Well I am very very much fond of cooking. Though the reality check for me is that I have the memory of a gold-fish I mean no matter how much times I revise a certain dish's recipe Im blank when Im infront of the stove. And after 6 whole months of practice I finally excelled in the art of roti(desi bread) making but alas untill today :( . I was so confident about myself that might be m the bestest of the roti maker in town or in my family on a further note, and to my surprise despite of all those months pratice I failed to produce even one single perfectly round shaped roti, all I could see on the paten were different parts of the world that are only visible on the globe. I was indeed over-confident about my skills and ended up being disappointed. Kheir thats something I have to get over with but its just that I was so proud of it :(. Nonetheless I have other things more and far more important than this to worry about and that is my Exam on Sunday! Of all the practice tests that my Sir took today, he said it at the peak of his voice that this practice aint nothing my fellow students the Hardest of all is Yet to Come! :@. Gosh I hate tests.

PS: Our pyaray nation walay after all the discrimination faced from Indi's side I was ashamed to see Baba-e-Quom's logo on the top right corner of the Musik Channel and below Priyanka And Esha, dancing over the beats of DON. Do we have a little of our self-respect left?