Bye Bye

Yes the Topic seems sad, and it is really sad for me that Im shifting back to my homeland. Going back to Pakistan isn't the saddest part but leaving everything that is behind is the real cause :(. For the one who has opened her eyes and spent her golden years of childhood, pre-teens, teens and so on in such a peaceful place, for me leaving right now is something not good :(. Have been into packing, taking out old stuff, losing old memories, and putting all my life into small and big boxes. Piling up my life in huge columns and then staring at them.
This post is just a good bye message for all my followers and readers who have been so kind to me and have spared their time in leaving comments Im really grateful to u all :). Its not that this is going to be the end of the world or something but yes big changes take alot of time to digest, and it will take its time for me too. Ill be disconnected from the internet in a few days or so, so I apologize if I may not be able to reply to all of ur comments.
May Allah bless us all and keep us all happy :)
Fe Aman Allah !

PS: Samah (if your reading this) will be completing that Award Tag once I get back with the internet and my life too ;)

عيد مبارك

Eid Mubarak to everyone. Sorry couldnt wish ya all earlier have been all tied up with the Eid jiggies :P. Had a good tyme, not the best but Im blessed that I have some good people to share my good times with :) All the rituals were followed as on every Eid. The Sheer Khurma, Mehndi, Pulao Biryani and etc etc :P Had my Wallet filled with Eidis ;) as what else are Eids for, and these Eidis are for just a few more years as sooner we will be passing on Eidis instead of having em :( but not really we alhumduliAllah have our elder's shelters over our head and their Eidis ofcourse :P

On this day I would love to share it with those who really dont have the opportunity or the resources to enjoy a fun filled Eid, being far from my land I feel a bit tied up as for how to help my people when they need to be happy, but soon ill be sharing some time with the people who really need it back in my homeland :). May Allah bless our people, Our Ummah, Our Nation and its superiors who are the bearers of our Nations Image and Hopes. Ameen

PS: This is surprisingly my 200th post :) and m glad It was on Eid!

PPS: The hands in the image on the right are decorated by me :D :D


انتیسویں شب قدر

انتیسویں شب قدر

آج خیر سے یہاں انتیسویں کی رات ہے- اور طاق راتوں کے عبادات میں سے آخری رات ہے- میری بس یہی
دعا ہے کے الله ہمارے اس رمضان کے روزوں سمیت ہماری باکی عبادت بھی قبول فرمائیں آمین- آج کی خاص عبادت درجہ ذیل ہیں:

١- انتیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سی پڑھنی ہے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد ایک مرتبہ سورة القدر اور سورة الاخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ سورة الم نشرح پڑھے، یہ نفل نماز کامل ایمان کے لئے افضل ہے- انشاالله العزیز اس کو پڑھنے والے کو دنیا سے مکمل ایمان کے ساتھ اٹھایا جائے گا-

٢- انتیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد ایک مرتبہ سورة القدر اور سورة الاخلاص پانچ مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام کے ١٠٠ مرتبہ درود شریف پڑھنا ہے- انشااللہ العزیز اس کے پڑھنے والے کو باری تعالی بخشش گناہ اور مغفرت عطا کریں گے آمین-

خیر سے کل یہاں چاند رات ہے، اور میری دعا تو یہی ہے کے انشااللہ انتیس ہی روزے ہوں کیونکے چاند رات کا مزہ تو اسی وقت آتا ہے جب اگلے دن عید ہو ؛)

میری طرف سے سب کو پیشگی عید مبارک :)

ستائیسویں شب قدر

ستائیسویں شب قدر

ماہ رمضان میں ستائیسویں شب قدر کی بڑی ہی فضیلت ہے- اس میں رات بھر جاگ کر عبادت میں مشغول نوافل، نماز، قرآن شریف، درود شریف کثرت سے پڑھے- اس رات کی عبادت کے ثواب کا کوئی جواب ہی نہیں - اس رات پڑھے جانے والے وظائف درجہ ذیل ہیں:

١- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح بارہ رکعت نفل نماز تین سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص پندرہ مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ استغفار پڑھے- الله تعالی اس نفل نماز پڑھنے والے کو انشااللہ العزیز نبیوں کی عبادت کا ثواب دے گا-

٢- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر تین مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص پانچ مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام کے سورة الاخلاص ستائیس مرتبہ پڑھ کر اپنے گناہوں کی مغفرت مانگے انشااللہ تعالی اس کے تمام پچھلے گناہ الله تعالی معاف کرے گا-

٣- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھنی ہے ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ سورة التکاثر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

باری تعالی اس نفل نماز پڑھنے والے پر سے موت کی سختی آسان کرے گا انشااللہ تعالی اس پر سے عذاب قبر بھی معاف ہوجائے گا-

٤- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے، ہر نماز میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة الاخلاص سات مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ یہ تسبیح استغفار پڑھے- " استغفرالله العظیم الذی لا الہ الا ھو الحی القیوم و اتوب الیہ" ( معذرت ک ساتھ میں اس کلمے پر اعراب نہیں لگا سکی) انشااللہ العزیز اس نفل نماز کو پڑھنے والا اپنے مصّلے سے اٹھنے بھی نہ پائے گا کہ باری تعالی اس کے اور اس کے والدین کے گناہ معاف فرما کر مغفرت عطا فرمائے گا- مغفرت کے لئے یہ نماز افضل ہے-

٥- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے، ہر رکعت سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة الم نشرح ایک مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ سورة القدر پڑھے، یہ نماز بی شمار عبادت کے ثواب کے لئے افضل ہے-

٦- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر تین مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص پچاس مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام سجدہ میں ایک مرتبہ یہ کلمات پڑھے-

٧- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح ساتوںپڑھے- یہ عذاب قبر سے نجات اور مغفرت گناہ کے لئے افضل ہے-

٨- ستائیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح سات مرتبہ سورة الملک کا پڑھنا مغفرت گناہ کے لئے نہایت فضل ہے

الله ہمیں اس رات کی فضیلت اور برکتوں سی بہرمند فرمائے آمین

پچیسویں شب قدر

تیسری شب قدر

پچیسویں شب قدر کو عبادت کرنے والی راتوں میں سے ایک افضل ترین رات سمجھا جاتا ہے- جس کو لیلیٰ تل قدر کی راتوں میں زیادہ اہمیت حاصل ہے- اس رات میں پڑھے جانے والے وظائف درجہ ذیل ہیں:

١- ماہ رمضان المبارک کی پچیس تاریخ کو نمازعشاء و تراویح کے بعد چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص پانچ مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ١٠٠ مرتبہ کلمہ طیبہ پڑھنا ہے- بار گاہ رب العزت سے انشاللہ بے شمار عبادت کا ثواب ملے گا -

