These are the Names of the Brave Men who have fought ruthlessly in Field and brought us the Victory that wasn't a child's play in the case of Pakistan who had nothing at the time of Partition but just named tanks and planes. They were the one's who had solid hearts and a concrete vision of Victory and loosing their lives just for the sake of their Country. Its the day now when nobody knows that 6th of September is Pakistan's Defense Day, the day to pay patronage to the one's who have given us their everything.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar
Major Tufail Muhammad
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas
Jawan Sowar Muhammad Hussain
Major Mohammad Akram
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz
Major Shabbir Sharif
Captain Karnal Sher Khan
Havaldaar Lalak Jan

And then it is, that we can't even find them on a 10rs Postal stamp, and we can find Shaheed Benazir Bhutto's Pictures engraved on 10rs coins the 1st year after her death. M just bound to question "Shaheed tu woh bhe hain and Shaheed tu yeh bhe hain?", There are Moselum's of the members of the Bhutto Family but none for whom have fought for their Country and given their lives. The fight fought by the Bhutto's is different than what they fought for us. I beleive in Saluting them rather than the Bhutto's. For me they are the true Martyrs