"Nature is an inifinte square, of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.
--Blaise Pascal
*! How much we really are contributing to destroy the one that has been gifted to us with so much love and care. We are worst then animals. !*

Reading between the Lines

Its such a difficult thing reading between the lines, btw what doeas this phrase really means between the line :P nuthing much to say just that m stuck yet again with an unwanted, uninvited and unjustified exam :( means without due notice. Naaaah i mean there was a notice but a very short one, atleast they shld have given us a week or so ;) but its good too as the sooner we get rid of this book the more its better. Have been going through the pages since last night and by now my head is spinning with words tossing inside of it, even cant stop recalling the keywords during dinner and prayers weird i know. Well i really cant get this at this stage and specially in this practical subject where there should be more practical exams then theoretical, they are following the same college rules. I mean the codes they want us to know can also be checked practically. In my view that would be a better option if they examined us more practically.
But all this blabbering will be of no use as a Test will remain a Test even if we pay attention to it or not ;)
Best of Luck to myself :P
See u guys after Saturday inshallah

Quote of the Day

The success of love is in the loving- it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done".

--Mother Teresa

The lil Devil

So i was hearing these grim cries somewhere below from my compound just after the light showers we had here in Qatar. Couldnt really identify from where i could follow the sound, it was the sad cries of a kitten seperated from her Mom :(, awwwwww that poor lil thing it was shivering with extreme cold and it was so small that it couldnt even manage to drink milk on its own. He gulped instead of licking :( dunt know why it got seperated and where it's Mom has gone i really dun have any idea. But yeah it was certainly a devil, man it wasnt even able to sit at a place, just popping and tossing here and there out of control, jumping all over me ;) it was hard to control that devil. I wasnt able to keep it at home either due to the neighbours ( yeah they r weird people) thats why had to leave it at a place where it could manage something on its own, with the help of some other cats as well. It was both a good and a sad experinece as well coz i had to drop it off away :( misshin tht cute lil devil :(

Happy Belated Birthday

So it was my birthday yesterday;

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Me.
la la la :P

so it was my BEST BIRTHDAY yesterday, and why BEST coz i got gifts and not just gifts the best gifts ever i had ;>, and i love all the people who have wished me and have kept me in their memories for so long :> and i wanna thank my loved ones for keeping in mind all my fav's and wish-lists this year, as man i'm damn happy ;>

And i pray to Allah that though m happy over my birthday not keeping in mind that my life is getting shorter, i have to keep in mind why i have been sent in this world, i fulfill my duties as a human, try to keep myself as much on the safer side as i can, help those whom i really can and dont interfere in the stuff that doesn't relate to me at all. Allah blesses us all and helps us find ways to keep on seeking the Creator by ways he has set for us on this land.
Wishing my self happy Belated Birthday again :P


Bhavishyavani AnyOne??

I know the tag sounds weird, but its meant to be like this i guess. Was just browsing through some random news channels and came across one of a bharati news channel ( the cunning reports they usually have) where in their usual style they were elaborating on some wicked power, i found it wicked. Well so the deal was that there is a guy living somewhere in india who i dunno what mistakenly saw a dream or was it real i really dun care bout that he claimed to have seen the actual murder of Benazir Bhutto around 14 days before her actual death and he being on a social circle posted his views on a forum about what he has actually seen and what is really going to happen. The guy has even made predictions about many bollywood actors and plenty of other people as well. Though the posts have been completely cleared from the community but he stil has some pics in his album where he has shown and marked the days between his prediction and the actual incident. God knows was it a chance or was it something else :P as he has marked himself as the psychic reader ( with the wrong spellings though :P ). So any of you out there who really wanna find out of what is there in their bhavishya :P do have a drop at the guys profile ;)

1000 Faces

Find the faces you really know and have fun ;)

PS: click to enlarge

Long Routes, Deep Thoughts

Was just out for some shopping yesterday, mom is in Pakistan these days, and i just lurv to be in the front seat ;) as u have an exciting ride through the Hi's n Low's of the route. Just viewing all that is ahead, the lights, the traffic, the hustle n bustle going around on the roads, all the world that is outside. I just love reading people's faces, observing reactions and behaviours( the 7 ways i found of how poeple really steer a motorbike :P ) its fun how we get a chance to see so much so that is out there, both of the living and the non-living. And one of my dreams includes a long n i mean a loooooooong drive along the countryside. WHY only the countryside coz now i have just got tired of viewing the same highways and the traffic flooded roads, so for a change i need a trip to the countryside, narrow roads, dangerous turns, all the life that is besides the road-sides. I believe that the view would be just fantastic, the cool breeze, the light fog, the clear chirps, the wet grass, the smoke from a near-by tea stall. Would love to have an off and an oppportunity to spend it on such a place, away from all the routines of life, the same old crap of life, the same old bossy people hammering ur head 24/7.

