Hey Guys,

Im so so so happy that my favourite of all seasons Winter has finally arrived here. Its the only time of the year I enjoy spending my time in. No matter if I get stuck at home, no power to get out and tolerate that Windy Chills but just the sight of those beautiful water crystals frozen on window panes make my day.

The late night coffee and nuts, hours of friendly and sometimes unfriendly chat with family and friends. The red n pink noses, the teeth chattering dialogues trying to understand exactly what the other is trying to say.The occasional rain drops in between increasing the frost in the chilled Wind, doesnt make me hate this season. Laughing out ur hearts, trying to blow more air out of you to see how your chilled breath looks like >.<

I wish i was living in a snowy area where the look of snow covered mountains would extinguish my inner heat, the sight of the sun rising behind those mountians makes you forget the horizon that u see from the Sky above. I love snowboarding and skiing bt alas I havent tried it ever;) And yeah if anybody is wondering why this cute lil Doggy is in sight than with winters the only animal that pops into my mind is the Snow Wolf and i soooooo LOVE this cuddly animal :-*

Enjoy ur Winter and yeah Stay on the safer side as well ;)