Ahh well i'm having just one of those mixed days, have to cover up loads of stuff but due to this freezy chill i cant just make myself do anything. Sleep is getting farther and nearer both at the same time, I sleep when its not needed and cant sleep when its needed O_o sounds weird i know. I have started 3 projects at a time with which I'm totally uncertain that either ill be successful in all of them or none. I started to work on an XML blogger template which i later on discovered that XML is the worst language to work with, coz it doesnt allow u to prank with it Darn It! But nevertheless Im Human and this is a Machine we will compete for the final combat whilst I succeed ;) And untill I make my sir stop giving us assignments or Client based Projects as he says (but all that is just imaginary) :P. Ok so from today ill start working on 3 of them consecutively and will try to come up with the final projection soon InshAllah :)

PS: Ajmal Kasab is stated to be a Pakistani Terrorist but Alaas nobody can figure out till now for what Israel is !!