Dunt know what to say and why m here but right now i feel like i have transformed into some vampire, i wanna bite people drink blood :O i know it sounds weird but this is what m feeling ryt now, bit irritated of all the lies flying around me bugging me each sec. One moment its this thing and the next the thing is spun around a round table, just like a conference on a round table where everyone spills watever is there inside of them when they get their turn, without thinking, without analysing what they really are saying. Dunt know when our nation will develope its self, we are educated its not that we are illitrate but the thing is most of em r literate illitrate means Parhay Likhay Jahil. Dun care what others want, what others think, what will be the consequences and stuff.the list goes on and on..Was really frustrated thats why thought to spill something out, may b i aint right too, but what will be the next Big Lie coming out from the officials??still a mystery..but guess we wont have to wait that much as there has happened so much in the past 24hrs that now we can even expect that in our country babies wont wait 9 months for birth..

27th December 2007

Another day marked in the history of Pakistan, another life lost and listed in the bucket of millions who lose there life everyday, another family included in the rage. Is this where our country is leading, who so ever did all this didnt even think where it might lead, uptill now in the past 2 years i think the records of suicide bombing attacks all over pakistan would have crossed thousand cases in this time span.

Do we care what the other people think about us, do we really care about anything, yeah may be this article would come at a 1000th number in the list of articles that would be typed n printed just now n just like those one's mine also wouldnt make any mark, but i want to say my word, i want to say what i feel, what kind of rage im feeling now, i aint involved in any party or social circle, i really never care about politics, but what i really care about is what we are doing to mark our country safe and at peace.

People are talking s**** about us and we dont have a single word to defend ourselves, are we so selfish, is this wat we are, dozens of politicians have come and left causing the same harm, the same destruction. Kharabi mulk Pakistan mai nahe hai kharabi lafz Pakistani mai hai, the problem is not with the country the problem is with us the so called citizens of Pakistan, yes she has died, the lady has passed away then why on earth are u causing so much harm, so much anger against the people who have nothing to do with it, what is the fault of other citiznes that u r burning cars, breaking glasses, open firing, what is the purpose of all this, is it giving us any spiritual relief, is it of any use, people who are innocent and dont know what has happened so far, coz they were at their work places till now, u r killing them beating them up, just for the fault that they r heading back towards their houses. People at their home dunt feel safe as people in rage are breaking the windows of their houses, burning their cars down, yeah sab kia mulk Pakistan ka kasoor hai, nahe yeh sab hum Pakistanion ka kasoor hai, then why should people point on our land we should be the ones who should be pointed...

Im just sick and gtng sicker even more, sitting so far from my land worried bout my loved ones who r stuck in their homes, risking their lives, is this is the reason and the point in which we fight for freedom is this democracy, the freedom to do anything in the country, burn people alive, kissi ka ghussa kissi pr nikal diya jaye, if we have the knowledge the sense to choose what is right then why on earth do we elect them are we f**** blind why cant we see whats going on around us. Plenty of propaganda displayed by media is increasing the ever pumping rage of the locals

I dont want to say much as my senses arent with me right now, m shameful of what and where has our citizens lead our country, we keep on pointing fingers at everyone not knowing that the remaining four fingers are poiting back at us. If anyone wants to know what others are thinking about us and wants to defend our visit this link


lols just went to check up wats happening at a frnds blog and found this interesting observation test ;) and to my surprise m less addicted *awainnnnnnnnnn* :'( lols bt here is my scoring after the test :D

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Pakistani Culture

The lady in the right clearly depicts how a Pakistani woman is portrayed around the globe in the present age, bt where on earth has those “kurta, shalwar and sheehsay wali chaadar” disappeared, wasn’t that our heritage? Is this the way our culture was meant to be, isn’t it considered to be blind pursuit of the western trends?
Why are we following the things that are not meant for us, here talking bout pakistani culture, or the way a pakistani girl should dress up doesnt at all means that she should be in a black gown, all covered up till only here eyes are visible, the way hijab is described in Quran doesnt at all means that a girl should compulsorily be in a skarf, rather she can cover her head n hair by possibly anything, and the concept of abaya n all too explains that a woman should b dressed up in a manner that she doesnt make herself appealing to the market, or seeming to be wandering as their at home, it doesnt explains any where that she should certainly be in a black gown. Its just coz of some misconceptions that has led to such confusions not only between Muslims but also the manner in which Muslims are being presented in the outer world.

