill on the counter for a 2riyal Mineral Water bottle, as if they are there to pay their monthly grocery.
  • The people at the customer service just cant take more than 2 people in a row, they feel itchy and they have to, really have to get up and go for a call on their mobile or drink or anything. It goes for almost every post they are in regarding direct contact with people. Be it Security, Doctors, Customer Service Centers, Banks and i guess everything.
  • Arabs are a great FAN of Plastic Surgery, they want each and every part of their body just like a Hollywood Chick, or a hero :P
  • They believe in Pre-Marital Medical Check-Ups of the couple(Darn it! they don't even believe in themselves).
  • The Arab kids encounter with an Expat is something out of the box. They will make their earnest effort to get the F*** word out of ur mouth so that they can cry and go to their Stupid parents who will end up having a stupid and baseless quarrel with u.
  • Arabs cant accept a job that has a low status. They want to be either in manageral posts or GM :P.
  • They will apply for all the possible ATM, Visa or Master cards in almost every bank that exists. Their wallets would be filled with such cards. But when it comes at the working then they are either Expired or Out-of-Balance.
That were almost all the possible differences and some really stupid differences that i could find, but yet Arabs are a good company to be with, they will never interfere in you personal matters unless u want them too. :)

Photomanipulation or Real?

Real or Fake? Thats the Question.

Picture (supposedly) taken from Burj-Dubai. The tallest building in the world.

Spending Time

Was spending some time over movies, and found these two quite apart from the usual. Eagle Eye and the Untraceable, both of them are somewhat related to each other on the basis that each revolve around a central character that is either an Artificial Intelligence or a Cyber Criminal.
Eagle Eye is based on an AI gone crazy created by the America Govt. which is still hidden from many of the higher officials. The AI gets mad when the Govt rejects his order of Aborting a so called Afghan killing mission, when th machine clearly specifies that the target they were looking for is not the one they have found in Balochistan(which they pronounced as Ba-lo-KI-istan) and they disregardfully attack on them while they were at a funeral. As an output the AI who has the command over every possible thing, uses all it's abilities and artificial mental abilites to destroy the current Govt. and replace it with the only person it finds reliable and that is the Secretary of Defence. The Hero's twin brother who first found out that the machine has gone ga-ga was too murdered by the Intelligent technique of the machine itself. Later the final transaction had to be done by the Hero and a Female associate(that's what the machine called her :P) and the story goes on so forth dont want to spoil the climax :P. I was just thinking why it was so necessary for America to develop such a thing. Were their own mental capabilties insignificant for all of this? I remaine specualtive.

Untraceable on the other hand is a story about FBI's Cyber Crime division that are on duty to handle all the on growing cyber crimes and that is not a big deal for them, just click here and there and the person is nailed to the ground. The problem arises when a Person starts a creative site of streaming live coverage of people he has captured and is murdering them with a slower regime. The more visitors to his site, the faster the captured being dies. No strict rules for who is going to be his next victim. No matter how much they try to block his site, he has build such a setup that he keeps on coming back from time to time. Blocking the viewership for Exapt users and portraying a sense of patriotism the psycho keeps on adding people to his list, and later on the Heroine of the film. Though that becomes his bad luck :P.

Both films were good thrillers and good pieces of brain excercise. A good watch ill add it up in the end. DO give them a watch.

Adios till then :)

Allah's Will

Today was a day when i got 2 great opportunities, but guess luck was a little aside from me as well. One i got a call for a job interview and that too for the work i love to do the most and that is Teach. I love kids, and i love teaching and sharing my experience and knowledge with almost anyone i get my hands on. But couldnt somehow make myself available for it. One coz of a great loss of 6 months in my personal studies and second would be lack of time. These factors don't seem that much of a hype but they played a vital role in my dissapointment today.
Later on my Faculty pointed me out to join the toastmasters club free of charges coz He wanted me to be the part of their clan, as they wanted a potentially active speaker who isnt afraid of public appearances, + he would be paying from my side, but my luck today couldnt work there either, coz of the odd hours and locations they had their meetings over.
I was really heartbroken in the morning, couldn't find one solid and hard reason as in why all this was happening to me, these weren't some bad things that i shouldn't be wishing for, Knowledge is something that how much u share, it will be filled within u even more. And speaking over something, using ur mental and verbal abilities is another plus point. But all i could make up at the end of the day was, it was Allah's Will, and Besahq HE knows the whole situation better than me, HE knows very well how I have been feeling all this time, and how much i wished for all of this. But still all this happened to me coz HE knows that at some point inside me I may not be well prepared for all of this, and i need a little more time and space just to make myself more strong and willing for work. I agree with HIS will and find HIM the only ONE who knows me better than me and I Love HIM for that :)

