Chickened Out!

M here to mark the day, not exactly the day as i should have marked it at night to win it all off ;). It has been now Marked On Cyberspace that at exactly 3:04am 28th of March 2008 somebody Chickened out from the discussion and was not willing to raise the White Flag.
So this was the Official Seal that has marked the day. It's just those times when ur in bed, trying to sleep, Mom is already in the 4th gear of her Dream Cart, n even the sound of a pin fall will make her hit me :P, as she has sensitive ears :/. So some chicken starts a debate in the middle of the night, just to ruin the nights sleep even more :S, we discuss it, n discusss it n discuss it, beat the hell out trying not to make a single move while we're laughing with the one hand on the stomach and one on the mouth, silent laugh u know... as the discussion takes a crucial turn and the Chicken is getting out of points slowly and gradually and when ur at the verge of winning the Chicken declares Timeout, takes a turn and pretends to fall asleep as if there wasnt any discussion at all :/
Hence Proved that Chicken was out of Points and to win the Blind Race it Chickened Out.
I soo love u Chicken :) ( rather i'd love to have u as a Twister meal ;) )

Quote of the Day

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.
Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! "
--Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)

Security WHAT!!

What kind of geeks are living out there, i too have tried plenty of tips, tricks or codes u can say to find out the hidden truths on online social networks, n to my disappointment none of them worked :( and look at them they flauntly get a code and woallah here u go u have got Paris Hilton's personal photos on Facebook....waaah yaar :D
Neways this post was just to share a news and we dont have to worry as these geeks wont peep into Paki's that m sure of as they are well gripped in their own profiles :P
To check the News, click on the Title of the Post...

Im Charlie Brown

A recent fwded mailing Test has revealed to me Which Cartoon Charcter m I, and to my surprise apart from a list of characters whom I knew and admired i became the one whom I didnt even know, instead i Knew his Dog :S lame isnt it :P Well m the proud Owner of the Famous Comic Dog Snoopy ;) ( see i can create some twist in the tale to make myself important :D )

The test also gave me a detailed note about what i can do and what m bad at. It goes something like :

You are Charlie Brown: You are tender, you fall in love quickly but you are also very serious about all relationships. You are a family person. You call your Mom every Sunday. You have many friends and may occasionally forget a few Birthdays. Don't let your passion confuse you with reality.

SO to describe the result to u guys, then the first sentecne is true till the comma ofcourse not ahead :P, for the next part then im a one time lover and i dont have to fall again yeah if it means with the same person ;)n indeed m serious about my life but dont really know where to start :D. Dumb part, m living with my Mom so i dun really have to call her every Sunday as here the holidays r on Friday's ;), about friends dont have much of them bt yeah i do forget stuff occassionally and those occasions are more often ;) but that doesnt include Birthdays :). And about the ending note tu i aint passionate about anything till now :D

Guess thats a wrap. Hope u njoyed knowing this Superstar :D Have fun, run along now, will give u an autograph later on.

Miss. Charlie Brown (wonder Charlie can be associated as a Girl's name ;) )
U can check ur charcter here

Youm-e-Pakistan Mubarak

Was just happy about this day so thought why not share it with the world who seems to think that Pakistani's are not really fascinated about their country and their culture. So just to push their high spirits of destruction aside I'm proud to say that i'm a Pakistani and that since those years of bloodshed and destruction caused by none other then the Gora Sahab, i proudly state that i Hate the Goras and their Kaghazi Paisa :D (i just hate dollars and its smell u know ;) ) and here i didnt mean all, i meant those who keep us down and think we are at some no-mans land. Its just like to make them aware of the facts that Pakistani's are not haters or rebellions they are peace lovers and hospitable, they treat all with the same care as they do with any other fellow citizen.

