I was just having a good day after all, but HECK sometimes u cant deny the fact. I was supposed to have an Exam today that holds a greater percentage in my Finals. But NOPE! our star-studded SIR said " I want U guys to have another 100-200 questionnaire to practice and than after the next 2 classes will have the Exam". Dammit! U haven't taught anything worth while and ur taking Exams as if we have prepared for the Master's Level.! The next bomb shell was "The Institute is planning to cut off the internet usage for the Students soon", and i was like "Why is that so" and he is like" Coz most of u CHAT during the class" and m like "Not ALL are the same". FOOLS! I call them, we are paying bloody 20,000 bucks for nothing I must say. Education has lost it all. The Faculty skipped four of the Major Chapters declaring its not gonna come in the Exam after all so dun bother, and today "Naaaaah, i didn't say that. What i meant was those are for self study", come on, we are not born coders as if we were having wireless keyboards and mouse when we were born, we are here to learn not to study by ourselves. And u want us to go through those 200 n above baseless question tht wont make any sense to us after all. Poor MK my friend. A Jordanian, and a working student. Poor soul was waiting for the Exam till the class ended as He didnt even know it was postponed. How sad i felt when he told me how hard it was for him to go through all of this.
For what happened next i just wanna quote that "INDIANS R SICK, SICK,SICK and more SICK" they r the reasons all Dengue attack Pakistan. No matter ur in an Arab State but if ur in a place where most of the sub-ordinates are INDIANS then they will drive u NUTS just coz they have SICK MENTALITY even SICKER than our MULLAHS'. Im disappointed really disappointed by every official of my Institute they SUCK really bad, as well i sympathise with each and every indivdual who has gone through this.

my hypothesis for FOREVER IS: "Indians' can never be our well-wishers no matter how sweet their talks get, BEWARE before it gets LATE!!"