Now my question here is that Is this the way we expect our women to dress up? Do we expect to see such a girl to be roaming around the streets? Would any of us expect our mothers, daughters, sisters or wives to dress up following this culture? Then why has our media gone so far showing the stuff that at all isnt representing what we are? Who is responsible for all this? The governments, the channel heads, or the people? Is this how our media should be show casting our culture, is it representing the true Pakistani heritage in the best possible ways or it seems to be influenced by the western culture. As all of the people that are appearing on our channels deeply marks the state of western influence over them, but our media wasn't like dis at all just 5-6 years back, then what has happened to our dramas? what has happened to our cultural values? have we forgotten it all?

Is it necessary to appear on screen pretending to be as we are one of the western nations, preparing award shows that portray us as some other state. Was this the word on which Pakistan was battled for, was this supposed to be the end after 60 years of independence that we become part of the same thing from which we unchained oursleves long ago. For progress and development is it compulsory to take off our clothes and start speaking junk not just about anything but on our country as well, where has prode gone? where has the pride of being a Pakistani and a Muslim gone ?
Following some other culture isnt bad, unless you follow the rules of being the member of an Islamic State as well as representing yourself as a Muslim, why does the other nations now point us on being Muslims, thanks to the growing Media and Osama Bin Laden, one has made us a terrorist and other a social fool. Spending millions over mobile adds where the public doesnt have anything to eat 3 days time a day, how could they possibly spend on mob credits. Is this marketting? Or is it like chasing the bandwagon? Its almost perplexing to see all this happening and no thought about it. Why is this being the only part that we have to follow, what about science and tecnology, i know we are low at the resource level but when there can be done so much for TV Channels then why not for libraries and computer institutes, if we can collabrate together for TV Soaps then why not in this?
The 24/7 running dramas that isn't the way we have our family values, teaching our young and old both at the same time about plotting schemes, making false relationships, degrading family values and many more other things that werent part of us before. Our family values arent this as it is being showed, its simply copying and pasting some other stuff upon stuff without any inspection or scrutinising what effect they would possibly cause on our nation and the changes are being felt. Young girls ruining theirself just to look like a model neither realising the fact that that's TV, that world isnt real and in fact those innocent girls are far better then them. If channels could become a bit true meaning playing a sincere role in character building and nation building as well.

I still belive the same that following other cultures isnt a bad thing unless it keeps u within ur boundaries, and disaster happens when one forgets what he/she is, and start following blindly everything that leads to a stage where the conseqeunce is losing ur ID there is a famous urdu quote stating "Kawwa chala Hans ke chal aur apni chal bhe bhool gaya"

Eid Saeed Mubarak

Eid Saeed Mubarak Lakum Jameea :)

was a bit lazy so couldnt get hold of myself to post something on the blog, got free for Eid so thought just to come by and pay a visit to my own blog ;) lols

Eid Mubarak to all of you out there who r reading dis, and to those who may not be reading dis.

Allah Yabarik Lakum. (Allah blesses you)

Tabki Daeman Mubtisma (Always keep smiling :) )


Chewing Gum

This journal of mine is to basically prove myself wrong, where I gave a 5 mins lecture to a friend regarding the damages caused by Chewing gums without any research, so as just to check up my blind research I did some real research on this one and to my surprise I was WRONG. So I thought to share it with U guys what I actually found and yeah I want to clear this to my friend that “Excess of Everything is BAD…”
For me it was a misconception that chewing too much gum was bad for health and yeah indeed it is when it comes towards the case of sweetened gums, as it causes cavities and certain gum diseases, but yet Scientists are finding evidence that gum chewing may be good for our health. It may even help boost test scores. Meantime, I even read that these days companies are also experimenting with
adding vitamins, minerals, medicines, and other substances that could give gum the power to cure headaches and fight everything from serious diseases to bad breath.
Chewing gums have an ancient origin, dating back from the Ancient Greeks, Mayas, and Native Americans, in those days they for example; chewed on the sap, or resin, of certain types of trees. But today, gum is a little more complicated, Gum manufacturers start by mixing resin, wax, and a molecule called polyvinyl acetate to make a gum base. By varying the types and amounts of these ingredients, scientists can make thousands of formulations. An important ingredient that I myself have found in many chewing gum is xylitol, which provides an extra dose of cavity-fighting power. This is good for more than just the teeth. Research suggests that good oral health decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases
Gum Facts:

  • Americans chew about 1.8 pounds of gum per person each year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • The “chewing gum ban” in Singapore was enacted in 1992 and revised in 2004. It bans the import and sale of chewing gum in Singapore. A proposal for the ban was brought up by the Minister for National Development. Chewing gum was causing serious maintenance problems in high-rise public housing flats, with vandals disposing of spent gum in mailboxes, inside keyholes and even on elevator buttons. Chewing gum left on floors, stairways and pavements in public areas increased the cost of cleaning and damaged cleaning equipment. Gum stuck on the seats of public buses was also considered a problem.

  • There are even gums available those act as if caffeine is directly poured into the bloodstream and these gums are used by some Militaries to be given to the officers who are on night shifts, and this increases there functionality upto 72 hours uninterrupted.
Chewer Beware:
For now, chew with caution. Too much chewing can damage the jaw joint. And chewing too much of a gum that contains vitamins, caffeine, or a medicine could lead to an overdose


aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Exams Exams, fire fire, water water :P lols kidding bt indeed its Exam Season for me, i mean kinda season actually its just a single internal, bt it was a HUGE shock for our entire class when this eve the cannon struk our head saying "This Saturday its going to be ur internal" and the whole class went "Cheen Cheen Cheen(the kind of silence in which u hear the cricket singing at the background ;) " lols whispers here and there bt noone strong enough to question Sir, xcept for me OFCOURSE!! Well the answer was a bit reasaonable that he wanted to clear the subject entirely including the exam before moving ON towards the new one, but it is an awful short notice, two huge gigantic,fearful,ruthless Java Programming books contaning 42 freaking chapters man this is like a nightmare for all of US :O

Wishing and praying yaaar this saturday then i would be free for EID yeaaaaaaaaaah and haan for the info our Eid here in Qatar has been declared for 19th of December and the Hajj would be inshallah on 18th December

Wish me Luck :)


Finally this thing happened ;) lols ull b thinkng which thing then it is my interview with The Pakistani Spectator (TPS), i know its like a first step on the staircase that will lead me towards heights.
Right now the meter of my happiness has shot up :D cant say much and would love to redirect U towards the Golde
n Page ;)

heres the address where my dream resides :P
My Good Luck ;)

n yeah i just wanna say plent of thnks of the person who has always bucked me up my bestessssssssssst buddy Ned thnk u loadsssssssssssssss :D yeah Ahmed "Mera number bhe agaya hai :) "


Visual Personality Test

well recently had a funny + wierd visual personality test at facebook lols :P sounds wierd na well it was one of those annoying application requests for whom you constantly think about how to get rid of em, and as a result to do so you eventually accept them like me :S lols but this was fun, going through all the pictures, thinking which ones u would really select ;)

here is the result that i got after the test:


Nothing seems to bother you - you sail through life crisis free. It's not that your life doesn't have its ups and downs, it's just that you handle everything without unnecessary drama and antics. You approach each day fresh, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. You are confident that you can handle anything that comes your way and experience has shown that you are absolutely right about this


You are continually pursuing a simpler and less complicated life - you don't allow yourself to fall victim to all of the "should do's" that society continually bombards you with. You are thoughtful about your life choices and think in terms of yourself, others and the world in which we live. You have a great sense that we are part of something much bigger and we must be good to others, if we want others and the world to be good to us.


It's a good thing that you are filled with energy and ambitions (that others sometimes find exhausting) because you're continually looking for a new adventure and exciting experience. You struggle with a continual feeling of restlessness which constantly pushes you to the next level of excitement. Once you have accomplished one thing, you are eager to accomplish something more exciting, riskier and distinguishable.


For you passion is less about romance and sex - it's more about friendship and family. Strong emotional bonds and connections are your passion and your pleasure. You always let your loved ones know how much you love, respect and admire them. You do this through kind words, loving actions and simple gestures. You count your blessings each day and express your love openly. You expect the same from others.