٢- پچیسویں شب قدر کو نمازعشاء و تراویح کے بعد چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر تین مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ استغفار پڑھے- یہ نفل بخشش گناہ کے لئے نہایت افضل ہے-

٣- - پچیسویں شب قدر کو نمازعشاء و تراویح کے بعد دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة الاخلاص پندرہ مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے-

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ کلمہ شہادت پڑھنا ہے، یہ نفل نماز عذاب قبر سے نجات کے لئے افضل ترین ہے-

٤- پچیسویں شب قدر کو نمازعشاء و تراویح کے بعد سات مرتبہ سورة الدخان پڑھنا افضل ترین ہے- باری تعالی اس سورة کے پڑھنے والے کو انشاللہ العزیز عذاب قبر سے محفوظ رکھینگے -

٥- پچیسویں شب قدر کو نمازعشاء و تراویح کے بعد سات مرتبہ سورة الفتح کا پڑھنا ہر مراد کے لئے افضل ترین عمل ہے

الله تعالی اس دن کی ہماری ان خاص عبادات کو قبول فرمائیں آمین

تئیسویں شب قدر

دوسری شب قدر

آج چونکہ یہاں تئیسواں روزہ ہے تو میں آپسے آج کی طاق رات کی چند خاص عبادات بانٹنا چاہوں گی

١- ماہ رمضان کی تئیسویں شب کو بعد نمازعشاء و تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة اخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے -

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ درود شریف پڑھے، مغفرت گناہ کے لئے یہ نماز بہت ہے افضل ہے-

٢- تئیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نمازعشاء و تراویح آٹھ رکعت نفل چار سلام سے پڑھنی ہے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة اخلاص ایک مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے -

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ کلمہ تمجید پڑھنے اور الله تبارک تعالی سے آپنے گناہوں کی بخشش مانگے الله تعالی اس کی گناہ معاف فرما کر انشا الله مغفرت کریں گے-

٣- تئیسویں شب قدر کو بعد نمازعشاء و تراویح ایک مرتبہ سورة یٰسین اور سورة الرحمٰن کا ایک مرتبہ پڑھنا بے حد افضل ہے

الله ہم سب کو اپنے حفظ و آمان میں رکھیں انشاالله آمین

اکیسویں شب قدر

آج یہاں اکیسویں شب ہے یعنی آخری عشرے کی طاق راتوں میں سے ایک رات، بس آخری عشرے کی شروعات ہوچکی ہے، یہی وہ عرصہ ہے جس میں ہر مسلمان اس ایک رات شب قدر کی رات کو تلاش کرنے کے لئے طاق راتوں میں خاص عبادت کرتا ہے. میں نے سوچا کے میں اپنے مسلمان بہن، بھائیوں سے وہ بانٹوں جسکا علم مجھے بھی ہے اور میں چاہتی ہوں کے دوسروں کو بھی اس سے فائدہ پھنچے . درجہ ذیل کچھ عبادات ہیں جو خاص طور پر اکیسویں شب کو کی جا یں تو اسکا بہت ثواب ہے.

سب سے پہلے فضیلت شب قدر

شب قدر کی عبادت ستر ہزار شب کی عبادتوں سے افضل ہے. حضور اکرم(صہ) ارشاد فرماتے ہیں کے میری امّت مسلمہ میں سے جو مرد یا عورت یہ خواھش کرے گا کہ میری قبر، نور کی روشنی سے منور ہو تو اسے چاہیے کے وہ ماہ رمضان کی شب قدروں میں کثرت سے عبادت کرے تاکہ ان مبارک اور متبرک راتوں کی عبادت سے باری تعالی اس کہ نامہ اعمال سے برائیاں مٹا کر نیکیوں کا ثواب عطا فرماے

١- پہلی شب قدر یعنی ماہ رمضان المبارک کی اکیسویں تاریخ بعد نماز وعشاء تراویح چار رکعت نفل نماز دو سلام سے پڑھے، ہر رکعت میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ اور سورة اخلاص ایک مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے .

بعد سلام ستر مرتبہ درود شریف پرھنے- انشا الله اس نفل نماز کے پڑھنے والے کے حق میں فرشتے دعا مغفرت کریں گے

٢- رمضان المبارک کی پہلے شب قدر کو بعد نماز عشاء َو تراویح دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھے، ہر رکعت ،میں سورة فاتحہ کے بعد سورة القدر ایک مرتبہ، سورة اخلاص تین مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے -

بعد نماز ستر مرتبہ استغفار پڑھے، انشا الله, الله اس نفل نماز اور شب قدر کی برکت سے باری تعالی اس کی بخشش فرمایں گے.

٣- ماہ رمضان کی اکیسویں شب کو بعد نماز عشاء و تراویح اکیس مرتبہ سورة القدر پڑھنا بھی بہت افضل ہے

میں امید کرتی ہوں کے اسکے پڑھنے سے نہ صرف مجہے بلکے دوسروں کو بھی فائدہ ہو

انشا الله

Do Mullaon Mai Murghi Haram Part II

Ok so this is certainly not related to the previous post that I wrote here, and is at long end from what Im going to be asking and explaining in this post. My question here is for all the Married Men out there (targeting the Muslim Men), why do they believe that they should have a Second Wife or a Third One in some cases. As for the views from شرع‎ I know that a Man has been given the right to marry more than 1 woman, but why do our men keep on forgetting the other parts of the Islamic Law like:

  • It is better to support a woman who is helpless.
  • Who is either a widow or an orphan or a divorcee.
  • She is not well-off, has kids and nobody to support her.
  • You must then attain complete harmony among your previous and your new families

But why do Men drool for women who are the opposite for what has been described, I can always see a poor helpless widow/divorcee woman on the road begging but I cant see no man willing to marry her. Is it just to have the taste of another woman(sorry to say it in this manner)in a legalized cum religious way? or is it just to torture the one who is already at home. I agree there are times when a man gets married again for the sake of having an off spring. In some cases I have even seen wives asking their husbands to get married again so that they are not left out from having a child. But their are cases when the 1st wife doesn't even have a clue what her husband is upto at her back for the past so many years. I remember I read an article on a similar topic where a woman describes her story something like:

"We just came back from our daughter's wedding, and my husband went for a quick shower. Meanwhile his mobile rang and I picked it up, it was a text message. And after reading that my eyes wouldn't believe what had just passed by. I quickly checked up the rest of the messages in his inbox and found out that it wasn't a Wrong Number. My husband was married to a woman for as long as i can think of without me even knowing that."
So this is the thing that I just cant get, why does a Man need another woman/partner when he already has one. If he thinks she isnt good enough than he should be a mind reader just to get to know what his wife really thinks about him. Why dont they think that nobody is perfect neither a man nor a woman (except that a Man has a disease where he thinks he is Perfect), but most of the times the reason given to a wife for her being imperfect are seriously pathetic. They cant do justice to a single woman how can they pretend to be looking after 2-3 women at the same time along with their kids.

