World's Tiniest !!

Fellow Peeps, have come here just to share with you a new and a real cute thing that I have discovered in a box lately, its tiny, its cute and its surely one of a kind :P [ not exactly one of a kind they have made other pieces as well ;) ] So I present to u PROUDLY the one of a kind that I have now The World's Tiniest Tape Dispenser :D:D:D:D:D:D hahahahahahaha, I mean just look at its Size, I was really shocked to see it at first not knowing that such a thing would exist as well, I have also owned the tiniest Staplers but I really didn't have a clue about these :P And yeah It's not just an empty Dispenser it has a roll of Tape in it as well.

As for a Comparison I have also presented a contrasting Image of an average Dispenser and the Tiniest One :P Loads of Difference ehhhh ;) and yeah these Images are real close shots so they might appear slightly larger than they actually are ;)

And not to mention the source from where I have discovered this Proud Creation :P and that is the Magic ToyBox hehehehe I know that is a weird thing to buy, but the truth is I dont buy such things my SIS loves buying tiny tiny things same as what she used to do when she was a kid ;) top of the list would be Kinder Surprise :P so this being a part of her Childhood she often tests her fortune on these tiny boxes ;) and this time her Fortune led her too Guinness Records :P hehehehahahahah

And to My Another surprise just today have I found out that my Manu Bee has a Manu Billa too :P I mean just look a him, look at those love filled eyes ;) who else would he be other than her Billa or u can say Would-Be Hubby, but Im ashamed to say that ma Manu Bee has found love in a Coward :P he is far more afraid of a Human than a Pigeons Offspring ;) and this Image my Fellow Peeps is the end result of an effort of 1.5hrs :O

Hope U enjoyed my Discoveries alongside ;)

Have a good day.
till then Doodle-Do ;)

A New Thing that I Discover :P

Lols It just popped up to me that from now on whenever Ill discover something that would be NEW to me ill drop by here and share it with other people no matter how common it would be for others. Like right now I have discovered how versatile this new browser is, named FLOCK. It just arrived through a Tweet. I mean a Peep Awais Naseer tweeted about how he was njoying Flock and Safari browser side by side. I had been hearing about Flock since long but never gave a thought to dll it. And now I did :P and to my surprise this is the most complex yet so dynamic at the same time. It is basically a social networking browser with almost all the social vibes built in it. From Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Wordress to any other thing that is Social. A dyanmic toolbar that allows u to choose from any site that U want to get connected to, and most of all the interesting FB sidebar :P a unique n easy drag n drop feature, media bar that shows u the most amazing collection ;)
Im happy to have discovered something New and yeah If u have time then do give it a look ;) here

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Funny Funny :D

Hilarious Wedding Dancegile Though its not a Pakistani Wedding gelakguling The anecdotes are just so timely sengihnampakgigi

Kaise Tauba ty Astaghfar

PS: for all the people who stopped by and were unable to read Im really sorry for that coz being Punjabi myself i didn't realize that most of U out there wouldnt be able to get it. So I'm not a translator or a trained interpreter but being able to understand it I'll describe it in my own words as thats all i can only do.

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

ہمیں دے کر چھوٹی چیزیں،
بڑوں کی تم نے بازی لگائی،
مسلمانی یہ کہاں سے آئی،
یہ تمہارے کردار۔

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

جہان نہیں جانا وہیں جائیں،
مال پرایہ لوٹ کر کھائیں،
جھوٹی کتابیں سر پر اٹھائیں،
یہ تمھارے اعتبار،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

ظالم ظلم کرتے ہؤے نہیں ڈرتے،
اپنے اعمال کی موت مرتے ہیں،
منہ سے توبہ دل سے نہیں کرتے،
ادھر ادھر ہوں خوار،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

سو دن جی کر بھی اک دن مرنا ہے،
اس دن خوف خدا کا کرتے ہیں،
آخری توبہ کی توبہ کرتے ہیں(کاش یہ توبہ پہلے کرلی ہوتی)
یہ توبہ کس کام کی پھر،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار

بلہے شاہ کی سنو حکایت،
ہم نے بھی پیروں سے لی ہدایت،
میرا سائیں شاہ عنایت،
وہی لگائے پار۔

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار

I hope I would have done enough justice do it, again I would say that I have translated it at my level best Im not a PhD Punjabi or something I might be wrong somewhere but as far as I can get it M right :P hope now my bloggy friends can get what Bulleh Shah was trying to say :)

I know Im Lost.

Hey All,

I'm sorry to say that haven't been able to post anything for like more than a week now, and it seems ages. Have been feeling guilty for not staying up-to-date. Had loads of ideas and thoughts to share but couldn't just make myself come and type something. Might be I have gone lazy or irritable or any other thing, but things didn't seem to end up here for me.
Listening to the news for the past few days have made me think how In-Humane we Pakistanis have become, we are selling our patriotism(if there was any at the first place) Pakistan seems to be in a worst condition than ever, but it seems as if nobody is ever bothered about it. The leaders are as calm as ever, the public is as confused and frustrated and as aggravated as ever. Crimes aren't falling any lower, inflation is at its peak (though this is the thing equally shared worldwide). Population is increasing even at a higher rate than an ants army/colony, everywhere u see there is a human working his head off to get enough money to buy himself bread n' butter. And on the other hand there r those who are sitting on the chairs, reading newspapers, drinking their coffee, talking on the phone, signing one or two papers and have enough money to charter a jet. Bearing all this doesnt seem to be everyone's cup of tea, but still we are swallowing this bitter node. Thats the reason frustrated souls have escalated so much in the past few years.