PS: the test dudes are some good observers ;) i had a satisfactory result :D

Finding Nemo

Well a new guest has arrived at our place…and it sounds exciting to watch it all the time lurking here and there lols :P Yesterday our neighbours were leaving for vacations and they just came by to gave our mom the keys so that she could just check there plants and all.. in addition to that they passed on some Fish Food to us and we were like “U want us to feed the plants Fish Food eeekkkkhhh” lolls at this they couldn’t stop their laughter as that food wasn’t meant to be for the plants, they even had a Pet Fish and that food was meant for that Fishy. Our job was to simply feed the fishy once in 3 days as it was alone and can survive on low food, so we were excited about a pet fish and out of excitement we asked her if we could keep that fish in our home till they come back, as it was a tiny fish and there wasn’t any case of a big aquarium for it. Its home was a tiny bowl (awwww poor thing) ;)

So as it arrived the next 30 mins I simply kept on observing it (that was all out of curiosity) as m a biiiiiiiig seafood hater and cant even bear the site of fish residing on my plate. Anyways it didn’t have any special activities other than going round and round and round within the bowl, after half an hour it started giving me headache :S. Well as I was the one asking our neighbours if we could keep it for that time being so that made me the sole owner of the Fish and that gave me the unique occasion of naming my guest Fish :P, so I thought and thought about certain pet names but all that I knew suited more on cats and dogs than on Fishes :S so than I started thinking about any fish movies that I had recently seen and only one name came into my mind “Nemo” (obviously it would have come as I had watched that movie 5 times I guess and still couldn’t stop loving it even more and more). So if I had named it Nemo than that made me “Marlin” ofcourse that gives me the degree of being its guardian :P.

All that I can hope now is to stay away of it as much as I can, because I really don’t want to be attached with that lil thing as eventually it has to leave and ill most probably will stay back with tiny tears in my eyes :’( *sniff* *sniff*

Prince Nemo giving a special pose
Prince Nemo giving a special pose

Hiding from Marlin :P

Once Upon A Shooting Star....

The story begins here:

Father: Ooh! Look son, so many stars are shinning bright in the sky today. Can you count them for me?

Son: Aaa! Ok ill try, 1, 2, 3, 4… I can’t daddy; I tried but I even forgot which one I counted first.

Father: (Laugh) that’s just because there are too many stars in the sky my son.

Son: But daddy why are these stars so small I cant even clearly see some of them.

Father: That’s just because they are very far away from us my dear. And you know what some of them are even bigger than our own shinning sun.

Son: Really daddy.

Father: Yeah Son.

Father: Ooh! Look there Son, did u see that shooting star?

Son: Yeah Yeah daddy I did see that star.

Father: So go on and make a wish.

Son: But what should I wish for daddy, I really don’t know.

Father: Sweetheart do u really want to know what does this shooting stars means.

Son: Yeah daddy I do.

Father: You know what my son, our earth is covered by not just one but by seven skies, and our Artist, the one and Only that created us lives High up there, along with the ones who are dear to him, he talks with them and they up there share secrets among themselves, those secrets that we people down on Earth shouldn’t know.

Son: really daddy.

Father: Yes my dear.

Father: And do you know who Satan is?

Son: Yes daddy I know, he is bad, he tells people to do bad things, he makes them tell lies, and do all the bad things that make us bad people.

strong>Father: Yes my dear you are right. And you also know that he is one of Allah’s unforgiven creatures. And who is always there to make us, Allah’s loved ones ready to do things that He dislikes, and you should also know that he is more powerful than us my child and he can travel through the skies just to know what is going on above.

Son: Ooh!

Father: And this work of Satan can’t be done just by himself he even has friends to help him in his work. He reaches the seventh sky just to know what has been told up there, so that he can then transfer the secrets through his friends who then tell these to the bad people who live among us and spread evil on Earth.

Son: But daddy, what is it to do with the shooting star?

Father: Yes my son it is related to that, because in the Satan’s quest to learn what has to be kept away from us beings, the One’s above get to know of his journey and to stop him from passing on of what he has learned the One’s above use the stars to strike the evil ones and to burn them. Means the star isn’t really falling on its own its being used above as a weapon to finish the evil, not to let them pass on what is not being meant for us.

Son: Really dad.

Father: Yes my Son and now do u know what you have to wish for.

Son: Yes daddy, I know.

Father: Would you like to share it with me.

Son: Daddy, I will wish and pray that Allah makes me one of those shooting stars and not those of the Shinning

Father: And why is that my dear?