The thought for writing this post came when a few weeks ago I saw a news on an Indian News Channel where a Man has been arrested for having 14 WIVES, now as far as our religion and law is concerned polygamy is allowed contrary to the Indian law where nothing of this sort can happen unless you are divorced. But I must say that this man had guts and time and some extra nerves to sustain his balance among those 14 women. He used to check out for a new wife after 3rd month of his previous successful marriage. His options were online matrimonial sites where he filled himself up as a Divorced Man with a handsome salary looking for an upper class working hindu girl who can be divorced or a widow. So after every 3-4 months he was with a new woman on another honeymoon trip and back from the trip he would again start looking for her new companion. Though he tried to maintain a balance among them by visiting each wife 3 days and leaving at the call of a fake meeting at a far of place somewhere in India.,this way nobody ever noticed for a long time for what was going on, until his discussions with his new wife to whom he exclaimed that he wont be having any problem if she had extra marital affairs, this shocked the new wife and her instincts to better keep a check on the guy before something goes over the head. And that was the end to his happy life with his 14 wives. For what he said on his behalf was:

"I didn't do anything wrong, Im better then people who have illicit relationships without even being married, Im better because I have legal *** with them"
So this was all about having Legal ***??? I mean is this the only thing that is up for in a relationship and is the only reason why a man is looking for a new wife??

Slaughtering in Fashion

I have been switching through different channels for the past few days from about midnight till Sohoor, and all that I could watch in the news is murder, murder and some more brutal murder :O. Had seen a crime files program that gave me fits, and high depression later on coz what they described got printed on my brain, and my brain has a very bad habit to visualize what someone tells. And after visualizing what was described took the life out of my legs.

I saw three cases where people were brutally slaughtered for no specific reason. My mind was shunned by the thought that I can never ever in my life manage to even look at a chicken or an animal being slaughtered, how can people manage to slaughter HUMANS! Chickens make sounds when they are prepared for slaughtering, but we dont pay heed to them just because we dont understand what those poor animals are saying to us, but what does happen to one's ears when he is slaughtering a human alive, cant he hear the persons plea, his screams, cant he see the Goddammit look on that persons face. How can one be so blind and deaf.

There were cases when a young boy at a tender age of 20-21 broke into a Man's house to kill him, because he came to know that the boy's Mother had extra marital affairs with that Man. Luckily he couldnt find the Man but unfortunately he slaughtered the Man's wife and his 3 little kids :O. If the boy had real guts and dignity he should have slaughtered his own Mother instead of taking 4 innocent lives. What did the boy get after all this, sentence to life imprisonment, a life long guilt, a soothing record being played in his ears of the people screaming for mercy? Thats;s BS***

Then there was another case, where a brother slaughtered his own blood along with his family just to get his hands over some extra piece of land. just ask hu WHAT WILL HE DO WITH THAT EXTRA PIECE OF LAND WHEN HE WILL BE LYING DOWN IN HIS GRAVE. These were in caps coz I cant understand why do people kill their own blood relations just so that they can sleep in a little wider room forgetting that everyone will once be buried in 6 by 6 plot.

Then the last segment was the case of a man who ferociously slaughtered his own 4 little daughters ranging form 8 to 2. I was really heart broken at this last segment for I saw that man joining his hands infront of the camera and telling that he should be hung till death for he has killed his own daughters. Why didn't he think of it before he did all this. Now he wasn't in a Jalali Kaifiyat when he did all this and so he cannot be granted a lease certificate, no matter how mad a person gets he has to have control over his life or else he will regret it in the remaining part of his life. The reason for he did all this was the fact that his wife left him and went to her Mother's place along with her 4 daughters, the man was a sick headed pathetic human who could only produce filth in his mind and nothing else, got her daughters and slaughtered them for the fear that his wife has a brothel at her place and will turn his daughters into sluts. If he was so concerned for her daughters future he should have filed a case for their custody and would have worked hard for their better future alone, but that sick couldnt think of any other possibility but to kill them and that too not in a single go but kill them with the most depressing agony for those who come to know about it.

I dont know whose fault is it anyways, the Person itself, the Deceased or of the society in which they are blooming. The increasing rates of Flour and Sugar or the decreasing rates of family income. But one thing that people have really forgotten is the power to change their FATES through DUA.

Anger and Revenge!

Sitting here on the laptop with a cup of green tea to sooth my mind, I just can’t figure out what had happened to me in the past few days. I m juggling myself to come up and write, have things in my mind to talk about but I don’t want to and I really don’t get that why I don’t. I’m visiting blogs, read what people are sharing that is coming up in their lives and what is happening out there around them. It’s not that I’m dead and that nothing is happening around me. Infact there is much more in my life than I can think of; loads of changes are going on within me and around me as well. Im looking at boxes of different sizes all piled up carrying my whole life within them, my childhood, my teenage and beyond that as well. I’m packing myself for not sure how long and when it will be the time to unpack is still unknown.

I have been pondering for days on what is with everything around me and within me. M I taking some sort of revenge from myself or is it just another part of the year Ill be passing by when the days get longer and the nights shorter. The time when you feel you have nothing worthy enough to think of or to do. You feel constipated regarding your thoughts, because the only thing that is working in your mind is emptiness. I’m so easily agitated and display utmost stupidity on the slightest injection of nuisance. I burp out all fungi type thoughts that were cultivated within me somewhere, from all the deepest darkest shady areas of my soul. And then the worse happens I regret what I have said and done, I'm immersed in that slimy fluid of guilt. The kind that resembles the quality of quicksand, the more you move the more you descend. The devilish side of your brain celebrates this event and takes you in the dungeon of doom where all of what you can think of is terrifying, filled with regret and guilt. The way you felt before of what happened is nothing infront of what will happen next. The wise don’t say it like this that“Nothing hurts more than words coming out from someone’s mouth”. Plenty of times I have seen people saying things out of rage which they don’t even mean. The thoughts that are buried inside them are instantly dug out and are tossed on the victims face without the notice of the perpetrator.