Whats the Purpose

I say whats the purpose of writing all this when what i want to say is still unheard by many, whats the use of writing all this when the things I know deep inside will remain a mystery for all as there wont be any clue for what m saying. I visit a few blogs here and there and find somewhat the same thing in it. Might be its just the phase through which most of us are going through, but the thoughts that arise are still different and unique for each. Sometimes i hate people that are around me, why? i don't know, i don't know. What are the things that make me so irritated about them, i get irritated by the slightest of the things. I start doing something but due to an emotional clot i get stuck and end up being miserable.
I watch TV, News Channels or any other form of media going through all of this makes me feel even more irritated, I feel stuck in a place where only i can receive and not convey. People find this as a medium to share, convey, speak their inner self out but still that too doesn't make any much of a difference. The one's who are outspoken get blocked, their sites are blocked their coverage is blocked, media channels are blocked, radio frequencies are blocked, people raging on TV end up getting the beep sounds over the entire conversation for what, so called "Censorship". Whats the purpose then of killing yourself and making sure what you cover is all true. Is the freedom of speech only limited till Hyde Park? that when u get off from that dice what ever u said simply vanishes into open space? The people infront of whom you have spent ur hefty 15-20 mins shouting and giving hard facts and points are nobody to u, neither do they know u, nor would they ever come back to u again.
Then i ask whats the purpose for all this? Nobody in the present world believes in the Truth, nobody i suppose can digest the hard truth in no matter the smallest of the situation we just cant bear truth any more. The child doesnt want to hear the truth, the friend cant accept it, the shopkeeper didnt say the truth since ages, The Govt. has forgotten even the smell of a true statement. Then whats the purpose of all this. Whats the purpose of saying all this that "ہزار جھوٹ سے بہتر ایک سچ ہے", and "ایک جھوٹ کے لئے سو اور جھوٹ بولنے پڑھتے ہیں". It must be having some reality to it then if the so called Danishwar have said this at some point of their life, with pretty much more experince than us. But everybody simply keeps on repeating the phrases without any due action.
I believe in Truth but far more what i believe in, is Action. I believe if u are speaking the truth u must act upon the facts for proving the truth right. I really don't want to sit here, come make my self empty like a dustbin spilling out all the filth and rotten stuff, feel contented and than get back to what i was doing. I just don't want to waste myself for anything. I want to work and I want to work for the better, be it for my Nation or whole of Humanity. I want to make sure to myself that all these things that don't portray a visual purpose to me now, must be clear in the forthcoming years.


Who am I? Where am I from? Where do I belong in this world full of dilemma? Is there anyone who really cares about me? Who gets worried about me? I don’t think so. In this world no one cares for anyone, no one thinks what they are saying to the person and how would that person react in return. No one cares about the feelings that a person has, no one has time to share things or matters with anyone.

This world is full of misery and distress, conflict and false impression. We can call this world like an illusion from a mirror, which seems really calm and neat from far but as we come closer and closer the clean and clear image begins to fade out and we see a more griever and horrible image of blood sheds, and tears. In this new era everyone is fast, all geared-up and busy in doing one thing or the other. No one has enough time to discover one’s own self. Everyone is wrapped up in its cocoon; they are wrapped up so tightly that they can’t get out of it no matter how hard they try. Everyone has busy schedules, meetings and parties to attend, and some pending work to finish

Why do we hate each other? What is the reason behind all this hatred? Has anyone ever tried to figure it out? Why do sometimes the people that we trust upon do the things that we never expect from them? Why do some people make friends just for the sake of using them and after their work is done they don’t even turn back and look.
Why do we have to lie about things? Why cant we speak the truth although we have the freedom to say what we want, than what is the reason which holds us from saying the truth? Are we afraid of something or someone? Why does the one doing the good gets the bad and the one doing the bad always get the reward. Why are we fighting, killing each other on simple pieces of land which have no meaning, why are we killing people in terms of land, why all of these blood sheds and tears?

Now you will be thinking that in my article there is nothing else but questions…but even this whole article would be less to ask the simple questions still left in my mind and of many others. Still the answers remain unrevealed, now here is another question that how can we find the solutions of these problems, we can only reveal these secrets if we know our self first and than start looking around in a new way because with every dawn there is a new ray of hope, a hope that all our problems will end today, and this is the only way through which we can solve our problems or else it will be too late. So let me tell you one thing that start looking for your ray of hope, which will brighten up

PS: This is something that i wrote way back when i was in 1st year(found it in an old rusty CD) and m laughing to find out the fact that what i wrote then is still not changed and the world is revolving around the same points !!

Bored by the Winter

This winter is seemingly eating me from the inside, have tons of stuff on my To-Do List but yeah coz of this gloomy cloudy weather i cant just make myself to do anything. Have to make a class project, a practise one not the final year Mega Project and for this too m unable to make up my mind. Have to create an e-commerce Fashion Site lols named it Style Botique name ofcourse invented by my Friend and yet again this .Net is shooting my head upside down.
Have started reading ShahabNama alongside but that too cant be read much at a time as it gives u the vibes that takes time to resist. Hve some other little stuff to adjust, moreover visiting others blog here and there is also giving me bigger creeps as in why is my mind being rusted so soon while others r writing as if thy dont have anything else to do :( Indeed m Rusted !!
But Nay! have to make myself worth something, and later on after the project will be on some go ill also try to revert to the new blogger template as this classic one is getting me bored along with it. Will work with the same template in the newer version, lets see how i can go along with that.

PS: I had nothing else in mind so i ended up producing this bored note :(


Just got this book ShahabNama from a real well wisher friend of mine :) have gone through the first few pages and its a book that will surely provoke each and every person who dares to read it to self analyse itself, find the ratio of faults and analyse its root cause. An autobiography written by Qudrat-ul-Allah Shahab who is a man of dignity and virtue.
A book that makes u wish that you remain what you are and make yourself firm enough to withstand any diffculty in between. M thinking if this is what i have studied in just the first few pages than the final outcome would be surely worth it.