Wishing and praying for the best in the coming years for our fellow countrymen both within and abroad and a hope that we The Pakistani's and shall I include the Intellectual and the Mighty Hearted Pakistani's at the blogsphere work even harder to portray an even better image of our Beloved Land, who has given us alot but we have failed to feel it's essence ad nurture it's soul, but not from now on, as this is the year of the new beginning.
Allah Blesses our Country and our Countrymen.
PS: Done with the 60th Post ;) yippeee

Misty Mist

Had just finished this movie called The Mist, was really waiting to get my hands over it, and to my oblivious mood i couldnt really get what my mood had been throughout the movie. The movie was like if i was sitting and watching star wars when i was a small kid. All those aliens and the grose death site seeing, the creepy crawlies and fly bees :P man i really couldnt get what was it there going on in the whole movie. People being trapped in a hyper market due to the Unknown MIST, nobody knows or beleives anything of what is there inside of the fog that is dangerous. Internal clashes between people, grouping and all, a physo lady who called herslef the vessel of God ?? man she was really a b**** i hated her the whole 2 hours or less may be as she was shot near the end :P nevertheless, towards the end the movie got dragged and boring too, the 2 couples and a kid that ran away were njoying the different creatures they saw on their way trying to find AZADI from the MISTIC creatures ;), that was really LAME and extra kiddish.
The thing that irritated me the most was the end, and that was WHY couldnt they give a Happy Ending, i mean do i really had 2 waste my 2 precious hours over a star treck movie that didnt even has a Happy Ending :( and i was guessing the whole time that he would kill himself and let his kid alive bt selfish man he killed the other four by the only four bullets and stayed alone to scream and do Dramay Bazi at the end :P and so on as he got out of the car the Never Ever After ending came, that were the Military guys who managed to reverse their Research (coz that was the reason all these new creatures came to earth, they were experimenting with some portal baazi and forgot to close the window :P )

All in all i have a 50-50 feelings towards this movie i would rate a *** out of the 5 stars... as it didnt make me Happy and ruined my mood coz of those disgusting insects and then the impatient idiot who cldnt wait just for 2 more minutes :@

I would recommend The Golden Compass to all of you though it looks like there would be a sequeal to it bt the effects r really amazing for this movie ;)

Next on my list is Jumper ;)


Really not getting the thing that why on Earth m i being so moody these days, have been trying to drag myself towards the blog bt m mood doesn't help me in writing anything, juts now i have bribed myself to write something and then will later on get a fruit for this :P weird isnt it, but really might be that m under some blockage zone coz of too much sight seeing of the course books that my mind isnt back to reality yet. Wanted to write something but couldn gather words n neither myself together.
Rest is peace :P hopefully done with most of the work except for a few, really feeling hungry bt not in a mood to get up and get somethng to eat ;)
So u guys have fun out there as for me tu ill surely join myself up and then will come up with a good post pretty soon inshAllah...mean while u njoy the video ;)


Have been busy lately and have been really really lucky,cant say that last few days of anger have really boosted up my hard work lols :P what a unique fact have i described. But really that incident that happened the other day really made my anger shoot up and i got dishearted as well, but what the heck these days it's all common and u still know that "Truth always Wins" ;) so why worry and yeah the Faith that u have on the Lord is the divine truth as He only knows what u hold within. And mashAllah to my Truth and Faith i have scored an 88% in my final examination :D yeaaaaaaaah lols but i really wasn't expecting this coming though i was fully prepared but im the kind of a papu bachi who studies that much that in the end all seems to be nothing :S but yeah i can massage my brain cells and get alot out of them ;) not to mention that btw m a real Dr Drunken (nothing can stay in my mind for a longer period of time, pisst! i forget everything i do most of the time :P )
But yeah some more stuff is coming on the way that is the Final Practical scheduled for Saturday and then the Project's deadline dunno when that is and i really don't think about it as m done with it ;) So hopefully inshAllah will be coming up with more tip top news from the Academic Sessions inshAllah ;)
Sana :)

Hate IT !

Just imagine what happens when ur weeks hardwork is ruined in the nick of a time. Had happened with me just today. Was killing myself and beating my jaws doing the yap n yap all day reading the course books over n over again so tht i dont miss a slight object for the dreadful online exam m gonna have tomorrow. Just haeppened to drop by my institute today to ask a few probs from the sir and to my surprise he is having a bahana no 101 for not answering me that %&*#^$# Gosssssssssssssssh i so hate hypocrisy and lets see the rest half of the students are workers and rare studiers they hardly appear in the class just like the blue moon, and they supposedly give their pprs late as they know they'll b gtng the same ppr as the rest did before coz the faculty doesnt bothers to change it, they give their pprs and when it comes for the finals they would have thought of a bigger plan.
Was sitting with my friend in the cafeteria and my two bi*** batch mates were at a feet's distance from us, there came our last sem teacher who is a Keralite (gosh i sooo hate him now till the core :@ ) and he doesnt notices me and pops at their table with the dialogue:
"Haan woh mainay jo send kiya woh mil gaya na tm logun ko "(the half hindi half urdu accent)
and this sentence doesnt say much bt the shocked look that soon came on those 2 faces and their signal to the sir through their eyes and the Hypocrite turning towards me and waving a generous Hi towards me, do u really think m such a fool? i wldnt get what stinking shit u guys were cooking.
I really felt as my weeks hardwork has been drenched, no use to yell the whole day, going in circles, reducing weight and burning blood, when u know that whats cooking in the next room. When will these people really know the meaning of someone's hardwork and differentiate it from their own passiveness? I hate hypocrites and gosh i so wanna kill them, but not now may be sometime later, right now have plenty other stuff to think about.
Wish me luck, hope any of my well wishers prayers here at blogsphere helps me out :)