I have seen people fighting over the stupidest things on roads, streets, malls even in Masajid. Things that have no meaning what so ever but those who have a taste for anger enjoy every bit of it. They enjoy the flavor of humiliating someone, they take pleasure in announcing it to everyone how much tough time they had given to someone at a bus stand. Going through a similar article on a friend’s blog I share the same views as he does. Sometimes you witness something bad happening in public but you feel your hands are just held back by a force, often I have felt the same magnetic force to slap and beat someone really hard who was standing in public and was presenting a one man show of his wealth and power to a person of less affluence, whether it was his mistake or not only the poor has to suffer. Doesn’t matter if the rule is broken by a Toyota Corolla or a W11 the price is paid by W11.

Often have I noticed that men don’t spare someone when they are mad at them. And they regret it later on. They must do, but there egoistic companion keeps reassuring them that nothing has gone wrong, it's not a big deal this happens to everyone you’re not the only one, what else could you have done that stupid rickshaw driver wasn’t giving you the way. People say they have temper issues, but I say why they (including myself) keep it prevailing, why don’t we work on it, why don’t we sort out the issues that are accumulating within us. So that if and if we go through such a time we don’t bulge with anger rather we hold on to that patience which is needed just to pass those few minutes as after that the heat that is generated within yourself for pressing down that lava begins to serenade your ears.

We not just I it’s We who need the power to overcome this devil within us who enjoys and celebrates the festival of anger and revenge. Feasting over our emotions filled with guilt and regret. I guess it’s time now that we should put him to a fast!

Ramadan and Olper's Ad ;)

Its always the period of festivities when the Big Brands launch special advertising campaigns. And the one's I really wait for are the Olper's Advertise and this Ramadan they had a real surprise for us :) A blend of Atif and Dawud Ali Warnsby a Canadian Singer. Both of them do look alike most of the times :P and I loved the part when Dawud sang in Urdu that was cute :D. It was amazing to see how the directors and the conceptual masters gathered all the cultures practiced in the Islamic Countries specially during Ramadan and it being the Holy Month brings us even more close to each other. This was written by Jameel uddin Aalee, and was made especially for the 2nd Islamic Conference held in Lahore in 74'. The Video of the ad is attached :) and very Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters :)

In search of my Own Story

In a van filled with around 7-10 people, you notice that nobody is interested to talk to anyone, be it they are colleagues, friends or just strangers, everyone likes to see through that plain transparent glass into the outer world. Thinking of his own story. What is going on within one cannot be discovered by the world outside. We are all passengers of the wagon of this World. Working, Learning, resting and searching for our own stories. For people living abroad, apart from their relatives from their loved ones life seems really miserable at times. But there are times, that the time spent with the ones you know is harder and even more worse than when you're suffering alone. You often get beaten really hard from them. And as a consequence your feelings inside while looking out of that window seems to be a questionnaire of what might have gone wrong with you and the world around.
I like reading faces of the people around. Try and assume what would life be for them. Hard, Light, rough, tedious or just plain LIFE . Waking up in the morning, getting ready, off to work, back home, eat, sleep and wake up again. Sometimes this life gets plainer and plainer. No need to think of something extra as you are doing the most you can bring out of yourself. Then what is the use to search for your own story. Is it mandatory? Is it necessary that I do have a Story of my own, that I can proudly or regretfully tell to anyone? Im confused which path to take, either to look for my own Story or try and look deep into whats going on in the lives of people around. People around who are not mine, Im not connected to them in anyways except for both being Humans and both having the need to survive in this world. I guess I want to try and help them pass this life in a better way, I wish I find my story here somewhere passing by this path.
I dont feel like worthy enough at times. But I know I am, I can do things I have in mind, but often there is a small pin somewhere in my mind which strikes when Im at the verge to do something. That pin is of an unknown fear. A fear I have not yet recognized, but I'm sure that with the passing years, and with my progression in this path of finding stories I will find a way to know what fear do I have and I suppose that I do have a story of my own, a story that is filled like a girlish diary about all the stories I have found in my way so far :) Coz I guess I like my Story that way :)

I Love this 796,096 sq km piece of Land called Pakistan

It is my Country. My Beloved Pakistan. Pakistani being the name given to me after my birth, even before I had a real name, I had a definite identity on my Birth Card that I was a Pakistani. A person belonging to a Free Nation. Who has the freedom to follow what he desires. I love this Rich piece of land. Its the 62nd year of Pakistan's Independence a day to celebrate a day to cherish, a day to mark that there are innumerable facets of this Country to be Proud about. If there is Spielberg some where to be proud about, We have Shoaib Mansoor. If people were fans of MJ, there were people who loved Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. If Brett Lee is considered to be the fastest bowler, We have our Rawalpindi Express to beat him up.
This is the place when I reach I say to myself welcome Home yaar. A land of pure, of the richest of minerals and air. There isn't just one thing so profound about my Land. Its the land of Sufi's, Scholars, Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Journalists, Politicians, Agriculturists, Economists, Bankers, Gorillas etc etc Gosh the list can keep on increasing. It was this day 62 years ago when the boundaries were marked and very little did Pakistan had of its own, and it is now just after 6 decades that Pakistan has become the 7th Nuclear Power of the World. A Nation of whose Unity the whole world is afraid of. We are a nation of almost 18 million people, who always are untied not only on the time of trouble and chaos but also at times when we have to portray the ultimate peace within our country and to the world around. I wish I had someone near to me, who would have witnessed the time of freedom, and who could closely narrate all those stories to me. That's just a small wish within me that is still unfulfilled. Im proud of my Nation as it is, and the people who have made this Nation what it is Now after 62 years.

پاکستان زندہ باد
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The Anonymous Being :D

Going Green

Ok it's been ages since I have been making myself to come down over here at my lovey dovey blog and post something. But every time I ended up doing other things overnight and forgot to blog :( my bad :P
I have become a member of the GoGreen clan since 6th of August and have successfully processed 225 images :D I know they are quite alot but in 8 days and alot of hrs each day u too will end up making this much DP's :P. GoGreen is a campaign launched by our very own.... IT Guru Mr.Farhan Masood, his initiative was to turn everyone's DP (who was willing to) Green, green in the sense the background was turned green with the Pakistani Flag (and not the person itself :P ). It was fun, many of us got united and volunteered for this work as the Guru himself is always busy :). Team members were Talal Masood, Ayesha, Nizamani, Razzman, Rehan, ||c0d3r||, Hina and a few others as well, Im sorry if I have missed out your names but it might be that I didnt know u were a part of the team as well :S It is a great effort done by the Green team, and we the members are enjoying it as much as the people who are receiving their requests :)
So if Anyone of you still wants his/her DP to be Greened email us @ , hurry up as 14th of August is just one day away ;)

Im Green :) R U ??

