Its feeling for days as if my brain was functioning somewhere near my ankle, the ankle is malfunctional and now my brain has stopped responding :S m feeling like a dumbo with a clown hat at the back bench unable to answer any question properly, feeling like my thought process has been affected, proved i guess that some people do have their brains at their ankles. Its been ages i havent blogged about anything :( and im feeling sad about that :s m i ??:P none the less here is some stuff i could think of till now, its sort of like a tag stuff but nobody is taking anyones names, who so ever visits the blog is free to either blog about it or forget it :P bt if he/she does blog about it then do leave a comment as i would love to visit ;) the stuff goes something like:
Your three wildest wishes(at someone else's expense)what would that be?
for me it would be like
a)Bunjee Jumping
c)Scuba Diving

The next one would be;
The three things(gadgets) u would love to have if ur left at a desserted island?
a)ipod(any ver.)
b)a laptop(with connectivity ofcourse)
c)and a microwave to cook things up ;)
Start bloggin ;)