The 4 Tag for ME

Ok so i was tagged before by Youtee kinda around 2 weeks ago and then today by Luboo for the 4 Tag Game. But m such retard that i kept thinking for so long as in hat would be the 4 things that I would plac in each list gigil. Im a loner basically nothing much to do in my hand. Usually remain bored and as a result my brin is kinda rusted as wellblur. So finally I have musterd up some courage to atleast write something than NOTHINGsengihnampakgigi

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again
Thats damn hard man :S
  1. Early Morning to the washroom.
  2. Alternate Days to the Institute.
  3. Occasionally to Malls for shopping.
  4. And daily for a walk in the Eve.

4 People Who (E-)Mail Me Regularly
Nobody bothers to Email me or keep me updated for any reason :(
  1. My sister often sends me some Fwded Emails.
  2. My buddy Ned often sends me some of his new digital creations for sneak preview and for my honest critics ;)
  3. My bro Fadey sends me some useful emails, mostly my answers regarding code horrors :P
  4. and yeah Mc.Afee and I dont know why the hell M i stuck over their Server though i havent used Mc.Afee ever in my Life.

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)
M a total Foody :D, usually go for the Junkies
  1. Die Hard fan of Pizza and i only prefer Pizza Hut for this.
  2. Opera Cafe.
  3. Shezan (a local Pakistani Restaurant) for its Special BBQ.
  4. Hardees.

4 Places I’d Rather be Now
  1. In outer space.
  2. In the Kitchen to eat something :P
  3. In the Institute most probably.
  4. Some where deserted and alone.

4 Favourite TV Shows
  1. Ugly Betty
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Usually Discovery Documentaries :P
  4. Pakistani Dramas.
So thank God thats it, and I hope I havent left anything behind :)

Now I tag:

Dinky Mind.


اس حادثے کے بعد میں جب بھی کبھی شفق صاحب کی خدمت میں حاضر ہوا، تو انہوں نے ہمیشہ شفقت ہی فرمائی۔ ایک بار میں ان کے ہاں پہنچا، تو وہاں ایک ہندو کوی بھی موجود تھے۔ شفق صاحب نے اپنا کلام سنایا۔ ہندو کوی نے بھی ترنم سے اپنی چند کویتائیں پڑھیں۔ اسکے بعد وہ میری طرف مخاطب ہوئے اور بولے اچھا اب آپ بی کچھ بکیے۔ کوی صاحب کے اس بے تکلفانہ انداز پر میں کچھ حیران ہوا، تو شفق صاحب نے ہنس کر فرمایا آپ برا نہ مانیں۔ ان اطراف کے ہندی محاورے میں بکنا، فرمانے کے مترادف ہے۔ بڑے بڑے جلسوں میں سب سے معزز مقرر کو اسی طرع سٹیج پر لایا جاتا ہے کہ اب ہمارے مہا بکتا سٹیج پر پدھار کر کتھا بکیں گے

Just read this piece in QU Shahab's ShahabNama, and it just struck my mind that how versatile our language is. Means even regarding someone or meaning addressing someone can be done in numerous ways. There is " آپ " and then there is "تم ", even "تو "can be used at times. But might be it would be an outcome of my lack of lingual skills or something but i couldnt find any other word for addressing then the word "You" in English or " انت " in Arabic. I mean we have a vast literature or lets not say literature but lets just talk about the common language. Then there is Hindi which is indeed not a pure language. Its a slang and distorted mixture of Urdu and at times Sanskrit. Taking out a single word of Sanskrit doesnt match with any word of the mingled Hindi at all, and then these people ask us do u speak Hindi. Gosh there isnt any such thing as Hindi its the copy or ver 2.0 of Urdu created by Indians. But then again we, Urdu's sole bearers find it so hard to understand though i guess it would be the easiest of all languages, coz I have seen Iranians, Chinese and many more foreign students opting for Urdu as their subject for Masters or at times even for PhD. It makes me happy and a bit sad as well as in how badly we are treating our Beloved Urdu :sorry:

A Neat Transition

I love the Center One fikir

Teen Teen Teen(Ringing sound)

Dont take this post title as m having some post teen jilts or something coz I didnt even have it when I was a teen myself, Its the constant beep teen sound that I can still hear in my head, and its all coz of my fast driving, careless overtaking and drinking mineral water while driving at a speed of 140km/h Driver :sobrakana:. I mean I could have said him to drive slowly but have talked to him twice before I guess and that stupid hears my voice and turns a 180degrees, looks at me while he is driving. And i cant risk making him turn at such an angle with a speed of over 130km'sgarupale. Gosh! he has even slept over at such a speed, and I had to clear my throat really badly just so that my voice could bring him back 2 reality. Already i was having a bad day, than again a boring lecture over stupid .Net Authentication which for by far I had no interest in. The constant lights off and on in the class and looking constantly into the laptop during all this was giving me circus spins gile. And uper say my friend M was so into asking me the meaning of the word "NOW" that I cant really imagine how I made him understand what NOW stood for. Im laughing so badly right now thinking upon it as in how that poor guy would have understood the meaning while I was just saying him.
See NOW means as in Just NOW, or like Right NOW, and all i could see was his smiling blank face xpasti
I mean the telling him the meaning of the word TOUGH was farrrr easier then explaining him the concept of NOW. Me no Arabic and He certainly No Good ENGLISH angkatkening. Apart fromt that got back home and found out that Miss Manoo Bee wouldn't be let inside the house from now on, as my sis has developed some sort of allergy from her and also because she constantly brings piles of mud into the house so better off feed her outside and no comfy bed for her from now on putuscinte. Below is the day spent in Videos n Pictures :eheh:

The constant beep sound can be heard in the background.

During the Boring Lecture

My Palo Manoo Bee :(