When you think You were about to GIVE UP!

I came across this heart wrenching video and it gave me just one thought that WHY am I always crying for things that make no sense at all. I'm moaning for stuff I would use once and will keep it somewhere at a place that I can never find again. And always crying asking Allah for why I'm like this, why this n that and so on is happening to me, I have done nothing wrong, I haven't stolen someone's assets, I haven't robbed a bank, I haven't even killed a living thing in my life, than why all this is happening to me. At times, rather million of times I think I cant make it upto the Top any more. Like the guy in the video describes I cant stand up anymore no matter how hard I try I feel I'm not meant for this task, its something done to me and I wasn't chosen for this thing, this is in-justice with me. But when I saw Him, I felt ashamed of my own self. I couldn't process more but the fact that I'm just a loser, Allah has nothing to do with me. It is "I" who is not looking into my own self, he knows what I can do but it's me who is still unaware of it. And instead of looking for it I say its not like this, HE cant just do this to me, I'm not worth all of this. I feel ashamed for acting like a loser my entire life!

Damn I Missed it !

Ok so I was out for some shopping a few days ago, not the girly kind of shopping but the household stuff kinda thing. Was browsing through all the items and this time it was the turn of the Detergents shelf. Hmmm checking and suggesting as always which ones better, which one has got new offers etc. Got a glimpse of an old brand, how old I cant tell that :P and after reading the TAG line and checking a trademark I thought something FISHY is going on around in here. And as a record I took a photo of it and compared the brands when I reached home and to my surprise they were the same. I was definite that either one of them is cheating the other, I thought as I have discovered something WORTHY HAH! (my mistake) Then I thought to write about it, and so Im. BUT I was wrong at the main point. I tried to Wiki about it and when I read the truth I couldn't stop laughing at myself :P Well Im not that stupid either anyone who would have seen it would have thought the same.
The brands were OMO and Surf Excel. Both of them having the same Splat symbol and the same Tag Line "Dirt is Good". On Wiking I came to know that its a kind of business strategy that the Owner Company which is UniLever manufactures one brand as one name in a particular region and the same brand with another name in some other region. So its the same thing whether you see it here or across the seven seas :P

Ok apart from that if you really have some spare time on ur hands and you wanna enjoy something and have a good laugh then do check out this Flickr Link :P And dont just look around with your elders at the back these guys do have some nutty heads so be CAREFUL :P Now now lemme explain they arent really Rated R and I aint being sarcastic but Im just promoting the peoples different way of Natural ART :P hahahahahahah

10 Honest Things About Me TAG!

So its the 10 Honest Things Tag for me this time, its been a week now that I have been tagged and Im not able to come up with one thing I was afraid how come Ill manage 10 :S Than I just made myself come up here and start writing as eventually the things will start popping up in my mind :P. The Tag goes like I have to state 10 Honest Things about me that most of my readers out there wouldnt know about, and later on at the the end as always I have to Tag some people about whom I wanna know ;) So the One who tagged me was Asad, and certainly I didnt know that he read me, might be coz most of the people who read my blog either dont comment or just pass by :P. Ok Apart from all this I better get started with the tag or else ill get carried away some where here and there :P

So the 10 Honest Things About ME are:

  1. I have real strong Faith in my Allah, and I believe that after every Test, Hardship and Sadness there is another Flower that blooms and that flower is the Fruit of Sabr and Consistency.
  2. I often cant describe what is within me, and sometimes when I give it a shot it comes out to be weird.
  3. I am a die hard fan of animals(not all but most of em) My Fav's are dolphins, cats, dogs, birds of any kind,turtles etc etc now I should stop adding stuff in the list :p
  4. Im a bit kanjoos at times, not much but most of the times im not in a mood to buy things :P
  5. I somewhat dont feel my own pain at times, if Im broke, devastated, injured or be it anything I cant feel the damn thing.
  6. Im not into crying...I cant cry most of the times, and certainly not infront of someone.
  7. I always keep the smaller things in life more close to me than the bigger surprises. For me having a good lunch or dinner with my Family is the best treat.
  8. Im more of a physical person than mental, I can do alot of work but when it comes to creating simple logics I often fail to :(
  9. I love water, I cant explain this love but the pleasure and the feeling I get when I reach a beach or any where near large bodies of water Im simply elated with happiness. I someday wanna go deep inside it and see and feel how it is inside. But the fact is that I cant swim :S coz basically I haven't learnt to swim so far :(
  10. So the 10th Honest thing right now was that I have passed by and read almost 4 blogs to clear up my mind before I came here and started writing these points specifically :s
OKie so practically I have successfully completed this long pending task ;) The ones whom I wanna tag would be


for now ill tag just 5 as these are the only people I can come up with, rest of them ill sure will get annoyed at being tagged :P

Adios till then c(".)

Am I an Orthodox or an Islamic Extremist??

I dont know If its just Me or is it like m happened to see these videos one after the other that is making me think what is going on with all of this. Pakistani's are wanting to bring the NY underground stuff to Pakistan's major cities. They want to see that part of the super powers that the NYorkers themselves dont really like much. I happened to come across this video in which the underground Night-Club scene has been shown and it isnt a hidden video its an open count video, nobody is hiding except for a few , infact they are happy in sharing their views. The owner of the night club wants to have NY in Karachi, he wanted to smell that smell in the streets of Karachi. The smell of what? Cocaine, Beer, Vine, n all that stuff?? I soo wanted to beat all them up, yeah some what like Talbanized woman or like ones from lal- Masjid I wanted to have a long bamboo stick and wanted to slash their flesh off of em. That makes me an Islamic Extremist, than yes I would love to. The girl who takes the cameraman into the club gives the viewers the intro that.....

"Its kinda good it has a good feeling to it,the thing we can do on a FRIDAY night"
Now what the hell do we do on a Friday Night, yeah we party hard, we dope, we drink and then we collapse on a guys lap and he picks us up puts us back in our burkha and innocently takes us back to our homes.

Just tell me How on earth can that stupid hunchbacked DJ girl say that
"People come and say to us that what you're doing is Un-Islamic, Its not drugs its something else OOps ok can i say this, can I say this...."
and she placed the word Un-Islamic in quotation marks as if she didnt think that this was Un-Islamic. I was having fits after watching this video. I could clearly recognize people's faces even after that censor boxes that most of em were famous VJs/Anchors of our Pakistani Channels partying hard on their day off. Owner of the club is stating How he didnt want to choose this place as it had a disgusting look to it but apart from that he chose it and its kinda great inside tu Ullu kay Phatty(sorry for being harsh) He could have spent that money clearing that Disgusting street rather than making it even more worse. Commenting on his Guards Gun

"Ok so where is it made from emmm Its Made in OH SHIT its Made in China. OKie now probably it wouldnt WORK"
Yes for that ill place it on ur head pull the trigger and than we will decide if it really worked or not.