But im just thinking that arent we have become quite a more materialistic people, i mean can we afford living without a car, or a mobile fone or a TV without any satellite connection, no PC no internet, no proper hot water supply,rather sometimes no supply either? Is it possible for us City-Beings to survive in the countryside without all such stuff? Sounds different haan, as for the people out there these things r nothing more then martion gadgets, yeah they too are geting more acquainted but the ratio is far below then average.
Ok so these were just some random thoughts popping up in my mind like popcorns :P but yeah its fun, its fun to be on a long drive enjoying the beauty once in a while, away from the urbanized living.

Picture Courtesy: ME :)
Location: One of a Qatari Highway ;)


*Warning*:This post is entirely based upon some facts and doesnt at all mean that i'm a Bilawal Fan or something, and MIND IT any commentor who pointed upon me for taking sides will then have to bear the circumstances.

So just was roaming around and found out that the Bilawal Fever has lowered down a bit, i thought why not i post my review over all of this. OK! Then firstly i had some questions popping up in my mind. First, Who has spread this rumour that HE IS going to be our Future Leader? i mean come on man he is 19, he still needs 13 years to get eligible for being our Leader? and can we really predict the coming 13 years? and why on earth do we get after those lads who over night get popular, be it our own Bilawal or be it Prince Williams and Hary, they arent the future Leaders in any of the near future ( coz still Charles has a long time to go ). Next who are we to possbily intrude anyone's personal life i mean look here if i randomly pic some pictures and start writting a blog over them pointing out at their stuff stating they are going to be our Futrue bla bla watever so THAT would b intruding someone's personal life but what is the law for those who have taken out Bilawals personal pictures i mean obviously he can sue the reporters who have taken his pics from a famous social circle, and yeah the mark that the reporters are foreigners the case is omitted all together. And most of all look at here at blogistan people are making headlines NUDE PICTURES ooh come on WT* is this u know people that those pictures arent nude this shows how sick minded people they are willing to grab any attention using such Tag Lines.

The major point to remember out here is that Bilawal at all cant be considered as a kid who can be like a normal Paki Kid. OK! and why is that so? The moment Bhutto Kids were born they were dragged in different situations being it that their father was held in jail for 9 years be it being exiled from their own country, since then they have been living lives of nomads, rushing to London from Dubai and from Dubai to London, changing schools, friends, environment. These kids have the same life as some kids whose parents have continuous job transferal problems once they have settled their lives in a new place its time to leave. Then comes another part the kids have been living and studying abroad where they have ample opportunity to meet and mingle with people belogning to different cultures and for kids who are still unaware of their own culture and are in their teens can easily be attracted towards other stuff, arent the kids who are studying in posh schools be it any hi-fi Co-Ed school all over Pakistan if we go and look at their theme parties u will come to know that yeah baby some reall new stuff is going on in here as well. And bout celebraing the festivals that arent a part of our Culture or Reilgion then what bout the concert that On-Aired on one of the Pakistani government channel on Hallowen, with all the dress codes and the set design, cool so its proved we are having double standards eeh.
That kid is studying in Oxford he has some foreign friends with whom he passes his time and have fun, what about those who leave Pakistan at the age of 24( pretty mature ryt) for MBA n stuff and they end up having a blast in UK or USA and why would that be? just cause they have mingled with the people adoptiong plenty of their stuff, if u go and check out their pics if found at any of the social circle ull really find the similarities or may be even more then that. Why do we really have double standards? If ur siblings or offsprings are having the same fun as he is then whats the bloody difference anyways? This was the whole mess rounded up in my mind and the irritatingness that why on earth are people calling it as NUDE pictures i mean do they really know what NUDE means? was he shown doing some adultry in the pictures or what that the people are getting so offensive, and yeah just keep a check at ur kids and siblings might be that next time their pics are being targetted and harassed without notification.

PS: all the views are truely my own neither m i taking any sides nor m i interested in, but yeah try to be more responsible towards what ur saying

Ummah Films

This is NOT Hijab

*People think that if ur wearing Hijab they think that ur opressed.
*Some think that if ur hands and feet are showing ur opressed.
*Comapare a Nun with a Hijabi and see that they cover practically the same body parts, yet society labels the Nun as the one whi is practising her religion and the one who is pious and a Hijabi as the One who is Opressed.