Son: Because I don’t want to be like those shinning stars that remain shinning over there, their whole life. I want to be the ones who are used to stop the evil, who are used for a good cause, who are strong enough to fight against evil.

Father: Yes you will my son inshallah you will be like those warrior stars, and that’s the reason why I named u Abdul Muiz (Servant of the giver of Might and Glory) .

Islamic References:
Quranic Ayats:

  1. We had decorated the lower heaven (sky) with the decoration of the stars and to protect the heaven from every rebellious satan (devil) who should not eaves-drop (secretly listen) to the highest assembly (of angels in the heaven) and they (devils) are shot (with meteors) from every side to cast them away and there is a permanent punishment for them. Only who caught a snatch (of the conversation) a sharp meteorite will follow him.
  2. And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire.
The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) also said: "They (the Jinn) would pass the information back down until it reaches the lips of a magician or forrtune-teller Sometimes a meteor would overtake them before they could pass it on. If they passed it on before being struck, they would add to it a hundred lies"
PS: from childhood till now i have too witnessed the shooting stars 8 times :)

17 Degrees

Well well what to say, the days have started blooming, my heart is pounding with happiness, all those gloomy nights have started to fade away, all those devious thoughts have left my mind and after all those grime stuck in my head 24/7 my mind now feels like a fresh bud ready to explore a new day a new world. I’m free and I’m ready as in those few days all those crap that became my routine has made me learn new things that I didn’t give heed to before.Life has started to turn the way I wanted it to be. Things are coming my way and I can feel that now. And all this is happening in this pleasant weather, my favourite weather, and may be I’m feeling all this pleasantness because NOW m internally happy and satisfied YES m happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :>

Love u winter, love u winter love you WINTEEEEEEEEER …HUH !!

PS: most of you’ll b thinking why 17 degrees…tu first of all that was to attract more bloggers towards the topic and second of all that was the current temperature here in Qatar ;>

Smiles :>

Facing the Fear

How is it like to face the fear that’s standing just 10 feet away from you, looking directly into your eyes, feeling the soreness, the torment the scene is horrible. The fear of a little kid who has just broken Mama’s favourite antique piece and a chill has suddenly run down the baby’s body, the poor little thing unaware of what will happen next, will his Mama beat him up? Or let’s say the fear of a man who mistakenly took the wrong cut and saw a huge truck just an arms length away, the fear to loose his beloved wife n kids grips his soul, what will happen next? The fear of a young girl out with the one person who is the only important thing in her life suddenly gets the fear of her parents that she is out, and what will really happen if her parents got to know that? Facing the fear separates the skin from the body.
But there is just one look that exists that ensures you that nothing will ever go wrong, the look in the eyes of the baby’s guardian angel, the look in the eyes of the man’s wife, n the look of the girl’s true love that makes sure that nothing will go wrong. It’s the look of that Creator that is passed to its creature certifying him that He above is there to take care of all what is happening beneath, and it is all because of Him as He is the one to illustrate and to clarify all what is happening around and it is for the creature to witness and learn from his own deeds. Moments pass in a way as if centuries have gone by and that single glance shook every ones soul. Mama arrived at the devastated spot and just saw the innocent thing standing by the broken piece and she couldn’t do anything else but to grab her little toy n release it from its distress, she couldn’t even see the thing that was broken infront of the child’s innocence. The glimpse of his wife’s eyes made him actually forget about what was the fear that he was having and to his surprise he looked ahead n saw that the dangerous truck had actually managed to pull the brakes. The depressed girl couldn’t concentrate on anything but to think otherwise but the touch of her love’s hand n the truth beyond his eyes made her realise that there isn’t anything that can happen wrong if she has believe in the one Above, and to her believe she went back with the truth that was there in his eyes and got to know that what she believed in was true and fair.

----When there isn’t any way ahead and u feel like locked from all sides just look in the eyes of the one you love and believe in you will find the key to the hidden door.