The fact stated just at the start of the video is right, indeed half of our population is under aged and whom are they following. Yes they are following these people who come on TV, play innocent as if they are unknown about anything in Life. The youth is blindly trying to follow their trends. Kids in schools and colleges spend more time in straightening their hair in the morning, finding the right gloss, or the right watch and pick the right car to take to school. Ok for now this would be for the upper elite class but for the lower middle classed children things are even worse, they want to do all of this but just because they cant they become rebels.

Im confused why the Govt and the parents arent having check on such things. The Anti Narcotics Dept of Pakistan are declaring they want to get rid of this ill form the country but what they are not doing is to find the roots from where they can cut down the tree. I even remember a famous Night Club of Islamabad the well known Cat Club. The gentry that is welcomed there are either Ministers, Govt Officials or other elite people. Darn It! What ca be done if the source above is involved in such a dirt, ofcourse than nothing can be done for the filth beneath.

The most wanted DJ of this club is Faisal Baig the son of the famous veteran actor Nadeem Baig, people are even dancing off open air all drunk irrespective who would be watching them and who wouldnt. Long ago I remember I saw an interview of Bilkees Edhi in which she shamefully told that often Police inspectors bring in girls that they have found drunk near the sea side and they pick them up and drop them off there coz they dont know where they belong. Bilkees Saheba told that she would take care of them over night and shamefully when they woke up she said
"Woh bus hamain english mai galiyan day kr chali jate hain"
Now somebody ask their God Damn parents where they were when their Girl didnt reach home last night!
Im ashamed to see all this and just wanna burst into pieces for nothing. If incase once in life I encounter such a personality I sooooo wanna slap him/her hard and feel good ...or or ..I would rather use a Made in China riffle for them \m/

Am I an Orthodox???

Im not an orthodox in any way, and neither do I relate this following video with any of my faiths, interests or views. Its just that I happen to come across this video on my facebook HIGHLIGHTS section. One of my friend had commented on this video and I happened to see it. The video made me think that our National Anthem certainly doesn't suit the way they are singing it. Im, I mean right now I dont have the words to explain what I really want to say. I cant say that the video has offended me, Im offended in some sense for how it is being portrayed, I know for those girls it is the culture and the society they are brought up in. As how much it is My Pakistan It's Their as well, but how they are meant to portray it's image means alot. Im still out of words and will just put up the video, and for most of the people out there it wont matter that much but it did matter something to me.

Shab-e-Mairaj (27th of Rajab)

It is the day when our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) went on this Miraculous journey through time and space. Saw with His eyes what can never be seen. The events that were taking place, saw people who were bearing the fruits of what they had sown. Our Prophet( S.A.W.W) saw what will be the end of everything, witnessed the most beautiful thing created by Allah known as the Jannah, the fruits and the gifts that will be the eternal property of the one's who have lived their lives with truth and dignity.

The Martabaat they will be bestowed with cannot be imagined, and cannot be compared with the deeds of this world. Saddening to know as much as our Prophet (S.A.W.W) saw the fruits of Jannah, HE also had to witness Jahannum, the place where the punishments cannot be even imagined of. How hard it would have felt to Him when He saw what would happen to those who will end up in Jahannum, for His love of Mankind he surely would have wished to save them all. That was it when he told the people of the world once he returned from Mairaj, about all what he saw both in Jannah and Jahannum. He told about the beauties that lie in Jannah, and about the people who will reside in it. On the other hand he clearly stated the position of the people whom He saw with his own eyes of what they were going through. He defined their state and the cause for which they ended up in Jahannum. It was hard at that time for people to believe as most of the sins didnt even exist at their time. But now a days everything that is cynical is right. And what is right is looked up as a SIN these days, thats the main reason that Now doing right is 80 times harder than doing wrong. You will find zillions of supporters for doing wrong and only 2-3 for doing right.
We have to stay on the path of the right if for sure we dont want to end up in those who were seen in Jahannum and certainly the women :s as thats the part that certainly freaks me out :(. InshAllah Allah always keeps us in His shelter and showers us with His blessings Ameen sum Ameen.

Beauty of a GIRL / WOMAN

Was just wondering bout a few things, and was analyzing myself what could be the one possible attribute in a woman that makes her beautiful. A list of thousand points arouse in my mind. Sometimes thinking selfish of how hard this world is I justified that a girl's / woman's beauty is just what you can see means the outer beauty. Than the orthodox ideal struck in my head that all our mothers' keep telling us. No matter how beautiful you get the real beauty is the inner beauty. But still the generations old experience didn't satisfy me.

I mocked up a number of situations that a girl/woman usually goes through. Than characterized each attribute accordingly in that situation. Summed up the possible results and found out a few things that results in an eternal beauty for a woman. Out of which the most genuine and the most charming asset I feel a woman/girl possess is possibly her SINCERITY. Her sincerity towards her Parents. Her faith in her parents, and in return the faith of her Parents in HER. A woman's sincerity in Her Husband has no match with any other asset of her character. No matter she seems as pretty as Miss World, as smart as your neighbor's wife :P and etc etc, but if a Husband finds out that the one woman that he calls HIS is not actually HIS he forgets about every other asset in a woman. But if the only quality that a woman holds is her sincerity towards her husband than this is the knot that keeps both of them tied up for real long and real long means REAL LONG!

After this whole scenario passing by my eyes, my analysis than took a turn towards the Strength of a Man (not the beauty coz that didn't make any sense to me :P ). And after going through all of the above stated points I analyzed that the Strength of a Man lies in having such a Woman, and than caring and respecting her thoughts and values. If a Man doesn't look after such a Woman than I must say he is indeed making a fool out of himself. Whatever he is trying to find out in a smart, sexy, bold and outrageous woman can also be found in his Wife, if Only he could see her through the eyes from which he sees the other.

Every other person has his/her own views. The ones above are entirely through my own analysis and experience those who don't agree with it, I can only say that Your right in your way and so M I!