These were really the basic points that made my mind clear and may be millions of it's viewers too, these films are not basically to brighten up Muslim image in the outter world rather its for US Muslims to see what is there within us, we are born Muslims and still cant figure out where r we wrong, what are the basic thngs that we r ignoring and running after some other issues. Like in this video the different Improper ways of Hijab have been shown and described that wearing a black cloak DOES NOT means that only this is Hijab. Then the fact that the ones who think that they are superior to someone if they r in Hijab is NOT correct they will be equally punished for backbiting, they will have the same treatment for their sins. Just if they are covered certainly doesnt mean that they have got a straight ticket to Heaven. It takes deeds to win a ticket and to top it all the most important thing of all is NEEYAT means ur intentions as in why have u started something. Incase of Hijab has it been forced upon u by ur Parents, brother or husbands does it involve ur will in it or not? N for every deed u must have a good intention attached with it. A good source on youtube with plenty of infomation attached with it along with entertainment, do visit youtube and search for rest of the videos.


This is the first ever attempt of an amateur Pakistani Director to direct a horror film. The topic to be chosen was not understandable by me, some sort of zombiatic or psychotic being running after people to Zibah(butcher) them. Im not disappointed by the attempt taken, but there are thousands of horror topics to be shown but showing a confused film really confuses the audience, m happy that the technical stuff used on the film is of High Quality as the picture result is great far better then the usual 35mm Pakistani films, the post production seems as if quite alot of hardwork has been done, some actors seem to do good but a few of them seem to have specially given a role of either screaming or laughing. And in my view according to the Pakistani market as eventually its going to cater us, it's going to have not a horror impact but a psychotic effect on most of the people who roam around on roads. Psycho people will end up picking kids and girls from the blocks and try to butcher them to see how it feels to zibah a living being, the blood flow the happiness that has been shown by the movie will eventually end up in such cases. Same as the effect caused by Scream( a hollywood semi horror flick) ended up in severeal cases of Stabbing people to death majorly done by youth just because they wanted to feel how it looks to stab a person, as it was shown to be quite a relaxing attempt in the movie. Im not degrading the people who are taking good steps to revive the Pakistani Cinema, but the most important thing is that we have to first educate our people, we have to show them the stuff that open ups their entangled minds, that boosts up their positive spirits and then when we have achieved our goals to a certain limit we can show the public a variety of topics that can include any kind of horrifying content. Hoping that after the official public release, as now mostly its released in cineplexes around the country not on a large scale, i pray that really it doesnt end up creating more fuss then before.

Directed by: Omar Ali Khan

Pakistani Bloggers

Im a bit disappointed in what has happened with me n one my friend who is new to this blogging world, i mean i still coudlnt figure out why is this happening. The thing was i had a friend who was good at writting but somewhat she didnt xplore this thing so i sat down and thought to persuade her towards writting and she agreed, i even told about different blogging platforms where u can register and they broadcast what is there written in ur blog and Pakistani Bloggers was one of those blogging stations, as for us Pakistanis it is the only National Platform.

My friend just wrote a few pieces and i told her the steps to get registered along with site addresses and she did as i told her, and i even saw her blog being registered and the link being published on the Main page of the site, but to her and mine surprise the blog vanished in a couple of hours from not only the Main page but also the post was being removed from the Bloggers Forum? and the one who took that place was the Old Pakistani Spectator but with a new look ( guess they have bought their own domain or something). My friend asked me what was the problem and i was amazed too as in why something like dis has happened because by the time i had registered my blog i didnt experinece any such thing, i even read the rules and regulations of the Pakistani Bloggers and i couldnt find any such thing over there as well, coz she isnt a spammer nor does she has explicit content in her blog, and i kept thinking and still im that as in why is this happening. Then she requested me if i can try and post a new topic about her blog in Bloggers Forum as only her post was removed till now and not the registration. I logged in through her account and made a new topic in the Forum and again it appeared on the Main page, so it was good. But the next day the same thing had happened, no clue where the link had disappeared and replaced by the same old shiny Pakistani Spectator. This time it was annoying to see such a thing as it wasnt the 1st time but it was for the second time, as her registrations to other Blog Stations were being successful. I tried to login again through her account but this time the scene was changed completely it wasnt accepting my login specifications stating i had no registration and this time it crept on my nerves. I controlled and tried to register again, filled the form accpeted the terms and entered submit and got the response that ur verification code isnt write. WHAT THE ****, this was the thing i had in my mind when the form kept on rejecting my verification code 5 times consecutively and after that it showed something like u had overcome the provided number of registration trials.