Mayosi [Hopelessness]

What does really come in our mind when we think of this word “Mayosi”, “Hopelessness” and “Bleakness’, why are we getting into this thing and according to me this word is in general use these days. Even I have become its victim every time and forth, and why on Earth could something like this happen, don’t we have Faith in our Creator, don’t we have Faith in the strength of Dua. We are Mayoos over not getting the right Job, the right field, the right cell phone or the thought to loose something very dear to us creates Mayoosi, even mayoosi can be found in the slightest of our daily routine.
We being Muslims aren’t fortunate enough that we have been given so much to get guidelines from be it Quran, Hadith there is so much in it, that can be of greater help. But we the Muslims don’t believe in the power of Faith (Emaan) or Dua(Prayer) the power that people really consider in these days is Money, and after that Contacts.
Sometimes I even get bit by the venom of this predator though mashallah m able to offer my prayers regularly, but I can’t get my problem as in what is the thing that keeps on eating me chunk by chunk and the pain keeps on incrementing on each bite, I just have to get rid of all this grime, but how could I what is the thing that is deficient. My Best Friend narrated it to me in a way that “An Empty Mind is a devils Workshop” n m 100% aware of this fact but m not just getting myself into anything these days. Just to distract myself I have created my account in blogspot that may be this writing can be of greater help to me and for me its proving to be. I was literary planning to right something about what actually is going on in my mind and today m able to type down all what there was, that my friend is really true that an empty mind is a devils warehouse I should say. N it’s a shame indeed for me that being a Muslim having faith in Allah, praying 5 times a day I still loose hope in my own dua.

Oh Allah! Please Forgive me for loosing hope in your Qudrat , please forgive me for thinking otherwise, Oh Allah! You’re the Merciful grant me the strength and patience, grant me the will to make my own decisions. Oh Allah! My dearest grant me the one and only I wish to have.

Yusuf Islam [Cat Stevens]

I had just gone through the whole documentary upon Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens life, and m so amazed to know that a man really doesnt know from where his life begins and where its about to lead. A person destined to rule the Music Scene forever all of a sudden turns his back upon his passion, his experiences throughout his life signalling him for what has to come ahead. Somethings do happen in life that seems to be strange, bt a man has to keep on shifting his paths till he gets a hold on his life. Allah isnt cruel upon us but sometimes he has to be cruel to show us how life can be cruel with us if he wasnt there to protect us, and if he doesnt shows himself up how can we really believe in his existence.
The supreme thing about Yusuf Islam that has inspired me was his will to stick upon his decisions, his decision to bid farewell to Music, his decision to help the needy, his decision to accept Islam and become a Muslim and most of all his determination to bear the most callous circumstances created for him, even facing all the misunderstandings that were born after his lecture upon Salman Rushdi.
The man has undeniably encouraged all those who think about doing things but are laid back because of some anonymous reasons. And to my belief it all happens for those who have set their trails clear and their minds focused on what they really want from themselves and this sensation can be felt at anytime of the life, and you cant keep on searching for clues here and there as life isnt a game show where you win if you get the clue as fast as you can, life is an experience that can be led by making mistakes and by learning from them.
I really would love to quote what Yusuf Islam had said:
“I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will
prevail. I'm an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the
end of the story, you get to see that good people live happily ever
Smiles :)

My Dream Destination :)

When this question comes up ppl strt excercising their brain cells to look up for different beautiful n breath taking destinations in the world where they can simply relax,chill out,ease their minds and have fun. Some might love an icy area like switzerland, or hilly areas of Pakistan, bzy roads of Newyork or simply stand and watch the water falling down the Niagra Fall, but for me my favorite destination means something else.
Some ppl might laugh at me after reading my imagination but this is my strongst desire so far,and for me my favourite destination is a mixture of all these things,all the seasons present on this planet,every bit of a landscape should be present there,and most of all i can view any time of a day according to my desire, where i can watch the sun rising from the east and the very first ray tryng to pass through the big mountains, where i can see the sun shining high on a beautiful valley,or a sunset where the sun simply sinks in the sea and comes out from the other side...or just lay down on the cool grass wid my hands tucked up my head and watch the full moon shinning above me, i want to see all of dis at the same place where i can simply move around n njoy all of dis, widout buying any tickets or tensions of money,..."hahahahahaha" i know most of u wld b feeling this way after reading it bt for those out there who really have imagined all dis after reading, I Welcome u all to my Group :)
I hve heard from my elders that there is a place where u can njoy all the seasons, u can see all the beautiful spots,lay down n njoy the cool breeze touching ur skin. Yes there would b a place,bt then again it isnt possible in this world for this u hve 2 possibly die =s,that place can only be created by my Lord and its a reward for all those good ppl who have bared alot in this world so tht they can njoy every bit n piece of it altogether,i want to see it too and for that i dun have to save money or worry bout tickets n packages. All that i hve to do is to be true to myself, to my Lord n to the creatures of this World. Like to prepare a To-Do list of all the thngs tht can be possibly done that can get me a ticket to paradise. But then again i think will my Lord grant me time to even work on those things?? will i be ever given a chance to earn myself a ticket to paradise?? I hope so as i truely want to visit my dream destination just like others want too but the difference would be tht the ppl think about this dying world rather then the world hereafter.
I truely wish and i pray to my Lord to grant me enough time which will let me save my soul and earn me enough deeds which will be my ticket to enter paradise and that will let me enjoy all the flavours of my Dream Destination

