So who was eventually going to miss me?? Good News u shouldnt be now and bad news for me ofcourse is that my dream come true trip has been cancelled :( Gosh anything can be worser than this.
1) The company eventually thought not to waste money on the families coz basically the training is for the Employees not the families.
2)My Dad who thought that i should better off take my foot to Pakistan rather than waste my trip in Sweden, u can go there next time( if there is any)
3)My Hard Luck!!

The reasons have been mentioned and im kinda disappointed ( and hurt and angry) kheir who cares for that. Ill b off to Pakistan by next week or so and i really dont wanna go there.

1) The political scenes get me into depression, i feel helpess.
2)Loadshedding( i have to live in khi )
3)Couldnt figure that out yet :-S

So anybody who missed me i wanna say heyyyyyyyyy IM BACCCCCCCK!! and yet m not that happy to be. Will be posting new stuff sooner now inshAllah :)
Have fun till then