A very warm wishes to everyone on this Eid al Azha :) . Hope everyone has found the perfect animal for their Qurbani, sounds sad to slaughter ur animal, but that is the spirit of Eid SACRIFICE. Have made my hit list for Eid raat and listed down stuff that i do on every Eid raat and has become almost a ritual for me.

  1. Mehndi is checked. Just waiting to find a perfect design that suits my mood.
  2. Sweet dishes are ready and left for cooling, gosh m so dying to taste a bowl full of Sheer Khurma and Gajar ka Halwa :P
  3. Have had my 1.5 hrs nap in the noon so that i dont get even a slightest bit sleepy as thats strickly against my chand raat rules.
  4. My dress is all ready, pressed and shinning by my bed side so that whoever comes in early in the morning, they should feel i was all awake and ready since Fajr :P
  5. Have selected downloaded and rechecked my movie list a thousand times as ofcourse what else i would be doing on Eid raat except for watching movies
  6. Preferences for the movie will be:
    • Open Season 2
    • Space Chimps
    • Niko and the way to the stars
    • The Pirates who dont do anything.
Luckily have found all dvd rips and would surely enjoy watching all of them. Best wishes for all of you out there. May all of you share your Eid with your loved one's and your relatives all happily and heartily InshAllah Ameen :)

Adios till then >.<