There were just 29 more days left when my Pyara Golu Mobile was going to be an year old :( and today I losht my this year's love :( and m SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD bt guess that's how it was meant to be. I have made endless efforts to repair it on my own. Have attached the LCD the keypad but all in vain as the LCD aint working coz of the wires that might have got detached when it fell down :( It was Here just 11 months ago and i was sho happy to have it though later on i realized that Sony Ericsson isn't something to rely upon but heck that wassssh my Birthday Gift!!

I'll try to get it repaired from some shop but if nothing good comes my way than either i have to sell it to the shop owner or just keep it as a memorandum, plus the warranty period is still there but heck i have lost the receipt and the card as well :(. Allah knows better what will be there for me HE knows it all better :)