Damn ME!

Yes this is a small post (coz of the dying mobile battery) that u jst write to curse ur Ownself. I the hoshyaar, chalaak, samajhdaar one broke my laptop 2 days ago n it seems the end of the world to me =( its in the ICU n duno if it vl recover or not =/ n bake raha sawaal nae netbook ya notebook ka tou filhaal koe scene nazaar nae araha =( hve 2 consult sawj in this matter, thn il b posting my new relationship status soon ;)
til thn hospital ky chakkar lagany paraingy =/
prayers needed!


Why on earth M I not BLOGGING! *sigh*

Happy Birthday Goli Moli

I just want to wish you the bestest Birthday EVER!. May Allah always keeps you happy and healthy and gives you prosperity in your new relationship InshAllah Ameen.

May Allah Subhan wa Tallah blesses you with his greatest Blessings ameen sum ameen =D

Choli Moli =P

Switching Places

Its time to switch places from here to another blog I just fallen in love with =P. I have shifted to this blog here just 2 days ago and Im kind of loving it. Im not writing over there but busy posting pictures that I take from time to time .... seeing a few fellow bloggers busy posting their artistic captures kind of urged me to do the same ;) So it doesn't at all mean that Im going to forget u in anyway O Beloved! You will always be my first LOVE =) will keep on loving you from time to time, but for now I have to keep her UPDATED for while, you know Fresh Love ;)

Bloggers who follow me here it's a request do drop by and try and appreciate my work there as well =P

PS: this was the 200th post for my lovely lady over here :-*

License to Kill

Seriously is there any place that can issue me a License that allows you to KILL all those JERKS that are roaming around freely in this world pretending to be the Normal one's. If yes than please let me get one (coz I dont want to go around killing people against the law).
There are a list of people I sooo want to kill before I eventually kill MYSELF.

  1. First of is the Founder of GEO Network
  2. He is one of the wretched souls I could ever encounter in this whole WORLD. Someday he would be broadcasting news of Mothers giving Potty training to her children. They cant just sit in their chairs and report what is RIGHT and what is needed. In regard to this NYC case of the Pakistani guy who is indeed a Man who commits an attack with no brains. But how can you prove a point by reporting from OUTSIDE his ancestral house, talking to his cousin, asking these ridiculous questions about how was he when he was a Kid, how many times did he used to visit this place, did he even come here or preferred staying in Peshawar. How are you and rest of the people reacting to this news. ' GETAFREAKINLIFE '. They were just bound to get the idea where his parents were residing at the moment. OK! we get the concept that he is the culprit, but being a Human give that Idiot some space, your not making things any easier. And they way they report stuff is just Remarkable + ull be thinking WHY the hell do I want to kill the founder instead if the reporters is that HE is the mastermind who is paying all those Jerks.
  3. A Man with a Hidden Identity =P
  4. Lolx I know that sounds a little awkward but it's still not the time to reveal his identity here =P but he is the man because of which our belongings are not yet handed over to us. Just as you guys know I have shifted here sometime ago, and living years abroad also makes u bring back all those memories through a portal known as a shipment. And because of that man we still haven't received it yet. You know the kind of people who like throwing parties from ur money =@
  5. Our Splendid Governor of Punjab Mr.Salman Taseer
  6. A Man with those puffy eyes hiding under his hideous shades, who don't even propose the real meaning of shades. A family with the most sophisticated and the most influential background. A family that we AWAM should look up to. A poor man who has asked for nothing through out his rein and has wished for just one small thing a Mercedes Benz worth Rs25.4 million. A wish that only Santa could fulfill years ago, but Santa is a rich man now and he has stopped granting such tiny wishes. *sigh* I feel pity for this Old Chap who does nothing else but enjoy foreign trips with his burqah clad family
This is my current Kill List, and Im surely working out things that can make me come closer to my license, I wish there was an Angelina Julie in my life who would come up to me someday and tell me that Im the successor of a great Assassin. Imagine all that thrill *sighs* =(

P.S: the list is not finalized yet, do drop by for new entries later in life =P

Happy Birthday!

