Who am I? Where am I from? Where do I belong in this world full of dilemma? Is there anyone who really cares about me? Who gets worried about me? I don’t think so. In this world no one cares for anyone, no one thinks what they are saying to the person and how would that person react in return. No one cares about the feelings that a person has, no one has time to share things or matters with anyone.

This world is full of misery and distress, conflict and false impression. We can call this world like an illusion from a mirror, which seems really calm and neat from far but as we come closer and closer the clean and clear image begins to fade out and we see a more griever and horrible image of blood sheds, and tears. In this new era everyone is fast, all geared-up and busy in doing one thing or the other. No one has enough time to discover one’s own self. Everyone is wrapped up in its cocoon; they are wrapped up so tightly that they can’t get out of it no matter how hard they try. Everyone has busy schedules, meetings and parties to attend, and some pending work to finish

Why do we hate each other? What is the reason behind all this hatred? Has anyone ever tried to figure it out? Why do sometimes the people that we trust upon do the things that we never expect from them? Why do some people make friends just for the sake of using them and after their work is done they don’t even turn back and look.
Why do we have to lie about things? Why cant we speak the truth although we have the freedom to say what we want, than what is the reason which holds us from saying the truth? Are we afraid of something or someone? Why does the one doing the good gets the bad and the one doing the bad always get the reward. Why are we fighting, killing each other on simple pieces of land which have no meaning, why are we killing people in terms of land, why all of these blood sheds and tears?

Now you will be thinking that in my article there is nothing else but questions…but even this whole article would be less to ask the simple questions still left in my mind and of many others. Still the answers remain unrevealed, now here is another question that how can we find the solutions of these problems, we can only reveal these secrets if we know our self first and than start looking around in a new way because with every dawn there is a new ray of hope, a hope that all our problems will end today, and this is the only way through which we can solve our problems or else it will be too late. So let me tell you one thing that start looking for your ray of hope, which will brighten up

PS: This is something that i wrote way back when i was in 1st year(found it in an old rusty CD) and m laughing to find out the fact that what i wrote then is still not changed and the world is revolving around the same points !!