Im just not finding the right things in Life these days. M searching,searching and searching some more, but guess cant find the right motivation, the right path or the right law to feed my senses. My innerself is asking for so many things but i dont know why Im bound and where m I bound. Im tied up from inside and cant release myself from it anytime soon.
I want this and that, but I dont want this and that at the the same time. Phases come and go along with life but when ur going through one u find urself miserable than anyother thing. M not miserable though, bt neither m I content. Im happy with everything that I have in my life yet I know there is something that is lacking and i long for it, I cant grab it, I cant own it but i want it. I neither know will I get it, nor I know if I can own it. M stuck somewhere in a room and I can see windows, I can see lights, I have a brain, I can think but somehow none of this is helping it. I dont wanna get hurt, I dont wanna fall off or get laid back stuck in that room, and the only thing i can trust upon right now is Allah. I need some rest, or should I say the Me inside me needs rest !

“Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious...”
Michael Stipe