I would really thank my friend for setting a new beginning in my life :)

وقت نہیں

ہر خوشی ہے لوگوں کے دامن میں،
پر ایک ہنسی کے لیے وقت نہیں،
دن رات دوڑتی دنیا
زندگی کے لیے وقت نہیں،

ماں کی لوری کا احساس تو ہے،
پر ماں کو ماں کہنے کا وقت نہیں،
سارے رشتوں کو تو ہم مار چکے،
اب انہیں دفنانے کا بھی وقت نہیں،

سارے نام مو بائیل میں ہیں،
پر دوستی کے لیے وقت نہیں،
غیروں کی کیا بات کریں،
جو اپنوں کے لیے ہی وقت نہیں

انکھوں میں ہے نیند بڑی،
پر سونے کا وقت نہیں،
دل ہے غموں سے بھرا ہوا
پر رونے کا بھی وقت نہیں،

پیسون کی دوڑ میں ایسے بھاگے،
کے تھکنے کا بھی وقت نہیں،
پرائے احساسوں کی کیا قدر کریں،
جب اپنے سپنوں کے لیے ہی وقت نہیں،

تو ہی بتا اے زندگی،
اس زندگی کا کیا ہوگا،
کے ہر پل مرنے والوں کو،

جینے کے لیے وقت نہیں۔

۔۔۔۔۔ بے نام

Hit of the Day

What a hit i must say. This was a "Farewell kiss for the DOG(that means bush) from an Iraqi Journalist. I must say Im imprssed by the guy who made this effort. Who cares he didnt have anything to loose now, his country and people are sold out what does he have left to worry about now?The Man really got a direct shot but guess the zionist beast got whispered by his agent to lay down a lil earlier :P Cunning Dawg i have to admit.
Carry On.
Do watch the videos and the pictures, the news is attached with the Post Label :D

PS: the only thing he could say was "I suppose it was a size 10" and that "he was least threatened by this act" HAH thats obvious from his foxi smile.

Repairs & Services?

Why do these hardware shop owners think that they are the King of the World?? I mean yeah we know they might be the gurus in their work but heck 90% of the mechanics do that by chance.


  • U leave ur machine here, Im sunk into work come by tomorrow Ill see if I could find the fault.
  • Sorry madam this is wrong, that is not working fine (bloody Damn machine has got a disesomonia :P )
  • Again keep it for the night Ill fix it, recheck it and then will hand it over to u. ( Just the box with nothing left in the possible working condition inside O.o)
Lols all these service guys have the same faces, the same tactics, the same irritating (bored till death) looks and we poor people get entrapped in their fishnets :P Save us all from those bloody Service shops as machince once opened could not be found reliable again :P

دو کشتیوں کا سوار

کہتے ہین کے دو کشتیوں کا سوار کبھی بھی ساہل تک نہیں پہنچ پاتا. بلکہ بیچ سمندر مین ہی کہیں ڈوب جاتا ہے یہی حال کچھ میرا ہے

Tip for the Married

The Last Satisfaction

“Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”


Hahahaha Darn it! Who the hell is this Mullah Hafeez? When and Why did he come into the scene. Wallah I swear I had promised myself not to get into this Indian Malodrama, but hell yeah i swear again that this Mullah made me speak my guts out.
First the Indian's murdered the dozen guys during the encounter keeping just one lad alive for WHAT?? so that later they can make him say "IM a bloody Pakistani", " I have a stinky Pakistani Passport and I have CONTACTS", lols these Indians somtimes make you laugh like u have never before.

Looking at the statements given by the Indian Govt:
  • They first came in by a rubber boat(now how did they manage to pass by miles of open sea while those poor fishermen who have no bad any intentions are caught the spot they are on the boundary line and are sentenced for life)
  • The statement than changed to They were here before and that they had also rented an appartment pretending to be Malaysian citizens(No HELL! r people blind in India that they simply can't differ between a Malaysian and a Pakistani??) even the snaps of that kid with a AK-47 doesnt look like a Pakistani from any wide angle.
  • The guys in the hotel even threw some evidences just to proof themselves to be Pakistani's I mean are they that mad and out of their senses that they would be carrying all of this stuff on the crime scene. Gosh the laughter.
Now how the hell have this Mullah arrived at the scene, I mean shame on....(dont know whom to point at) I mean are we that free that we have nothingelse to do other than planning suicide attacks, train crashes,plane crashes n so on so forth. In realilty Hell with these Mullah's these so called, irrationally portarying Pillars of Islam. Islam is no where near them, they are the most phoniest people in the world, I have made my perception, my belief that no MULLAH is a Muslim. Im bad feeling really bad to say this, but what kind of tabligh is this when u are watching the vulgar stuff urself, what is the tabligh when ur saying bad stuff urself(i cant beleive any Mullah who never spit out a GALI? Mullah kay bachay misaal hain) and YES Im NOONE and again Im NOONE to say all this about anyone but they have made this clear and so obvious I mean who has said this is jihad we know what the Americans are doing and where are they killing the innocent people but Jihad isnt meant to kill their innocent poeple but just would be when u would kill the one who pass these resolutions, if u have seen a man killing an innocent then killing him wouldnt be haram but killing an innocent for the blood of an innocent is HARAM !
Look at now what poor Pakistan has to go through, hell with the politicans who are the most corrupt of the herd, now the forces are like dawgs seacrhing every madrassah and every being with a 2 feet darhee. Kam az Kam besharmoun in sab say pehlay Islam ka naam he soch lia karo. What was the end product of all this, Pakistan was yet again targetted as a terrorist state. America was once again pitiful for India, Zardari again distressed, again all the madrassahs suspicious for Jihad will be shut down, innocent people will just go missing on basis for being suspicious and will be involved in the Indians case for nothing. Shame on Pakistani's who r still dying for the Indian drama's and bajana's who clearly spat that Pakistan has no right to stay united it should be dissolved at the moment. Shame on US for trusting in these Mullah's and giving innocent souls to be brainwashed, I mean do they know Islam more than us,is Quran only for them to study and preach? can they understand Islam more than any other person's knowledge? Is their interpretation mark on a stone?

Stop believing blindly on anything that ur mind doesnt accept, WAKE UP see and interpretate things according to ur own capability, if ur unable to get something figured out go to them who REALLY know stuff and use ur brains to accept the reality and not to believe in the fake.