Smiles :)

What If ??

hmmmm i was just lying on the bed today and a phrase jst went thrgh my mind..."What if we got the hold of our own or sme1 else's life for just one day??" means wat will we xactly do...wat wld b our reaction...imagine no rules,no regulations,or u can say ke no "chiks chiks piks piks", no1 to say ke so jao uth jao,yeh kro woh krlo yeh kyun kia yeh aisay kyun pehna yeh aisy kyun kaha...Imagine no1 to stop u 4m all dis bt obviously for all dis to take place the world has to b entirely empty,as these days all r interested in sticking there legs in others matters,so for u to be entirely happy n free the world has to b empty.

Ok so lets imagine wat would b the 1st thng to do......hmmm lemme guess along wid me most of the ppl...will have party,full volume music, food n all,long hours of TV, late nite roaming outside,complete independence...i really dun get it as in why dont we need sme1 to handle us means we hate when our parents tell us ke u have to do dis u hve 2 make dis,u have to choose these careers i know they arent always rite bt yeah we arent always ryt as well,n yeah this point of mine also describes the second part of my phrase as wat if we got control over sme1 elses life as at this moment our lives r handled by our parents even our decisions r made by them,i know tht the only Guardian is our Lord bt for stayng on earth he has appointed Assistant Guardians for all of us and tht are our parents,now who knows our strengths n weaknesses better then our parents n yeah they use it for our good and smetimes thy even use it to track us all bout pro's n con's lols :P bt yeah i believe tht whom u love his/her life is also in ur hands n othr words ur the sole handler of his/her life as well...either u can make them the most happiest persons on the planet or the most miserable ones n this entirely depends upon the way ur using there weaknesses....i dun know as in why do we have to be selfish,mean,egoist whn it comes to love. Sometimes it feels to me tht ur words r just hitting the net n they arent reaching the other side of the court.

What if we express our love before the other person does,what if we get up by ourselves in a fully loaded bus before an elder comes to us and requests to us,what if we go out n help the poor before they even come up begging before us,what if we start studyng before our parents have to scold at us,What if we raise our hands before our Lord n talk to him before he has to be hard with us.What if we understand everythng before its even said??What if...??

Lemme imagine...what if i got control over my moms life [lols why not my dad coz he's better off himself :) ] for just one day,control in the sense if i cld persuade her to agree wid wat m sayng,i wld simply make her to rest, rest all day no work tensions,no tension of preparing lunch,no tension of my dad lols =p, i wld love to do evrythng for her, n gve her complete rest, all hours of watchng tv,chatting on the fone and have loads of fun, ill tlk wid her crack jokes n all evrythng just evrythng to make her happy n make her day n coming life shine infront of her :) bt then i think why do i hve 2 gve her just one day,is all her work till now,all the fruit of her restless nights can it be payed back in just one day,it seriously cant be done in just one day, so i wanna make all her days shine infront of her,all her nites free from tensions so tht she can sleep in ease n wake up all the mornings fresh in return :) i wanna give her all tht comfort tht she needs now :) as this thng seriously hit my heart hard whn last nite my mom said to me tht ill narrate it exactly the way as she said ke " AISA KYUN HOTA HAI KE INSAAN KO JIS UMER MAI JISS CHEESE KE SAB SAY ZYADA ZAROORAT HOTI HAI,WOH USKAY PASS NAHE REH SKTE,JAWANI MAI TU USSAY APNAY AAP KA HE SAHARA KAFE HOTA HAI MAGAR BURHAPAY MAI JAB USSAY SAHARAY KE ZAROORAT HOTI HAI TAB KOE USKAY PASS NAHE HOTA"..well most of u wld have gotten the meaning of ths thng by now :) so i dun hve 2 get into the meaning of the sentence as it wld open the doors to many chapters yet again :) i wanna let her live her life wid comfort n grace :) I LOVE YOU MOM :)

hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm okies my note isnt ending over here as i wanna control my love's life too before i end this thng =p
so wat if i got the control over my love's life for a day,again control is to persuade him to do wat i say, tu i wld make him eat all the things tht he hates as all of the thngs r just fine n its just the thng in his head,he doesnt know wat those thngs hold inside he just goes for the appearance,i wld make him have fun, whole fun day,i wld wake him up late,let him sleep as much as he wants,then to offer him a healthy n a tasty breakfast as he wakes up,all of the thngs ready for him :), no noice in his room,complete silence,time to let him play guitar,his choice to go out or not, i'll jst want him to sit by my side n do wteva he wants to as the only thng tht i wld want from him in return wld b his presence no matter in wat form it is,weither he's listening to me or not,he's paying me any attention or not,no matter if m just talking n his mind is in sme other direction bt atleast he wld be by my side n thts all i want :), n now this means tht instead of havng control of his life he wld b havng control of my life n dis depends on him how he uses my weaknesses !!! bt all i wnt to give him wld be my endless love :)

In the end all i want to say is What if u got the control or not try to love people before they come to u n ask for ur love,listen before sme1 asks u to gve them time :) leave the "What if" do the "Thngs to be done" :)
Smiles :)


Why?? Bt.. OK!!

Well since quite a time now i was thinking to make my blog account n to share some stuff that i have been until now storing here n there..for what m posting now is what i felt sme time ago bt it wld have been injustice to my blog if i didnt share my initials notes with all of u out there...though m really an amature in this writting business n my vocab isn't tht powerful bt guess for sharing ur thoughts u really dun have to use those hard english words as the worlds most complex feelings have been revealed using the most common dictionary words :>
so here my first post goes...
i was planning to rite smethng for wat these past few days have been for me,they were all alone,no1 to talk to,nuthng special to do nuthng coming on the TV...means the days were boring. I had no choice bt to remain silent n may b i got used to it as well thts why whn sme1 asked me smethng or tried 2 talk i used to get irritated coz smewat i strted liking my silence.Net was an alternative bt wat more can u use it thn orkut,facebook,n youtube coz m not a chat freak n i only chat wid hardly 2-3 ppl i got sick of it as well. Inreturn eventually i strted gtng sick of many thngs,music,TV,net,food n yeah Humans too i got sick of em too....
I still dun knw why all dis happened and why did i do dis to myslf as i hurted ppl alot,bt i dun get one thng whn ppl need time im always thr 2 spare my time n gve em my time bt whn i need sme1 to talk to..i need sme1's time thr is no1 for me..i care bout others bt others dun bother to even think about me and more over they even get mad at me for sme in Why...??aint i human??dunt i have a life?dunt i hve emotions or a bloody pumpin heart?? Smetimes i wish i become a child again in my moms arms where she hides me,keeps me safe 4m all dangers,a life where thr is no tension of work nor pain of friendship, bt then again life is meant to go on,it doesnt stop at any station on the way just keeps on going working its soul out for the last station and when the train whistles before arriving at tht last station the poor soul realises tht he didnt even see the slightest of the happiness which was there in his fate,he didnt even njoy the small wonders of his own guess thts the time where the train just stops as there isnt any station ahead its just a dead end, the man wid a panting heart,weeping eyes and regreting soul leaves the train and gets on the train which leads him towards the next journey of NO OOO!!! i dun wanna b lke that regretting soul,i dun wanna get on the train wid sorrows in my heart n tears in my eyes, i wanna b lke a soul who doesnt hve any wish left, who has seen the very slightest emotion of himself...i wanna be the Happy Soul yeah i wanna leave this place wid a shinning face wid a graceful smile wid sparks in my eyes,n yeah i will get tht shine tht spark n tht grace :) I will keep myslf happy,ill try new thngs,ill try all tht best to never make sme1 mad from me,ill try 2 apologise to all those broken hearts tht became the victim of my wrath,i will n i will be Happy wat i read smewhere that smethng like... yeah it will b like a Smile Revolution yeah this tiny phrase just made my day :) i will go on a Smile Revolution :)
Love u all, n sorry to all those whom i hve hurted in these days m sorry

Smiles :)