Congrats to me first for finally having my 100th post, though i thought that i will reach this level sometime sooner but guess i got lazier in between and my posts arrived like "once in a blue moon" *winks*. So here im finally writing my 100th post with almost around 7500 readers bt still 3 months more for my blog baby's birthday n Gosh im soooo luring on this number 100 :P.
When i started off i didnt even know that i would come somewhere near this place, i was as afraid as i think any amateur would be thinking "Man how much would people laugh at my insecure talks, kiddish questions" and all. But guess after two or three experiences i kinda did gain grip on my writing. I took out my frustrations, shared my thoughts and sometimes my fears, and not to mention met some really great people who sometimes shared or sometimes defied my thoughts but that too in a good way.I learned so much out of reading others blog, not only from my native writers but from writers across continents and learnt how they reacted towards different situations.And in this year i have opted myself a bigger task, which will need my patience and continuous attention and i hope that it will be soon done but i know not anytime sooner but it will indeed take alot of my time and ofcourse will need prayers of all my sincere friends.