Passed By

Eid has passed by, even my 10 days off from college also flyed by and couldnt determine how this clock keeps on ticking without anyone noticing it :( FISH!!! another year has flown by, many things learnt, many things experienced, new friends, new rages, happy times, sad times and usually most of the times its the CONFUSION times. Apart from that have really gained alot in the academics, have successfully attained 100/100 in my 2nd sem final project sounds hard to beleive na and yeah i was shocked myself after seeing my final report card O.o Had made a Payroll Management System for a company in .Net

Spiritually have learnt alot of stuff that would be a little early for me but i feel if learnt earlier would help us alot in building our self and our paths ahead. People usually call the ones on the right path liers lols yeah i have felt this and experienced it myself. Whenever you're at the verge of doing the right and have said the truth the hypocrite or u can say the phoney's shout out to opress what you have said a time ago.

Leaving that aside as I have determined not to waste my time over the things I now dont even bother about. Im planning to make a real NY resolution, and a realisitc one not the ones in which i'll wish to win a Ferrari at the end. Just some things I tried this year and M planning to do so the year forth. In this year I have felt changes in myself, as a self assessment that goes on in a person's mind I have found some changes good and some weird. Will really try to continue the good one's and overcome the weird ones.

Have an Exam on the 25th prayers will be strickly needed :)

Eid Hit List !

A very warm wishes to everyone on this Eid al Azha :) . Hope everyone has found the perfect animal for their Qurbani, sounds sad to slaughter ur animal, but that is the spirit of Eid SACRIFICE. Have made my hit list for Eid raat and listed down stuff that i do on every Eid raat and has become almost a ritual for me.

  1. Mehndi is checked. Just waiting to find a perfect design that suits my mood.
  2. Sweet dishes are ready and left for cooling, gosh m so dying to taste a bowl full of Sheer Khurma and Gajar ka Halwa :P
  3. Have had my 1.5 hrs nap in the noon so that i dont get even a slightest bit sleepy as thats strickly against my chand raat rules.
  4. My dress is all ready, pressed and shinning by my bed side so that whoever comes in early in the morning, they should feel i was all awake and ready since Fajr :P
  5. Have selected downloaded and rechecked my movie list a thousand times as ofcourse what else i would be doing on Eid raat except for watching movies
  6. Preferences for the movie will be:
    • Open Season 2
    • Space Chimps
    • Niko and the way to the stars
    • The Pirates who dont do anything.
Luckily have found all dvd rips and would surely enjoy watching all of them. Best wishes for all of you out there. May all of you share your Eid with your loved one's and your relatives all happily and heartily InshAllah Ameen :)

Adios till then >.<

5 Most Annoying Habits

Was really thinking of what could be the possible 5 things I REALLY REALLY hate about people, and not to mention these people are mostly those who are near to me as ofcourse I cant be really pointing at or talking about General Public out here.

The most annoying and irritating list of habits in my view I must say is as Follows:

1.People who forget to shut the washroom door after they have utilised it for their pleasure.

2.People who press the toothpaste or u can mention any tube from the center rather than the tail of the tube.

3.Picking on their noses whenever they are idle either on a traffic signal or in a long queue on a roundabout (And yeah this is a General Public Habit)

4.Picking up the clothes and simply stuffing em up in the wardrobe.

5.People who simply can't reject an annoying phone call even in the middle of an important discussion.

The list is not in an order of preference(or can say annoyance). The moment I see any of the things been enacted my BP level just pops up. But habits are habits neither can I get away from my annoying habits nor canI get rid of others, have to live so have to pay.

Do share any of ur annoying habits or of someone else's ;)

Love you Mom

Just wanted to come here and wish my Mama a very very very happy Birthday. Though birthday's arent something to be celebrating about, but yet we are happy coz we have her in our life alhumduliAllah and inshAllah we pray to have her and her prayers forever in the years to come ameen sum ameen as Mother is one relation without which life seems really hard to live.

Prayers for those who have lost this beautiful relation, and may Allah blesses them with his Love and Rehmat ameen :)

Love you Mom thats all i wanna say.

Winter has Finally Arrived !

Hey Guys,

Im so so so happy that my favourite of all seasons Winter has finally arrived here. Its the only time of the year I enjoy spending my time in. No matter if I get stuck at home, no power to get out and tolerate that Windy Chills but just the sight of those beautiful water crystals frozen on window panes make my day.

The late night coffee and nuts, hours of friendly and sometimes unfriendly chat with family and friends. The red n pink noses, the teeth chattering dialogues trying to understand exactly what the other is trying to say.The occasional rain drops in between increasing the frost in the chilled Wind, doesnt make me hate this season. Laughing out ur hearts, trying to blow more air out of you to see how your chilled breath looks like >.<

I wish i was living in a snowy area where the look of snow covered mountains would extinguish my inner heat, the sight of the sun rising behind those mountians makes you forget the horizon that u see from the Sky above. I love snowboarding and skiing bt alas I havent tried it ever;) And yeah if anybody is wondering why this cute lil Doggy is in sight than with winters the only animal that pops into my mind is the Snow Wolf and i soooooo LOVE this cuddly animal :-*

Enjoy ur Winter and yeah Stay on the safer side as well ;)

A Message of Peace and Brotherhood

Read this random thought of someone at a site and found it true and worth sharing. A thought that should be provoked explicitly in every Pakistani's mind.

