Ok so Im just forcing myself for the past couple of weeks to post an update, not that I have a REAL update in life apart from that I finally got admission and Im ready to crack some pencils/pens :P and oooh boy is it going to be tough, using keyboards as tool of expression for the past couple of years has totally taken away my power to write. At moments I feel like I have been a doctor in my previous birth (pechala janam) :P Only a pharmacist can victoriously decrypt what I could have written, not I, myself.
Ramadan is going great alhumdulilAllah, staying up till Sehri, enjoying all the pakoras that i can have at Aftaar (pretending as if I wont be allowed to have it for the next Aftaar :P) and etcetera.. The routine is just set and often I feel just a bit too stiff with my life these days. Im doing nothing creative apart from polishing my itsy bitsy novel. Yes the reason why I'm not posting any more episodes is that I have made a hell lot of changes in the previous ones, and I need a bit of suggestion. Since I have made an awful amount of amendments in the chapters so should I be posting them again, and remove the previous ones? (that will make me loose all the comments along with the post =/ ) or should I update the previous posts and give a quick update about the changes made in the form of a new post? I really need some motivation to get done with the novel, coz Eid isnt that far and my classes will commence just AFTER Eid, as I have heard Pakistan is generous enough to permit hardly 3-4 days of Eid Holidays (where as Im used to having 10 Holy Eid Fiesta Holidays :P ).
Life is getting a harder grip on me these days, often do I feel what I did wasnt right and then there are these days when the flame within just burns the frozen emotions and doesnt let you wipe out the flooding within.
But then all is well that ends well.

Cheerio folks will be forcing myself to update again sometime sooner.