Eid has passed by, even my 10 days off from college also flyed by and couldnt determine how this clock keeps on ticking without anyone noticing it :( FISH!!! another year has flown by, many things learnt, many things experienced, new friends, new rages, happy times, sad times and usually most of the times its the CONFUSION times. Apart from that have really gained alot in the academics, have successfully attained 100/100 in my 2nd sem final project sounds hard to beleive na and yeah i was shocked myself after seeing my final report card O.o Had made a Payroll Management System for a company in .Net

Spiritually have learnt alot of stuff that would be a little early for me but i feel if learnt earlier would help us alot in building our self and our paths ahead. People usually call the ones on the right path liers lols yeah i have felt this and experienced it myself. Whenever you're at the verge of doing the right and have said the truth the hypocrite or u can say the phoney's shout out to opress what you have said a time ago.

Leaving that aside as I have determined not to waste my time over the things I now dont even bother about. Im planning to make a real NY resolution, and a realisitc one not the ones in which i'll wish to win a Ferrari at the end. Just some things I tried this year and M planning to do so the year forth. In this year I have felt changes in myself, as a self assessment that goes on in a person's mind I have found some changes good and some weird. Will really try to continue the good one's and overcome the weird ones.

Have an Exam on the 25th prayers will be strickly needed :)