This situation was supposed to be posted a week n so before but due to the natural disasters striking karachi from time to time in small amounts(as yes having a dead phone line just of a slight rain is regarded as a natural disaster here in karachi) I wasnt able to use net OFCOURSE!!. So the story goes something like this:

" It started raining late night on the 28th around midnight, and our Pyaray KESC walay so LOVE their job of cutting others people's light short and we Masoom bachay had to bear a hefty 20 hour loadshedding :( IMAGINE, but hum bhe karachi kay hain yaar itni jalde kahan dartay hain yaar :P. Meanwhile the machar tribe kept on enjoying their MONSOONAL FEAST and i had inches of swollen flesh on my arms and feet but still our spirits were high and there wasnt any chance of losing HOPE that soon!!

We had our plans and waisay bhe yeh choti moti barish say kaun darta tha, we went off on seperate routes, had some shopping n stuff to do and by the time we were leaving(which was quite late) I had a strong 6rh sense kinda feeling that there is going to be rain and we'll surely face some drama,m and as according to my expectations the rain monster arrived just mins later we reached our shopping destination, still mashAllah the shopkeeper who had our stuff made us sit there for another 15 mins saying "Baji bus 2min, woh bacha bus abhi chabi(keys) lay kr gaya hai abhe araha hai bus ap baithain fikar ke baat nahe hai" and to no surprise he didnt appear for another 10mins and with our mutual decision we got the rest of our stuff and went on for a lonnnnng journey!!!

Ab tk tu sarkoun pr darya ban chuky thy and the kids were njoying swimming...

Mission Impossible: Save your self from falling flat on the road, or getting ur self wet, save ur mob from getting wet which is ofcourse burried somewhere in the purse that too is wet, and ofcourse the stuff u have just bought(jiski chandni bhe abhe tk nahe dekhi)

Thats an impossible thing but hum janbaaz jawaan kafi kuch bachany mai kamyaab hogaye thy:P. Next thing was to cross the road and try n find a ride back home and with the dripping specs u cant even see the person standing next to u(wish having specs with wipers wasnt considered a joke tu kuch asani hoti), standing trying to find something wiuth quarter legs in dirty muddy water ewwwwwwwwww dont even ask :S but akhri kaar aik Rickshaw walay ko taras agaya(bt Allah knows what was instored for us coz of him!!), magar banday char(4) and goli sirf aik(1) Sarkar, Na Insaafi Sarkar..Na-Insaafi :P!!!

Ab rickshaw walay ke demand suno, just 3 streets to cross and baji 100rs lunga, and i was like Gosh is he driving a HUMMER!! Ab mera dialogue suno: Oye baraish horahe hai yahan koe saware nahe hai tu tum zayada pasisay mang kr hamara na-jaiz faida utha rahay ho!! and is shandaar dialogue delivery ky baad everobody went silent bt bechara driver explained "Baki dekho na agay 'teraafic' kitni hai hum 100 rupee na mangay tu kia kray 'Meengae'(inflation) bhe tu dekho kitni haina Baji" and alas! he won the bet.....

Mission Impossible 2: Try n stuff 4 average sized women in a normal rickshaw(not tht easy seater CNG one)

After loads of embarrasing tries we finally Accomplished the Mission. And hamaray adventurous safar ka aghaz hua...trying to hide faces out of embarrassment and saving from not falling off the rickshaw with every bump that we crossed we reached our 20mins destinations in 50-55mins, stretched and squeezed ourselves while getting of the rickshaw praying that please nobody saw us like dis and for once i loved loadshedding as coz of the black out we were saved...I took out the 100rs note from the purse as settled i handed it over to him and here he comes bursting out" OO baji nahe 100rs kyun dy rahay ho humnay 150rs manga tha" and i was like WHAT!!when did that happen?? Then began a 5min argument on how he is wrong and we are right but mashAllah he has passed his Bachelor's Degree in being a Lawyer(jhooti daleelain daitay haina yaar :P )

"4 kaan(ear)behray hoskty hain but aik zaban jhooti nahe hoskti" (this was my argument)and the only voice that i could hear from that side was "Nahe baji nahe, Nahe baji nahe, Nahe baji nahe" ufffffffff i still get sooo irritated whenever i hear these words together :S. Again eventually losing my stamina and wishing if i could just spank him once i handed him 200rs and asked my sister to get the 50rs change . Woh tu raat gae baat gae but exact that day past midnight it just popped into my mind that my pyari sis might have forgotten to collect the change and nobody can imagine how much raged filled my bnody at the moment not over my sister but over that bloody driver who was so true for saying 150rs baji not 100rs but want honest enough to call back and say baji apkay waqt logun ka Allah aur Rasool kahan hota hai jab amanat lotanay ke bari ho....thats the thing that still irritates me till date, and m sure that the extra 100rs wasnt any good for him either kyunkay Jhoot ka hasil kiya jhoot mai he nikal jata hai"

Moral of the story: "Khaya peeya kuch nahe aur glass toora bara ana"
PS: i know its an old story but i had to post it for sure