I say whats the purpose of writing all this when what i want to say is still unheard by many, whats the use of writing all this when the things I know deep inside will remain a mystery for all as there wont be any clue for what m saying. I visit a few blogs here and there and find somewhat the same thing in it. Might be its just the phase through which most of us are going through, but the thoughts that arise are still different and unique for each. Sometimes i hate people that are around me, why? i don't know, i don't know. What are the things that make me so irritated about them, i get irritated by the slightest of the things. I start doing something but due to an emotional clot i get stuck and end up being miserable.
I watch TV, News Channels or any other form of media going through all of this makes me feel even more irritated, I feel stuck in a place where only i can receive and not convey. People find this as a medium to share, convey, speak their inner self out but still that too doesn't make any much of a difference. The one's who are outspoken get blocked, their sites are blocked their coverage is blocked, media channels are blocked, radio frequencies are blocked, people raging on TV end up getting the beep sounds over the entire conversation for what, so called "Censorship". Whats the purpose then of killing yourself and making sure what you cover is all true. Is the freedom of speech only limited till Hyde Park? that when u get off from that dice what ever u said simply vanishes into open space? The people infront of whom you have spent ur hefty 15-20 mins shouting and giving hard facts and points are nobody to u, neither do they know u, nor would they ever come back to u again.
Then i ask whats the purpose for all this? Nobody in the present world believes in the Truth, nobody i suppose can digest the hard truth in no matter the smallest of the situation we just cant bear truth any more. The child doesnt want to hear the truth, the friend cant accept it, the shopkeeper didnt say the truth since ages, The Govt. has forgotten even the smell of a true statement. Then whats the purpose of all this. Whats the purpose of saying all this that "ہزار جھوٹ سے بہتر ایک سچ ہے", and "ایک جھوٹ کے لئے سو اور جھوٹ بولنے پڑھتے ہیں". It must be having some reality to it then if the so called Danishwar have said this at some point of their life, with pretty much more experince than us. But everybody simply keeps on repeating the phrases without any due action.
I believe in Truth but far more what i believe in, is Action. I believe if u are speaking the truth u must act upon the facts for proving the truth right. I really don't want to sit here, come make my self empty like a dustbin spilling out all the filth and rotten stuff, feel contented and than get back to what i was doing. I just don't want to waste myself for anything. I want to work and I want to work for the better, be it for my Nation or whole of Humanity. I want to make sure to myself that all these things that don't portray a visual purpose to me now, must be clear in the forthcoming years.