Jis pathan ka hum itna mazak uratay hain jokes kr k, aj wohi pathan india say na sirf apnay sobay ki balkay dosaray sobon ki bhi hifazat k liye tiyar ho giya hai.
Khuda ki kasam afsos un Pakistanio pr jo aik dosaray soubon ky logon ka mazak uratay hain. Hamaray piyary Nabi S.A.W nay farmaya:

"Musalman, Musalman ka bhai hai"

Es say pata chalta hai k hum sub bhai hain to hum aik dosaray bahiyon ko kioun tang krtay hain mazak ura kr?
Aik aur jaga farmaya:

"Koi banda us waqt tak pora Musalman nahi ho sakta jab tak kay apnay bhai k liye wohi pasand na karay jo apnay liye pasand krta hai"

Es say pata chalta hai k agr aik chese hamaray sobay main hai ya hamein mil rahi hai kahin say, tu hamein usay dosaray soubon say share krni chahiyey ya agr kisi aik Musalman k pas achi chese hai to wo apnay dosaray Musalman bhai say share karay.
Aik aur hadees hai:

"Apas main qata taluk na karo aur aik dosaray k dar pay na raho aur apas main bughuz na karo aur hasad na karo and aye ALLAH kay bando sub bhai ho kr raho"

Hr souba aik khas takat rakhta hai jaisay Punjab aur Sindh agr education main agay hain to Sarhad aur Baloch takat aur jazba-e-eman aur jihad main agay hain. Es main say koi aik takat bhi kam hui to Pakistan mukamal nahi hai

Respect Pathans and not only Pathans but respect Pakistan and its poeple, and don't forward lame jokes related to anyone.

Msg from Punjab to all Pakistanis...
Main ye baat es liye keh raha hon kay ye msg kisi Punjabi ki taraf say hai takay koi ye na samjhay kay kisi Pathan nay ye likh kr forward kr diya hai. Warna main kabhi ye na likhta kay ye msg Punjab ki taraf say hai. Balkay main likhta kay "its a msg from a Pakistani to all other beloved Pakistani fellows"

Love u Pakistan!
May Allah give Pakistanis more knowledge of Islam along with science, power, respect, n resources n increase brotherhood among all of us n finally please make us gud Muslims


DO Give it a thought =)


Have just realised how bad it is reading in a moving vehicle, i remeber my parents telling this to me a zillion times when i was a kid, NOT to study in a moving car. But never did i listen, and im regretting this today as im in a worst state today just because of reading without thinking. Im having this weird nauseaitic feeling, feeling to vomit somewhere :S though there isnt any need of it.
Hope i get over this feeling soon, but guess a good, night over sleep woud help me in this. So ill be off to bed soon today and yeah Hats Off to my Sir as well who had spent enumerable time over Files and Streams and ended up saying I HATE IT MYSELF!! lols :P


I have to announce that i will be leaving my blog for sometime....i wont be coming back might be i will buy a domain and start over but sometimes things get so much tangled up that u feel better to leave then to fight, i too am fighting for quite sometime now with my patience, people just get stuck to ur veins like leeches sucking over ur blood, ur drenched in rage drop by drop but u cant somehow do anything about it. Have been mentally upset for a while that ended up me not having interest in writing anything, and yeah Ammar thats the reason u couldnt find that spark in it, i was upset with myself and im upset with everything around me now. My fellow bloggers m sorry for leaving this and my friends in between but I somehow have to give time to myself and regain for a while. I will be back and will be better than before but till then i will be in full commenting state over friends blogs :)
Will miss u all and my space
Take care all.....
Note for Anonymous: Please dont waste ur comments over it as u know that too, it will end up being rejected...


Do u really believe in the existance of Soulmate? Hazrat Hawa(Eve) was indeed made from Hazrat Adam. Is the same procedure still carried on? Are women created from Men in the same way, do they really know who their Soulmate is once they meet or just glance at eachother?

Ramzan Mubarik

The Holy Month of ramzan has just started meaning the doors of Heaven are opened, countless blessings will be showered upon everyone in this Month. Ask for forgiveness as much as we can, as this month is filled with forgiveness, the Holy Creator forgives his creature whenever he asks for, grants him all what he asks for.

May we all have a chance to worship througout this Month and gain as much forgiveness for our deeds as we can.

Ramzan Kareem :)

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Just finished a book yesterday and after completing the whole story a thought just struck my mind that how conscious we are of our coming few moments that we completely forget the concept of Fate. The concept that, we will eventually reach that place for which we have been destined. Indeed we cant forget the hardwork we do along which sometimes is intended for somethingelse but end up in arriving somewherelse.
The thing that where do we really begin our lives from, the early struggling years on the path of Knowledge, some benefiting from it and some not even getting a chance to attain it. A beautiful story woven by Khalid Hosseini "A Thousand Splendid Suns" has been a remarkable read for me. Though im not sure of it is a True Story or just a plot. A story that makes me ask for forgiveness for why i curse my land that much as still my land is saved from all the terrible suffering that a war struck country bears.

I pray for my country to flourish each coming year, to be saved from all the blood sucking leeches and remain upon us forever like a Motherly Shelter.

100 for ME!

Congrats to me first for finally having my 100th post, though i thought that i will reach this level sometime sooner but guess i got lazier in between and my posts arrived like "once in a blue moon" *winks*. So here im finally writing my 100th post with almost around 7500 readers bt still 3 months more for my blog baby's birthday n Gosh im soooo luring on this number 100 :P.
When i started off i didnt even know that i would come somewhere near this place, i was as afraid as i think any amateur would be thinking "Man how much would people laugh at my insecure talks, kiddish questions" and all. But guess after two or three experiences i kinda did gain grip on my writing. I took out my frustrations, shared my thoughts and sometimes my fears, and not to mention met some really great people who sometimes shared or sometimes defied my thoughts but that too in a good way.I learned so much out of reading others blog, not only from my native writers but from writers across continents and learnt how they reacted towards different situations.And in this year i have opted myself a bigger task, which will need my patience and continuous attention and i hope that it will be soon done but i know not anytime sooner but it will indeed take alot of my time and ofcourse will need prayers of all my sincere friends.