Lutf-e-Namaz (Essence of Prayer)

Have u ever felt that essence of Namaz when ur alone, when there is no sound around u, no buzzing TV, no blats and flats inthe kitchen, no sound of kids screaming and running around u, no irritationg and distracting sound of people who r sitting right next to u and gossping about the latest family affairs. What is that feeling that fills ur soul at that moment, Is it like at that particular moment ur line is clear and there isnt any disruption and u have connected with Him, finally after so much of effort u have finally made it there, u have cleared the lines, the connection is clean and u can get the signals now. Just envision the peace that fills ur soul, the might that is filled in ur heart, the serenity in the mind, the healing in the flesh wounds, the healing of a broken heart, the aroma of the peaceful air. Nothing in mind other then the Praise of the Creator.

It may be sounding weird bt indeed this smooth connection does get abrupted when ur in the middle of ur prayers and there comes a deceiving sound from the next room, where noone is bothered to reduce the TV volume even knowing that ur praying, it does get disturbed when ur trying to pray and the people sitting just next to you are talking as if they would'nt be getting another chance to talk, the kids whose parents arent bothered enough to teach them that running infront of a Namazi isnt right. What about when ur in the middle of the prayer and someone gets upto u and asks to pass by a sign if ur about to finish the prayer and can attend ur friends call, or someone asking for u to nod for ur decision during the prayer if u would like to have tea after u finish.

Still apart from all of this is it possible to get a solid connection beyond this? How to still keep ur connection strong and bound with ur Lord after so much of disturbance? Do we have to clear our thoughts before we raise our hands for takbeer? so that the only sound that we can hear is our own.As there would be some way to reach that state where there is noone else but U and Him.

PS: A request for all! Try to be a bit more responsible and care for the ones who are praying cozs if u'd really care u would surely get a chance to do what u were doing later on.

Islamic Chain Letters

These days the thing that is really getting on to me is the series of Islamice Letters that r being filled each day in my inbox and i can't decide what to really do with them. Please kidnly anyone a Muslim ofcourse please explain to me what is this:

"Whoever Forwards this will get his/her reward in three days. One PersonForward it to 40 people he had 8,000 thousand, take prophet in hisBusiness. One Person did not believe this news and his son died. One kept Saying he will forward it today,tomorrow but never forward this News he died as well. PLEASE DO NOT THINK THIS IS NOT TRUE. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!"
What is the meaning of this cursified ending, is this the way to get Hasanats for your good deeds, and is it the right way? fwding Islamic Verses and Ayats bluntly to anyone, most of the people would be having Non-Muslim contacts ending up fwding the messages to them, we dont really know what the result would be, m not trying to portray that all Non-Muslims would regard Islam in a negative way, but my point is that fwding mails in this manner wouldnt make any difference either Take the above example whats the difference left then in a usual chain letter and that having Islamc Ayats, Hadiths n all, the ending is the same; "Ull die in so n so time unless u fwd this to so n so....". They have the same image os Islam as they have about other religions as that they are filled with hatred and that our Lord is ready to punish anyone who comes in his way. Just think about it once before u take a step towards what u think is right bt indeed it isnt.
Allah doesnt allow this at any costs, He wants His word to be spread through Love and Peace not through some idiotic cursed manner, and what level of Emaan is this anyways, believing in something that tells u that u will die soon enough after u have rejected and deleted the mail from ur inbox, is ur Emaan really at that weaker level that u believe in such stuff.
Regarding mails ryt now another thing just popped into mind and that is the spreading amount of Videos that include a sort of a miracle in which Quranic Verses are played as a background, by that day i happened to come across a video in which a cheetah hunts a small gorilla, which happened to gave birth at the spot, and to people's surprise the cheetah adopted that baby gorilla as his own and started to look after it, i know its a miracle but its meant to understand that this miracle is for all the Mothers who look after their children, a nature bestowed to a mother, to save and nurture a baby be it her own or somebodyelse's, bt yes ofcourse there are good and bad mothers too, i have seen a cat killing and eating it's own kittens with my own eyes, that doesnt proof that she wasnt the mother.
Why then why playing Quranic Verses over animal videos does that really make any sense, we being Muslims all know that all that is being happening on Earth is itself Allah's greatest miracle, we breathe isnt that a greatest miracle, any Muslim who sees the video can recall Surah Rehman's verses stating:

"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?
Whats the use to play Quranic Verses over the video when most of the population wouldnt even get what th Ayaat is really saying as majority learns to read Arabic bt not all can understand. A translation would help, bt not over a Video a side description would be better. We cant deny from any of our Allah's creation, as all of them are unique and powerful in their own manner, they cant be subjected to any acqusition, and they cant be either created by any other superficial force. My request is to stop creating such mails or even if ur getting any of such kind and u want to fwd the word of Allah please erase such messages from the end of the mail, as the Word of Allah is for prosperity not for punishment.

The Silent Voice

Ever wondered there is always a Silent Voice somewhere near you, somewhere when ur all alone, somwhere when u need a little conversation with urself, somewhere in the library when ur busy reading something. What is that thing, where exactly is that voice coming from, ur tongue definitely isnt moving so it isnt from ur mouth, then where is it, is it then the ear that can hear something special, is it the brain that generates this or is it urself inside of ur body, a U seperate from ur Outer Self. Does it really mean that our Soul or our Consciouns has a voice and can really talk to us when we arent really speaking?

M confused what is it that speaks to me when m alone, when m making a plan, or m trying to read somethng without even saying it, who is it that is speaking as its certainly not me, whose voice is it? Its coming from with-in, but from where?
Im regarding it as a Silent Voice as its smethng heard only by the indivdual and for rest its nothing, not even a clue that the other can really hear something other than his own natural voice. So Is it the reason for which the question " Are you talking to urself " generated? Does that even make any sense, whatever m i saying does it really make sense, m not sure if m really saying what m trying to say or what i want to instead.

Need Comments on this one, really wanna know what u out there know and feel!!

Americans are NOT stupid!! ROFL

Man Americans are the Worst idiots i have ever seen( I mean i have seen many roaming around) but as they say themselves that lets see what the americans know about the world their country is apparently ruling.
My mind couldnt really process even the 1% answers they were giving, point to mention the Atlas of Americans is really strong. I wonder do they really give those around the World in 80 days these days as most of the Americans would be needing it.
Point here is not to point on Americans, point here is to realise what the Truth and Fact is, iread a comment of an American at Junaid Khan's blog over the Insulting issue of Hazrat Muhammad( Sal Allah Hu Alahai Wasalam) pictures in Wiki. The guy said smethng like :
"The rest of the world is not offended by Muhammed(pbuh) pictures. Only muslims. But Muslims are not the only users of Wikipedia; in fact they aren't even the majority. They make up a very small part of wikipedia users. So, why should we ruin the experience for everyone else just because a few people don't like it." --text edited!
The reason to write this was to show that just some people regard us Muslims being idiots its their majority who are actually idiots. Just because they have Microsoft, Apple now it doesnt mean its the Top of the World. We have had Millions of Muslims Scholars, Scientist and Mathematicians, Astronomers and etc etc cant forget that algebra (the base for the X and Y theory) was discoevered by Al Khuwarizmi. Who can forget the Great Great Educationist and Philospoher and what not Imam Ghazali(RA).
The things the western world has now is formed on Musli basis, and they Regard as Islam a retarded religion as said by Geert Wilder. What kind of a Retard is on this seat by the way.
Yes i am feeling bad at the time knowing the truth that why had we Muslims washed our hands over such golden treasures, and letting it off of it so easily, we shldnt be proud of what was there in the past and that what we dont possess now. Yet m happy that Americans r even more stupider than our own street kid atleast he would be knowing who Bush and Blair are, and that what religion Israeli's practise LMAO

Things you do before U turn 18 [ TAGGED]