My friend really got hurt by this as she is a newbee in this writting stuff and thought as if her stuff wasnt good enough to get registered. I just wanna ask that we here are trying so hard to gather good educated Pakistani people to come in the blogging world and meet and share their views, have some sort of platform where their work can be portrayed, and what better could Pakistani Bloggers had been but not only she but i too was disappointed because we both tried to register many times. Is it just to keep the TPS on the top are they paying the Pakistani Bloggers to keep them on top, NO i guess not as m not the person who keep blaming things but i really cant get a point what really is happening. I dunno why m stating this all here but may be because some of my friends would help me out in this. As we all know that we need more people in this business

Time Management

Why is that we often have to take tension about various things in life?Cant just life be easy with us?Cant our God have Mercy on us?What is the matter?Where is the problem?

Every time and forth we are struggling with one issue or the other,be it studies,job,personal life, health issues,be it anything. Our greatest foe is time,we have to battle for everything against time and time management is the only thing we need to learn to get rid of these complexities. We can learn about it from various sites,places, by psyciatrist to whom we go to share our problems, but this at all is not possible unless you have the will and full determination to fight back. Time isnt a feeble rival at all it easily tracks your weakness and waits for its right moment to attack back and if at that particular moment your not in the right state of mind you'll be crashed and burnt. So for your strength you have to pump up your mind and start playing your cards right. Remember times victims are those who are foolish enough to get trapped in this silly ensnare.

So i thought wouldnt be a good idea to share those points that i have in my mind, may be that would help some of you out there. I have seen people struggling so hard to complete just the basic tasks in a day,waking up in the morning,trying to reachoffice at time,avoiding to yawn at office that alerts the upper management who keep an eye weither ur here to sleep or to work, heading back home again trying to avoid sleep while driving, laundries, pick and drop of children, daily groceries and then pending office work at home even after 5-6 hrs of overtime you have still work pending that has short deadlines. Wherever if we could possibly determine what really our routine is, we can possibly sort stuff out and even have time to do some recreational stuff.

Some points to remember that can be applied by everyone :

  1. Have atleast 6-7 hrs of sleep as that is the minimum time required to sleep for an adult

  2. If ur an early waker then getting in bed earlier will b a good thing but if u have to wake around 8:30 or 9 then sleeping late till 1:30 can be accomodated.

  3. Planning what has to be done before sleeping, making points and taking a quick summary of what has happened the previous day and what left has to be completed

  4. Try the most to have control over your anger, yeah i know most of u would be thinkng what anger has to do with time managment then yes it has a very strong connection with it, people waste their time getting mad over stupid things which can be easily be ignored thus resulting in time wastage, and avoid delay in small works
    For example: You wake up n see ur 15 mins late then ur usual time for office and then u start blaming ur mom or ur wife for all this whereas they had already tried to wake u up a million times before, whatever next u skip ur breakfast and rush towards ur car or any public transport. Then comes the issue of traffic u get stuck on a busy road that gets u 30 mins late, what if u stumble upon a man on ur way, what happens next u get out of ur car abuse the person waste 10 more mins and eventually u get 45 mins late to ur office. Your boss calls u up gives u a dose and then yet again in anger u start ur daily office work that again gets pending because u couldnt concentrate properly just because u were in rage and were finding ways to kill ur boss.

  5. Heading back home have atleast 30 mins rest be it of any sort, watching TV,listening to some music, surfing the internet, just dont ask what there is for shopping just after entering the house-door. Have some rest and then decide what has to be done for the remaining time.Make a list of all the stuff that has to be done outdoors, like any groceries to be done or laundry to pick up and etc etc just make a list so that u go out once finish the job and then get back home.

  6. If u have had ur complete 7 hrs sleep then dont try to have a nap after u come from ur work as this results in loss of sleep when its needed at night.

  7. Have a tender meal, satisfy ur hunger and then sit down and work on any of the pending stuff u had incase brought home.

  8. Dont delay ur sleep, as at that time ur work seems to be important but what has been left can be done when u wake up fresh in the morning, and by that time that work can be done in even less time then the usual as ur mind has become fresh after a good night's sleep.

  9. Have atleast 5 glasses of water minimum as water refreshes ur mind and ur nerves and loosens ur muscles, means it drags away ur laziness, avoid too much consupmtion of tea and coffee because that causes restlessness.
And the most important point to remember is:

  • Try to offer ur prayers 5 times, and never to delay any of ur salah as if u manage to catch up with namaz u can manage to catch up with any of the other pending work and most of all blessings are upon that person that manages to give time to his Allah between his daily chores.
Okey! So these were the points for the people who have jobs on their mind but if u r a student then the most simple points are:

  1. Have atleast 8 hrs of sleep, 7 hours at nite and one hour of nap when ur back from school or university or whatever.

  2. Just try to point down the major points during the lecture, dont play lazy during the lecture as the work done at the spot is stamped on ur mind the more u delay the more it gets washed off.