Quote of the Day

The optimist and the pessisimist both die in the end, but each lives his life in a completely different way.

--Shimon Peres

Life like a Pencil

Read this beautiful script written by Paulo Coelho describing Life as a Pencil and i couldnt resist it from sharing. It started of with a Grandmother writing a letter to someone and her Grandson asked her if she was writing something about their life like a story about him. Taking her attention off the letter she told him that she was indeed writing about him, but words didnt matter that much what mattered the most is the pencil with which she's writing and she hopes that he will be like this pencil when he grows up. The boy being amused looks at the pencil and finds it as ordinary as any other pencil. But the lady told him that its the way how u look at things and her pencil has 5 qualities that if u hang onto will make him a person who is always comfortable with anything in this world.
First Quality: you are capable of great things, but you must never forget that there is a hand guiding your steps. We call that hand God, and he always guides us according to His will.
Second Quality: now and then, i have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, he's much sharper. So you, too, must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person in the end.
Third Quality:the pencil allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing, it helps us to keep on the road of justice.
Fourth Quality: what really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside of you.
Finally it's Fifth Quality: it always leaves a mark. In just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark so try to be conscious of that in your every action.
This is how it was all described and i totally agree with it, how i feel excited and miserable both at the same time. Agitated we never care what we are saying or doing. What doesnt happen according to our will we make a fuss out of it not knowing that might it be not the bestest thing for us, and that the One above has kept the Best for us that is yet to come. Like the sharpener we dont ever want to see any hardships, we always want to have a smooth and subtle life never even trying to beat the suffering. We never look back and analyse our mistakes, how often do we really go up and say that we were sorry for what we have said and done, nobody looses anything from just being and saying sorry, not even admitting our mistakes infront of our Creator. Just like of what the pencil is made of, what really matters is the inside. Same goes with us, it doesnt really matter how dignified we look on the outside if there runs a massive storm on the inside. And to end up the five qualities whatever we are doing or have done leaves a mark on this world,and nonetheless leaves a mark on our deed-book. This scripture has stirred me from the inside and i hope i can make myself like the Pencil who bears so much but gives so much in return.

Now or When?

18th August, our President Musharraf retired and became a common man, known as General Retired Pervaiz Musharraf. A journey from General Pervaiz Musharraf to General(Rtd.) former President Pervaiz Musharraf crossed over 9 whole years. Journey on a narrow wide highway.
Neither m i sad nor overjoyed, rather there is a high-end increase in my state of confusion as in what is there now left for others to be happy upon? I mean hell yeah we were the ones who once elected him as the President by referendum, later the Parliament itself elected him as the President, and now we are the one's who r dancing on the roads, distributing sweets and are showing heartiest (bla bla) And what if they say that he was elected then, by the party who are now tasting the flavour of defeat, but whom to believe? those who were kicked out of the Nation then, for the great things they had done at their time.
Politics is indeed a monopoly, everyone manipulates to be the right one, nobody is fair in this game of Politics this is what i have learnt by far from my experience, and as what Shehzad Roy said in his song "Naik tu woh hai jisko moka nahe mila" he's right those who are still clean are waiting for the right time to have their bite from this piece of Land. Nobody's perfect, the good things that have been done upfront surely has something beneath that comes forth from time to time. But we still are blindfolded and certainly dont want to see anything at all, just want to lay our heads on the shoulders of the Government and blame up for anything that doesnt suits us. Its not all about the Government its about us who have to CHOOSE the RIGHT thing for ourself. Speak people!Speak for the Right, not wait for the Wrong and then React after the time has gone.
As they say: "Abhe nahe tu Kabhe nahe(Its Now or Never)"
PS: certainly have to wait and see what turns next on the road of Pakistan's politics.

Ye Watan Hamara hai...

Jashan-e-YoumeAzadi Mubarik!!

It has been a hard 61st year, i really pray that all of what our people have gone through bores fruit for us. We get peace and satisfaction in what we have and we stop craving for that which is of least utilization for us. We should be making a New Years Resolution now as in what better can we do for this land of pure, our life is not always meant for our desires and lusts, we have some responsiblities towards our nation that we do have to sort out and work for.

Prayers and Best Wishes for all Pakistanis'

29th July!

This situation was supposed to be posted a week n so before but due to the natural disasters striking karachi from time to time in small amounts(as yes having a dead phone line just of a slight rain is regarded as a natural disaster here in karachi) I wasnt able to use net OFCOURSE!!. So the story goes something like this:

" It started raining late night on the 28th around midnight, and our Pyaray KESC walay so LOVE their job of cutting others people's light short and we Masoom bachay had to bear a hefty 20 hour loadshedding :( IMAGINE, but hum bhe karachi kay hain yaar itni jalde kahan dartay hain yaar :P. Meanwhile the machar tribe kept on enjoying their MONSOONAL FEAST and i had inches of swollen flesh on my arms and feet but still our spirits were high and there wasnt any chance of losing HOPE that soon!!

We had our plans and waisay bhe yeh choti moti barish say kaun darta tha, we went off on seperate routes, had some shopping n stuff to do and by the time we were leaving(which was quite late) I had a strong 6rh sense kinda feeling that there is going to be rain and we'll surely face some drama,m and as according to my expectations the rain monster arrived just mins later we reached our shopping destination, still mashAllah the shopkeeper who had our stuff made us sit there for another 15 mins saying "Baji bus 2min, woh bacha bus abhi chabi(keys) lay kr gaya hai abhe araha hai bus ap baithain fikar ke baat nahe hai" and to no surprise he didnt appear for another 10mins and with our mutual decision we got the rest of our stuff and went on for a lonnnnng journey!!!