Changing Tunes

Was browsing the channels when the new episode of Coke Studio passed by, it was Atif's turn I suppose coz he was giving his interview. The way the whole theme of Nusrat Fateh Ali's song being changed seemed interesting. The entrance of a high pitched chorus seems hard to grab at first but its sort of complimenting it all. Seemingly how a slight change in the tune can change so much from the previous version. The feel, the ambiance, the touch and everything. Alryt wont say much apart from that I enjoyed listening to this Changing Tune hope you guys enjoy it too.. Or should I say you would have coz you can easily catch up with these episodes on every other channel or directly on their official site. I really admire the efforts being made by Coke Studio they are indeed producing something productive out of these sessions that will be remembered for LONG :)

Buying a New Mobile

Yes buying a new mobile can be a really big task, specially in this era when always a new mobile is an old mobile the other day *sigh*. The demands of the growing technology is driving me nuts because for the past 2 months I couldn't finalize the ONE mobile that apparently Ill be keeping for the next 2-3 years :S But that isn't sure either after what happened to my previous mobiles(one got broke and the other got stolen)

Kheir my list started off from Nokia E71(for my long love of having a Communicator). But then I have realized that all Nokia's are the same @_@ Yes indeed they have different bodies but internally they are all the same except for 2-3 models. Left E71 coz it came out a weeeeee bit out off my pocket. Then came along Samsung G400. Stylish fold mobile with a touch screen on the outer side for a few functions. And the same tragedy of budgeting struck with this mobile (Gosh Im feeling so poor :P ). Then came the newly released Samsung Star the one like Iphone. Its a good mobile I must say but still a lil less than IPhone but as compared to the prices and the features given along I suppose Star would be the best ;). But I couldnt get that one either *sigh* as my sister got that, that too coz she is getting married so she has a better opportunity to get things this way :P and heck I had just bought a new DSLR and yet m crying over a mobile. I can be such a whiner :P So obviously I had a cut in my budget because of that, so on the day on which I was supposed to buy a mobile I went blank to the shops :S Yeah sounds weird when the shopkeepers ask you for the model and your like "Kuch bhe dekha do" coz this act of yours surely disgusts them. Everyone knows how busy the mobile shop owners are and when they get stupid customers like me they want to burn their own shops :P hahahahahahah.

Okie apart from that looking around a dozen shops asking for models their prizes their features I got to know A Man's hunger for technology can never be satisfied. WHY? coz I wanted a mobile that should be CHEAP, has to be LATEST, with CAM greater than 3MP, must have an FM Radio, WiFi, and bla bla and the person who was serving had no other option but to give me blank looks as if he couldn't hear me :P. After a reckless effort of more than an hour I ended up buying Nokia's 7510 Supernova. M happy coz its a fold mobile (I always wished to have one :P). Features are ok good for a mobile that comes in my range. 2MP camera, Strikey front screen, Great colours, a heavy body :P, and what yeah FM Radio, Music Player( its an express music actually). The other tragedy sort of that happened with me on the shop was they couldnt find the set in Red Color (my fav color). Stupid jerks no wonder why they keep them for selling things. Possessing no Customer Care :P. But on my family's great pressure I finally had to buy this one in Zinc Green Color :( I was happy and sad both at the same time. Happy for u all know why and Sad as after so much of checking and tiring effort I could'nt get the mobile in Red Color :(.
With a tiny heart in my hand I got back home thinking positive that this surely wouldn't be my last phone on Earth and I would be getting enough chances to buy a new one in Red sometime soon. But what I didnt know was Allah would grant me my wish veryyy soon :D. As I got back home and started to unpack the box I felt the upper leaflet a bit heavier than it should have been. Upon inspecting it I found something I was wishing to have :D The box came with an extra cover and that too a RED one YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :D. It could have been purple, blue or brown as it comes in these ranges but it was REDDD!!. I wanted to cry like a drama queen but my cry tanks are usually empty or not full :P This particular thing made me realize of how a person like me can be so un-greatful at times :(

Apart from this another unusual thing made me think twice before I ask for something that I already have but Im not satisfied with it. I was going through some old stuff of mine. I have to pack all of my stuff now and have to think which particular thing should be taken away and which has to stay back. I had loads and loads of course books that were of no particular use for me anymore. As with the growing advancements you can find everything according to your requirements over the internet. SO I didnt know what to do with all of those books. I really didnt want to throw them away, and If I asked them in exchange of money then ofcourse nobody would buy them. So I decided its better to give them away for FREE, as selling them would certainly not increase anything in my bank balance. The day I placed the ad. I got a dozen calls everyone asking for the books and trying to sort of book them for themselves but I couldnt book them for any particular person as they were for free, the one who comes first will get them all. The day before I got a call from a Man (most certainly a Filipino coz of his english accent as they have a unique way to speak in english ). He was living or God knows working somewhere near my area, when he asked me for my location he got happy and started thanking Lord of how LUCKY he was. I was amazed of how certain person thinks towards something. For me those books were helpful at the time when I really needed them and may be now was the time that this person needed those book even more than I did at that time.. He came to my place the other day and couldnt stop thanking me for those books. I felt kind of ashamed coz I wasn't the one to be thanked :S. But I felt pretty happy because instead of abandoning those books in some refuse room I decided to give them away. And most probably they will be coming handy to that man at this moment :D.
Ok so I guess this should be an end to such a lengthy post after quite sometime :). Uploading some pictures of my mobile hope U like it ;)

till then Adios Amigos :P

Baby Joys >D

These photogrpahy sessions can be so exciting and so hectic at times when it comes to babies :P Babies are cool when they are sleep but once they manage to open their tiny eyes and get ready to make those lips move and give you those warning signals that the crying session is soon to begin that is the moment when u feel enough with the shots lets get this baby to sleep again :P (still need more shots ;) )

Babies are so cute WHEN THEY ARE ASLEEP ofcourse :P

Loved this angle kinda like a Peek a Boo sorta angle :P

Babies have the most interesting features all over their body :D

More Kid pictures will come along the next post. Till then hope u guys enjoy this one :)


Ok m just practicing this new thingy that I have got just a few days ago. I dont have any professional training for photography and neither do I claim to be a PRO :P m just another person who has bought a cam and is now experimenting on some stuff. As my Manoo Bee is the only model of whom I can publically post pics tu you guys have to bear with her for the time being ;)

Will look forward to some good advices and again mind you am a bit soft-hearted so if incase ur thinking to say something hard think before u do :sobrakana: lols :P

Quick Post

Have a surprise for my readers. Rather it was a BIG Surprise for me :D

taan taan taaaaaaaaaaaaan :D Here it comes :D My all new

Sony α DSLR-A200 with a

18-70mm Zoom Lens

M happy M happy :D No more talk now as I have to go and explore my baby :) and now onwards ull be looking at different stuff on this blog and that too visually :D

اک ذرا سی بات

اک ذرا سی بات گر سمجھ لی جائے،
وقت کو تھامے رہو ذرا،
کہیں ہاتھ چھوڑا نہ جائے۔

So all you lazy bones get back to work now

The Pop Star has Gone

Ok so Im not that much of a Michael Jackson Fan. but this sudden news has shocked me. A Man who ruled the Pop scene for eras has passed away within seconds. Just few days earlier he was rehearsing for his Big Concert for which people were anticipating for long and today the Biggest Star of the concert himself passed away. Youngest Member of the Jackson Five and the Legendary MJ silently passed by. I remember a few of his songs like Dangerous, Blood on the Dance Floor with which he made a comeback after a long time, The best one was the one which had face morphing technique in its end ;) (Black or White)....
Living a life with so much complications and having a complete change in the setup of ur natural life does have a some diverse effects. Everybody knows how he suffered a whole body cosmetic surgery, and hell yeah that isnt a Joke. I have seen people crying who have simply had a rhinoplasty and life for a person who has gone through so much must have been something Different. Finally its upto God for He is the one who is the Head of us all and He is the one who knows better than us all.