OKies yet another tagging posts haan, so these sequences like chain letters have started their forces here on blogsphere as well. Tag this such people in this amount of time or bear the cirucumstances like, u'll get bald the next day you wake up( imagine a girl freaking out as even the thought of finding herslef in this state will give her a stroke) so obviously a stroke is not at all better then fwding the crappy letter to a 100 contancts in the list ;) and so on my mates u know the chain goes on and on and on :P

This TAG post is about what would be a 6 line list of what possibly u should do before you are legally free to do whatever u want :P Lols did u really grab the "Controversy" in my statement. I have crossed the illegal boundary and have hopped into my legal territory from sometime now. Hmmmmmm lemme think what would i have done before i had turned 18, hmmmmm ok, well...... gosh it seems as if it has been ages i was last a teenager.. Naaaaaaaaaah! does it mean i have turned from a girl to an aunty :S **SMS** [my definition for SAVE MY SHIP :P]

Okie Okie...
Flash Back!
coming back to earth!
Thanks God m Back ;)

So what about if i make a lame song out of this post, hmmmmm lets say something like
"Hum bhe agar teenager hoty,
hum bhe agar teenager hoty,
naam hamara hota ( ok what possibly teenagers like themselves to be called, some cheap dramatic name haan :P)
watever back to the
naam hamara hota etc etc
and then khatay hum mil kr ice cream n tht too chocolate chip [ n yeah a piece of advise never ever bring a laddoo even a feet near me, or ill stack ur mouth with as many laddos as anyone can even dream of]

Ok so enough of that cheesy crap and back to construct these hopefully 6 line easy Post:

  1. Bunk as many college classes as u can, bt yeah dont forget to get ur self into the class when its really needed. Dosing off once in a while in a continuous 2 hr lecture is accpetable. Note that i have mentioned College and not School!

  2. Never ever try to impress a girl with ur stupid new N-series cell phone :P or ur dad's or friend's new car, coz that wont buy u anything. Dude its Generation 'Y' u have to think of something new and innovative ;)

  3. In School try to make ur notebooks as cleaner, fairer and neater and filled with as much stars, excellents and goods as u can, coz thats what eventually gonna count. A good notebook owner always gets a Teacher's attention, as it gives her hassless checking, saving her time and thus getting her unconditional love ;) resulting in sparkling Report Cards :D

  4. Try NOT to cheat during ur board exams, coz that can lead to many unavoidable circumstances, n yeah try to get the rule that the better u URSELF know, thet Better u can do it URSELF. Never rely on neighbouring agencies.

  5. Attend as many birthday bashes, friends hangouts, picnics, get togethers as u can coz after High School Graduation baby ull be really singing "dost dost na raha .....din din on".

  6. And yeaaaah last one Try never ever try to hurt ur parents. I know how much u try ull end up really hurting bad somewhere. So please think a zillion trillion times before u do and speak, that would b really better if u do it bluntly and end up finding yourself in the guilty hole.
Phewwwwwwww! man was it really that tough for me to actually write these 6 lines. M amazed really was being 18 a real tough thing or is it remembring the toughest part. Not sure! So m done with my post hope i have tried my best to entertain u guys as much as i can along with the 6-bit information :P

Now I TAG:
  1. Naveed

And sorry bt i cant think of any other 2 bloggers :s so i would rather like the chainish curse then trying to find the remaining 2 bloggers :P
Keep Smiling,

Taking Chances

Have been laying my ears over this album for like a week now, and cant find myself more interested in it over n over again. Though the album has been realeased since november but got my hold on it by January ( that too coz of a friend of mine ;) ). The albums genre is Pop Rock. A new and a great attempt by Celine. Most of the tracks are aside from the typical Celine style. Though according to my research critics havent appreciated the album that much and i was quite dissappointed of the views as i have found the album, off the edge and has some really great tracks with superb lyrics. Specially the title track Taking Chances, describing an unknown relationship with a Stranger who can be residing anywhere on This Planet thing called Earth. Just a subscript from the song:

"Don't know much about your life.
Don't know much about your world, but
Don't want to be alone tonight,
On this planet they call earth."

Track 3 has an Indi Pop touch to its music, the rest of the songs are about getting stronger, feeling like finding newer routes in life. Getting to know people, knowing how far or how close they are. A good way to spread the message of love as far as possibly it can be done..
My rating **** stars out of 5
PS: Done with my 50th post finally ^_^