Ab tk tu sarkoun pr darya ban chuky thy and the kids were njoying swimming...

Mission Impossible: Save your self from falling flat on the road, or getting ur self wet, save ur mob from getting wet which is ofcourse burried somewhere in the purse that too is wet, and ofcourse the stuff u have just bought(jiski chandni bhe abhe tk nahe dekhi)

Thats an impossible thing but hum janbaaz jawaan kafi kuch bachany mai kamyaab hogaye thy:P. Next thing was to cross the road and try n find a ride back home and with the dripping specs u cant even see the person standing next to u(wish having specs with wipers wasnt considered a joke tu kuch asani hoti), standing trying to find something wiuth quarter legs in dirty muddy water ewwwwwwwwww dont even ask :S but akhri kaar aik Rickshaw walay ko taras agaya(bt Allah knows what was instored for us coz of him!!), magar banday char(4) and goli sirf aik(1) Sarkar, Na Insaafi Sarkar..Na-Insaafi :P!!!

Ab rickshaw walay ke demand suno, just 3 streets to cross and baji 100rs lunga, and i was like Gosh is he driving a HUMMER!! Ab mera dialogue suno: Oye baraish horahe hai yahan koe saware nahe hai tu tum zayada pasisay mang kr hamara na-jaiz faida utha rahay ho!! and is shandaar dialogue delivery ky baad everobody went silent bt bechara driver explained "Baki dekho na agay 'teraafic' kitni hai hum 100 rupee na mangay tu kia kray 'Meengae'(inflation) bhe tu dekho kitni haina Baji" and alas! he won the bet.....

Mission Impossible 2: Try n stuff 4 average sized women in a normal rickshaw(not tht easy seater CNG one)

After loads of embarrasing tries we finally Accomplished the Mission. And hamaray adventurous safar ka aghaz hua...trying to hide faces out of embarrassment and saving from not falling off the rickshaw with every bump that we crossed we reached our 20mins destinations in 50-55mins, stretched and squeezed ourselves while getting of the rickshaw praying that please nobody saw us like dis and for once i loved loadshedding as coz of the black out we were saved...I took out the 100rs note from the purse as settled i handed it over to him and here he comes bursting out" OO baji nahe 100rs kyun dy rahay ho humnay 150rs manga tha" and i was like WHAT!!when did that happen?? Then began a 5min argument on how he is wrong and we are right but mashAllah he has passed his Bachelor's Degree in being a Lawyer(jhooti daleelain daitay haina yaar :P )

"4 kaan(ear)behray hoskty hain but aik zaban jhooti nahe hoskti" (this was my argument)and the only voice that i could hear from that side was "Nahe baji nahe, Nahe baji nahe, Nahe baji nahe" ufffffffff i still get sooo irritated whenever i hear these words together :S. Again eventually losing my stamina and wishing if i could just spank him once i handed him 200rs and asked my sister to get the 50rs change . Woh tu raat gae baat gae but exact that day past midnight it just popped into my mind that my pyari sis might have forgotten to collect the change and nobody can imagine how much raged filled my bnody at the moment not over my sister but over that bloody driver who was so true for saying 150rs baji not 100rs but want honest enough to call back and say baji apkay waqt logun ka Allah aur Rasool kahan hota hai jab amanat lotanay ke bari ho....thats the thing that still irritates me till date, and m sure that the extra 100rs wasnt any good for him either kyunkay Jhoot ka hasil kiya jhoot mai he nikal jata hai"

Moral of the story: "Khaya peeya kuch nahe aur glass toora bara ana"
PS: i know its an old story but i had to post it for sure

Pride of the Past!

How graceful and elegant it might seem, a pugilist soldier standing with his chest high and receiving the badge of honour from the builder of the Nation, the Leader. The blood rush, the spirit, the courage of a soldier that brings him to this Point!

Had a little time at the museum (shame that I had never been there ever in my life) and I must say I so want to be born in the old age, where there was less hypocrisy, fewer tensions, more love and more truth. What is left here in this world! Inventions!! Most of them having added side effects than effectiveness. What is exactly the use of this Nuclear power, kill more and save Less? For which half of the world has gone Ga-Ga all over.

Media, that has gone so paranoid, for which everything goes like a drama, be it a 80 year old man getting married to a 70 year old woman or be it a cat having a 2 faced kitten its drama all the way. Yes we need NEWS, we want to know the truth, we want to see the reality, but what media is showing right now is not reality it’s a puppet show handled by bigger and more powerful people on the back, who can do anything just for the smell of money, hypocrites sparing their so called valuable times on baseless talk-shows, discussing stuff that really has no meaning for them, just trying to shut others mouth. I don’t need any fast track invention, or any hi-fi news channel I just want to live my life the Old-Fashioned way!!!


Aur Karachi mai * DIYE * jaltay rahay.....

My Blog is becoming more of pictures than of Content. I have to start thinking of something now!! Lols its been ages i havent got depressed :P ( n yeah that was indeed a LIE n a bit FAT one ^_^ )


How does it feel when the one whom u know the MOST and for so LONG turns out becoming a complete STRANGER to you ??

LaZy L0vEr ;)

Meet my lazy Lover :P Naaah he doesnt love me at all the only thing he L.O.V.E.S is S.L.E.E.P.I.N.G !!! and i have to adore his unique sense of sleeping poor baby cant think of sleeping alone :P

But my First in For most LOVE was my Mr:White :( [Late]

PS: Im being so Lazy myself that i aint visiting anyone's blog :s sounds really bad bt inshAllah ill try my level best to be as regular as i can ;)

So this would be my first post here in Pakiland :)
Feels good but tackling with this dial-up isnt easy :S
Would be a little lazy in replying and posting because of this major reason that is this net...
Wish me Luck ;)

Who Missed Me?