  3. Have ur meal at a specific time, dont just keep on changing ur eating routine.

  4. Try to finish ur assignments 2-3 days before the deadline as if u keep on dragging it then it results in tension at the last moment..
So these were some simple points that if tried to follow will surely help to sort out many pending things. And remember we are way better then Time, just have to use some logics and try and understand ourselves and we can easily beat the Time-Machine.
Best Of Luck :)

2007 Roundup

Many people are writing about how the year 2007 went for all of them, well m too doing one or the same thing. I aint sure weither in this year I as a person have really affected someone means did my presence or did my thoughts help somone out, but for me the presence of a few people owing the most to my best friend has helped me alot through the ups n downs that i had to face the whole year.

Starting with the 1st few months, life was a mixture of quite alot of emotions, my birthday was a great thing for me as i had my bestest friend to share it wid me ofcourse along with my parents n m lovely elder sister. Had quite a good time, then had my exams just like everyone else. Yet the time span between mid of June till end of September ill count as the hardest of all for me, unfortunately i really dont like to say it but this was the time i was supposedly on Vacations, spending my time in my homeland, but i really feel shameful to say all this that why do people make life so complicated for others, this was the thing that i saw not only in my relatives but its just the thing that is spread all over, why do we have to face sarcasm over silly things. We cant do something as we are pointed by others who themselves do the samething and have their own stupid reasons for doing so. There is even the fault of our parents who prefer to listen to others and ignore the debate that arises when their children offend of what that is happening around them. I too had to keep my mouth shut and just to act blind and deaf of what evryone opposed over me and my sister, just because if we did say something the issue will come out in the daily morning paper as the Top Headline stating what we had done in a way that it resembled as if we had some connection with Al-Qaeda. It's like, yes we are living with our relatvies, but is it something that u keep imposing on us? dont we take care of u? does the only thing that matters is money and there is no place left for love and affection? .

Well thanks to Allah the misery finally ended and we headed back home by end of September, it was ramzan the loveliest and the most favourite month for me rather i guess for all of the Muslims, i dont know what it holds but its the month i would love to be for the entire year. Eid was a special package as always, had fun with my family as didnt have any relatives out here whom we can go out and greet, but yet again all of our Muslim brothers and sisters belonging to different countries are our family when we are living away from our country. We share our Eid with them and enjoy in the same way as we do back in our land with our relatives, and its a fact that here we enjoy our time more with them rather then when we are with our relatives because when the matter switches towards finding any possible fault in ur preparation rather then really celebrating the festival then the thing gets offensive and the true taste of love and family bonding is lost.

The month of November got a bit dragged lols really didnt get to know why but it seemed to be like a never ending month, then came December and ofcourse Eid -ul - Azha, well Eid is the only occasion that varies from ages, like its said that Eid is only for Kids and Women ( like u know as poor Men only have to empty their wallets over Eidis and for the shopping of ladies lols). December also had many more things but for now i really dont wanna mention them here.

As for now this entire year for me was like a student, well a man's whole life is like a student, but this year for me was rather on an emotional journey as before the college studies and kindergarten memories didnt give enough time to think about any other issue, but just as its said by many others that the moment u step in ur professional life ur immediately surrounded by a group of hounds, be it a boy or a girl, life becomes equally tough for both of them, including which career to choose, weither to work and study together or just work and leave studies and stuff like that, for me my career was supposed to be something else but just because of the nature of the people i saw in Pakistan i purposelly refused to step in there alone as i know what i am, and i really didnt want to make my parents feel bad regarding me( ok WHY! coz i just cant have control over my mouth and i cant bear hypocrisy and the person who lies gets on my bad list the very moment). My best friend has really taught me alot regarding many of the issues, he corrected my perception about differnet religious and political issues. I have felt a change in myself from the person i was when i stepped out of high school then in the one whom im now. There is still so much i have to learn, so much i want to see and explore. Just there are prayers for not only myself but for my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters that no matter how bad situation ur stuck in just once call Allah from deep within, ull definitely find a way out of that blackhole that ur in, and to never blame Allah for any thing as He is not the one who messes things up, its our own deeds that drags us on the edge.

There are just two main things that ill surely try to get rid off in the year 2008 inshallah, and that is my short temperedness and a real bad habbit to point out things. I pray that Allah gives me strength to fight against my Will, and never to hurt someone not only by my hand but also not from my words.

Allah blesses all of us Ameen