Just finished a book yesterday and after completing the whole story a thought just struck my mind that how conscious we are of our coming few moments that we completely forget the concept of Fate. The concept that, we will eventually reach that place for which we have been destined. Indeed we cant forget the hardwork we do along which sometimes is intended for somethingelse but end up in arriving somewherelse.
The thing that where do we really begin our lives from, the early struggling years on the path of Knowledge, some benefiting from it and some not even getting a chance to attain it. A beautiful story woven by Khalid Hosseini "A Thousand Splendid Suns" has been a remarkable read for me. Though im not sure of it is a True Story or just a plot. A story that makes me ask for forgiveness for why i curse my land that much as still my land is saved from all the terrible suffering that a war struck country bears.

I pray for my country to flourish each coming year, to be saved from all the blood sucking leeches and remain upon us forever like a Motherly Shelter.