Dear Baba Jani,
At first I thought to wish you Happy Birthday in all the languages that I could find through the internet, but than I said to myself that saying words in a language that neither I nor u could understand wouldnt have the feel that I want to give away. Planning a surprise for you was sooooo exciting, you not knowing what is going on outside the room, and why the hell is your constant request for fresh lime is being rejected by Mama =P, you see that was all part of the plan. Telling you we are going to the tailor and than hiding this master piece under the dupatta just so you wouldn't notice was HILARIOUS ;)
Your the best Baba Jani a girl can ever imagine (MashAllah), you have never stopped us from doing anything, or from following our dreams, you didn't place any rules or laws for WHAT you want from us in Life. You were just there for us whenever we needed you, helping us get through all those times when a kid feels it's the end of her world. You had been, you are and InshAllah you will be the BEST Baba Jani in this world =D
May Allah bless you with health, respect, peace and strength through out your life, and may your hand remains on us for all the coming years InshAllah ameen sum ameen =)

Happy Birth Day Baba Jani!

Shanooo :-*

Exactly which part of the Planet are you From ?

It was just a few months ago when I was living peacefully in my tree-house back in the jungle, I wasn't worried about any darn thing before, like Im used to now. Life in Jungle is so subtle and at ease. Nobody dares to poke their noses in somebody else's life. The cheetah didn't bother WHY the elephant spent 16hours of his day eating and the rest sleeping. Neither did the Hippo get jealous of the deer for being so smart and sweet. Infact nobody really cared what the other was doing. And there I was spending my life in utmost pleasure, I didn't have to spend time thinking if I really had to fit myself anywhere in this jungle, until now when I decided to shift from the mellow jungle life to the scary tip-top life of the suburbs.
I tell you life here isn't as easy as it seems, and 99.9% of my time is spend thinking ' Where the hell have I gone wrong that Im getting all those stares'. Its like as if a Kid has just broken Mommy's precious little crystal piece and that poor thing keeps on thinking in his mind Where did I go wrong Mommy =( Sometimes it seems like Im just a miss-fit in this world filled with PERFECT people. Every other man on this planet is simply Perfect/Flawless you see like Picture-Perfect. Parents make your Parents believe that nobody on this Whole planet can have kids like them, they are obedient, they are well-educated, they have got the perfect job and the perfect spouses, all in all they are the Perfect family.
Living a life in the jungle for years like a nomad, and then trying to fit yourself in a Picture-Perfect life like those living in the suburbs isn't EASY, rather it simply isn't possible if u ask me. I tried to fit IN but all this time it feels Im not made for this life, the situation gets out of hand, and surprisingly the ball never comes in my side of the court. As I have spend time thinking I have examined a minute similarity in the lives of all these suburbanites, they really don't let you INSIDE their shell, they never let you feel the way they live their lives, in words you cant step into their shoes and see how life looks from their perspective. Its like your licking an Ice-Lolly without tasting what is in between, exactly how will u explain life to someone if u DON'T let them see how u see it. Its all cliched now, this topic is not new , and its not like I have stirred a new wave in this stagnant pool of Perfect people, life is just same here for each and every person. And I just don't want to live that SAME life as they have been living for years, decades, centuries bla bla.. If I cant manage to fit IN than damn you I wont, I will live my own life like back in the jungle, where I had the authority of my own life and no one else. Nobody can be the 'Jungle Queen' other than me =P

P.S: Today I have spent my precious little napping time staring in my veranda just so I can catch those brats who broke the window for the 4th time in 2 months =@. The ball came inside the house and they needed it badly so I was dead sure just like last time they would definitely jump in to get the ball this time as well, and to my surprise they didn't, rather unfortunate for them another of their ball came in our court =P and as for my CHALAKINESS I trapped both the balls inside the grilled portion of the veranda and 'ab unka baap bhe woh balls wahan say nahe nikal sakta' HAH!

Ay ALLAH tera shukar!

You know it's like one of those days when it feels that one of your silent, most needed prayer has been heard....I was really worried about something for like weeks and I couldnt think of anyway in which i could manage something that can make the situation a little better.
It was today just after I said my salams for the Jumah prayer, said my dua and as soon as I stood up there rang the phone bell and I got to hear the good news =) Sometimes HE tend to process prayers really fast =P

Thank you Allah Mian =)