So who was eventually going to miss me?? Good News u shouldnt be now and bad news for me ofcourse is that my dream come true trip has been cancelled :( Gosh anything can be worser than this.
1) The company eventually thought not to waste money on the families coz basically the training is for the Employees not the families.
2)My Dad who thought that i should better off take my foot to Pakistan rather than waste my trip in Sweden, u can go there next time( if there is any)
3)My Hard Luck!!

The reasons have been mentioned and im kinda disappointed ( and hurt and angry) kheir who cares for that. Ill b off to Pakistan by next week or so and i really dont wanna go there.

1) The political scenes get me into depression, i feel helpess.
2)Loadshedding( i have to live in khi )
3)Couldnt figure that out yet :-S

So anybody who missed me i wanna say heyyyyyyyyy IM BACCCCCCCK!! and yet m not that happy to be. Will be posting new stuff sooner now inshAllah :)
Have fun till then


Flying Away!!

Hey guys firstly m realy kinda ashamed of not being able to answer u all, n neither being able to stay in touch and visit and appreciate ur blog and the reason is u know well. The situation was i kinda ruined my fracture and the thing got a bit worse coz of my fault ofcourse :S and i got even more sicker!! But alhumduliAllah im weeeee tiny bit better now, better enough to access internet ;) but again a sad news for my friends ( a good one for me though ;) ) is that ill b going to Sweden now instead of coming to Pakistan, reason coz my Dad's company had to forcefully plan his training this year rather than next year, so might be after 1.5 months of training Dad finally agrees to come to Pakistan but u never know Dads' are Dads' :P
So ill be travelling with a stoney ceramic covered leg and thinking if people could stop looking at me :S but in vain as People love others misery :P I wont be able to stay in contact again as im going there first in my life and aint sure of internet and all that jazz out there but if i came to know about it ill b here soon enough!
Love u guys all especially Ammar and An Illusion(sorry i dont know ur real name) for being such generous of asking about me regularly and please forgive me guys for being so mean not being able to reply u guys in time
Thanks to Asma,MB n Lubna SawJ and any if i missed someone out sorry again for their comments and ill miss u all alot...
See u all guys soon. Wish me Luck!
PS: how could i be so mean to forget the bestest of all my friends :O m sorrrrrrrrry NED m really sorry how mean could i have been *sniff* the person who is always there with me and i was mean by not even thanking him sholly na yaal n dude chill ill be getting u the most amazing souvenior from there alryt ;) *Hugs*

Different Tagging :P

Its feeling for days as if my brain was functioning somewhere near my ankle, the ankle is malfunctional and now my brain has stopped responding :S m feeling like a dumbo with a clown hat at the back bench unable to answer any question properly, feeling like my thought process has been affected, proved i guess that some people do have their brains at their ankles. Its been ages i havent blogged about anything :( and im feeling sad about that :s m i ??:P none the less here is some stuff i could think of till now, its sort of like a tag stuff but nobody is taking anyones names, who so ever visits the blog is free to either blog about it or forget it :P bt if he/she does blog about it then do leave a comment as i would love to visit ;) the stuff goes something like:
Your three wildest wishes(at someone else's expense)what would that be?
for me it would be like
a)Bunjee Jumping
c)Scuba Diving

The next one would be;
The three things(gadgets) u would love to have if ur left at a desserted island?
a)ipod(any ver.)
b)a laptop(with connectivity ofcourse)
c)and a microwave to cook things up ;)
Start bloggin ;)

You Have Been Tagged ( Along with me ;)

I was tagged by Ammar. My job this time is to answer the questions present at his blog in my own ishtyle ;). So for my pleasure i Tag; Naveed, Fawad, Ahmed, SAW J, Asma
1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
Never been to any,lols didnt even get a chance to get even 3 feet near one :-s. Most of the movies are downloaded and enjoyed at home with myself in the bed ;-)

2. What book are you reading?
Not indulged in one now, but the most recent that i had read was Qatra Qatra Qoulzoum by Wasif Ali Wasif.

3. Favorite board game?
Monopoly all time rocking game, would love to play Mecca and Madina though

4. Favorite magazine?
Young Times *wink* *wink* i was a regular winner at most of the competitions lols won loads of cassettes and CD's :P then grew up and lost the taste of reading magazines ;-)

5. Favorite smells?
The smell of fried onion and garlic.

6. Favorite sounds?
The sound of the trembling sea or more precisely the sound of water striking at the stones, it makes me feel complete, im a water lover ;-)

7. Worst feeling in the world?
When someone cannot accept anyone else's argument just because they have the wrong feeling of always being right.

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Did i really sleep or was it just a snap and i have woke up

9. Favorite fast food place?

10. Future child’s name?
Eshaan and Eshaal ;-), have thought em for long( abhe krwa do shaadi :P)

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….?
I’d go on a world trip

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Naaah they dont have any space left :-P

13. Storms - cool or scary?
Cool totally ;-) wanna witnes a hurricane though (i know its a wildest wish).

14. Favorite drink?

15. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would….”?
Explore the depths of the sea.

16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Least intereted :-s

17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
That would be Burgundy if i ever did...

18. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?
Qatar and karachi...

19. Favorite sports to watch?
Figure Skating

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
Seems like an Egg :P Hard from the outside and seems to be softer from the inside ;-)

21. What’s under your bed?
Filled suitcases :-p

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Love too :-).

23. Morning person, or night owl?
Half from both, love the late night shows and sometimes the early morning breeze ;-)

24. Over easy, or sunny side up?
Over easy :-P

25. Favorite place to relax?

26. Favorite pie
Apple Pie ;-)