Today was a day when i got 2 great opportunities, but guess luck was a little aside from me as well. One i got a call for a job interview and that too for the work i love to do the most and that is Teach. I love kids, and i love teaching and sharing my experience and knowledge with almost anyone i get my hands on. But couldnt somehow make myself available for it. One coz of a great loss of 6 months in my personal studies and second would be lack of time. These factors don't seem that much of a hype but they played a vital role in my dissapointment today.
Later on my Faculty pointed me out to join the toastmasters club free of charges coz He wanted me to be the part of their clan, as they wanted a potentially active speaker who isnt afraid of public appearances, + he would be paying from my side, but my luck today couldnt work there either, coz of the odd hours and locations they had their meetings over.
I was really heartbroken in the morning, couldn't find one solid and hard reason as in why all this was happening to me, these weren't some bad things that i shouldn't be wishing for, Knowledge is something that how much u share, it will be filled within u even more. And speaking over something, using ur mental and verbal abilities is another plus point. But all i could make up at the end of the day was, it was Allah's Will, and Besahq HE knows the whole situation better than me, HE knows very well how I have been feeling all this time, and how much i wished for all of this. But still all this happened to me coz HE knows that at some point inside me I may not be well prepared for all of this, and i need a little more time and space just to make myself more strong and willing for work. I agree with HIS will and find HIM the only ONE who knows me better than me and I Love HIM for that :)