Why do these hardware shop owners think that they are the King of the World?? I mean yeah we know they might be the gurus in their work but heck 90% of the mechanics do that by chance.


  • U leave ur machine here, Im sunk into work come by tomorrow Ill see if I could find the fault.
  • Sorry madam this is wrong, that is not working fine (bloody Damn machine has got a disesomonia :P )
  • Again keep it for the night Ill fix it, recheck it and then will hand it over to u. ( Just the box with nothing left in the possible working condition inside O.o)
Lols all these service guys have the same faces, the same tactics, the same irritating (bored till death) looks and we poor people get entrapped in their fishnets :P Save us all from those bloody Service shops as machince once opened could not be found reliable again :P