LIES all around.

Why is that when you really want to live your life, nobody wants that. Why is that when you really drag yourself out of something, they drive you back into it. Why is that when you LIE to someone about something, they pretend to become Priests. Why is that you get to know your reality but when its time for them to figure out what the truth is, it all becomes a LIE. Why is that life is made like a living hell just for their own namesake.
I have spend my life all this time just by my own, nobody has been there holding up my finger and walk me down these stairs except for the Almighty who OWNS me by all means, my parents have indigenously spent hours of efforts just to make me a normal, confident, and self esteemed human being , a person who can believe in herself, who knows what she is thinking, who knows what she is seeing, and who knows when to judge someone.

coz I aint no priest,
I aint no saint,
I'm just a piece of flesh
thats just who I am. . .

I have my lies and I have my truths within, neither am I questioning those who have lied to me all this time for a dozen rather a bundle of things neither am I going to allow someone to question me for something I have said or done. I have had regrets in my life and I still do, and no matter who ever comes in my life I will carry my own piece of shit because that would be what I have done.

My life does linger on the edge of hope and despair if that is what you want to listen and that is just because I did not make the right decision at the right time.

Time Goes By...

Garfield It Is ..... =D

So being a Desperate cat lover (desperate as in I run after every possible cat I can get my hands on) =P My personal favourite cartoon cat character is Garfield.... Check out a few strips of his cynic life style =P

The Admission Drive..

Yes Im waiting and waiting, searching, going through the newspaper everyday, surfing the internet checking out on the website, and waiting for the admissions to open and hopefully that is going to happen as soon as May starts, though enrollments in most of the universities has started but not yet in those where im waiting to apply. So all you karachiites please help me go through this period as ill be needing all sorts of advice as in where to apply, where to look for the forms and how to arrange all my documents.
Ok so now I know most of you would be laughing at the thought coz m making a fuss out of a small thing, getting an admission wouldnt be that hard, I seem to think that too but for me it is going to be a little hard, because having little or rather no information about these matters. Back there everything was based on merit you submit your result cards and wait to get a call, you successfully get a call in a week your in and if you dont your out :P but the case is always yes ;) Alryt so I know here the scene is almost the same u get the forms pay the fee, wait for the tests, try to pass them, give the interview and wait for the nerving list that could make ur life or ruin it in some cases :S So I will be needing help regarding what kinda documents should I arrange before hand.
I already have arranged all my certificates of SSC-HSSC got them attested as well and some extra stuff needed along with that. So question here is will I be needing any Domicile or something like that for the admission coz the certificates are ofcourse of Federal Board and are Issued through a foreign school? So will they place me in as a foreign student or a regular one?
Then comes the case of the Admission tests! Im applying for BS(MS) in both SZABIST and Bahria. And im picking up Journalism as a Major, but according to the current programs offered by SZABIST they kinda have changed what they were providing the previous year, so my personal preference would be getting into Bahria and the Majors over their would be Journalism and Sociology. I will be grateful if any of the current or previous SZABISTians or Bahria-ites help me out on this coz I certainly dont want to waste any more time Im f**** up at home and want to study and just work on something worthy enough and make myself a human again...bus bohat hogae yaar had hogae ab tu :(
And yes help regarding the admission test materials would be highly appreciated as im point blank as in what to look after and what to work on as I have no clue what so ever will be coming in these damn tests...seriously help me out on this for what should I be studying right now, anything specific like vocab or essay writing or anything just let me know if u ppl can :)
And in the end will be needing prayers of those who cant help me in this regard coz ur prayers will be all the help that I will need :) and yes please tell me that im taking extra tension and that it will all go on smoothly InshAllah it will surely give me a moral boost.

I missed Writing !!

Assalmualikum all the fellow pretty and handsome bloggers :D. Back again and really will not at all describe where the hell was I for the past God knows how many days, months or year I guess, ok lemme make a calculation ;).... So it hasnt been that much tyme as much as Im bragging about it, it has been over 7 months that I havent blogged and I felt shameless as if I havent blogged for decades :S
So I have finally settled down in Pakiland alhumduliAllah, and really trying to make the necessary alterations and arrangements to cope up with the current political, environmental and social issues going around.And as all know living and adjusting in Pakistan once you have spent a long time outside of the country is a hard job, and it needs both patience and patience :P arey bhai yahan sirf yeahi cheese chahye banda ban kr rehnay ky lyeh ;)
Im glad that I have finally dropped by this platform and blogged something, chalo kuch philosophical na sahe, kuch humorous na sahe but it is something which is definitely better than nothing ^.^ and InshAllah from now on will certainly try to update my blog if not weekly but fortnightly. Missed reading Ubees depressed and senseless journals, and siras's girly chit chats and ofcourse falakk my lil sissy :D and loads of other fellow bloggers ( jinka naam nahe liya woh naraz mat hun ).
Gosh and m so pathetic that at the moment Im listening to real ridiculous songs on the fm right now :S but it matches the theme at my place right now

"So gaya yeh jahan So gaya aasma" ROFL!!
and the next one is such a disgrace that i cant even manage to type it :P hahahahaha but its the feeling of having something being played continuously into ur ears :D and finally here comes a good song :D yuppie. Kheir I better bring this post to an end coz it's getting nothing more than nonsense at the moment, You know my skills need to be brushed up a little bit its been a long tyme since I blogged :P

Will be blogging later on regarding struggles to get admission in a good uni ofcourse and the life beyond that :D

Love ya all