Ok So Did I Mention?

I forgot to mention it to No one else other than myself that I certainly have an exam tomorrow. I have to study I know that but why study (that is what actually is going through my mind). Hah as once got a twitter reply "Agr yehi koe pehly parh liya hota tu yeh din na dekhnay prhtay" lols that was a good one liner, easy to say but hard to apply mutually for all :P I know Im a good girl studying hard all the time but this particular Exam is driving me crazy :s Have studied all but that strong urge to just revise it all once again is nicking my mind........
Im into this planning and studying type of person. Do this in this period of time and then do that after this and so on....but after yesterday's disturbance in my schedule I certainly needed some BIG changes in these plans (T20 Finals YEAAH!!). This Exam on the other hand would be my last general exam for quite a lonnnnnnnng time now. Ill be finishing my course after this InshAllah and will sit back for sometime (not in particular how long) but inshAllah for sure will be back on track asap. Meanwhile I'll be taking falaks advice on what to add in my reading list for that time :P. Will be hunting for some new things to learn and to practise as no work is better learnt without practise. After this Exam will be regularly updating my blog InshAllah, with some new things that Ill encounter once ill be packing my room all up. Im sure ill dig up some really old stuff that Ill love to share with you all. So keep intact with my blog will be filling it with some new stuff soon inshAllah.

Need loads of prayers till then from all my brothers and sisters out there.
Chaos for now.

Haan Hum Aik Hain (We are ONE)

Im really really happy along with the 160million Pakistani's who were so waiting for this day. A day that would certainly light their days Up. Not only was it like a chilled glass of water in these blood thirst days, but it surely IS a brighter star in the sky that is filled with so many stars of the hopes of Pakistani people.starOf all that happened to the Srilankan team in Pakistan this match proved to strengthen our bonds even more. We dont care about any damn terrorists that come in between our healthy relationships with our neighbouring countires. We care about Humans irrespective of their race and religion, as Islam is not as these terrorists protryaing it to be.
Gosh! This is surely a match to remember ur whole life, each moment was filled with excitement and mind you I still cant beleive that we actually have won it. Seeing the clips of the After Match Ceremony, the team members holding the Trophy and at the spot the sound of "Hay Jazba E Junoon tu Himmat na Haar" makes you go off your feet and start dancing, it gives you goose bumps. Takes you back in the era of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. And for all those youngsters who havent got a chance to play before than this T20 deserve this victory the most :)....
M Happy for my country coz after all what has happened with our country one after the other this event has united us all for good. For all the people who have contributed so much in the twitworld deserve a tap on the shoulder. Bringing Pakistan on the toppest rankings in Twitworld is BIG :P
Love You Pakistan.
Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan

Technology and the Terrorists

Just couldn't resist sharing these two things in particular. The tremendously fast growing culture of sitting at home and enjoying the spirit of sports instead of being able to actually play it ;) This leads to the proposal of laws as the one in Australia where the stadium seats have been stretched to fit the size of one where there should be sitting two instead :P

And ofcourse this second video file. Sorry but you have to try and understand the concept yourself through their actions (just as I did :P). It's in some other language but it certainly IS trying to say something true :P

Here Im Again

Hello All the pretty people out there, howz life treating you? M sure sometimes bad and sometimes not that bad as the thought of life as treating us good is not widely accepted World Wide ;). Have been a little busy lately, lately as in from the end of march till 23rd of June. Have just one more paper left and I know that it will pass by too with the blink of my eye (as they always use this phrase). I have been not at all up to date with what all has been currently going on in the blogsphere. The little I knew was through the daily twitter updates that I used to get. Zillions of times have I made myself to sit and come up with something but my bad there was one or the other thing I prefered to do than to write. It felt as though there was smething/someone on my back always poking me NOT to be here and to be somewhere else instead. That might be one of the many reasons I wasnt updating my blog. Have piled up alot of stuff in this duration and I wonder if I will be able to recollect it all and post it on from time to time starting from today!
Life has taken a HUGE turn for me. The place that I was not born but brought up is now seeming like a stranger to me. Have to leave the silence of this place and try and get settled in another world which too isnt a stranger for me but Im not well acquainted with it as well. Ill be shifting now from the place where I lived for years, back to the place which we call our Homeland and that too for good, means from then there will be no looking back, Im sad and happy as well (life as they say can give you a cocktail of feelings at times). I have nothing left of myself here now and feel this change as an escape to something new. How much new or how much fresh I cant determine that at the moment. Neither can I judge what this change will end up in. I have hopes of all this being good. Hope which is the only candle left in the darkness of emotions :P hahaha I just cant imagine how sad and stupid i can sound at the same time.
OKi apart from all this stuff, I mean all this serious stuff which is the reality of life that I have to accept and I definitely had, I wish that a new place, a new environment and some new people will for sure make it alot easier for me InshAllah :)

Chaos my friends who have been in touch with me all this time :P

آنے والا پل

آنے والا پل جانے والا ہے،
ہو سکے تو اس میں،
زندگی بتا دو،
پل جو یہ جانے والا ہے

اک بار یوں ملی معصوم سی کلی،
کھلتے ہوئے کہا،
خوش باش میں چلی،
دیکھتا تو یہیں ہے،
ڈھونڈتا تو ںہیں ہے،
پل جو ہیہ جانے والا ہے

اک بار وقت سے لمحہ گرا کہیں،
وہاں داستاں ملی،
لمحہ کہیں نہیں،
تھوڑا سا ہنساکے تھوڑا سا رولاکے،
پل یہ بھی جانے والا ہے

The soon to come moment is about to go...
If you can, live your life in this...
moment that is about to go.

Once, (I) just met this innocent blossom (bud).
Blooming, (she) said
I am leaving happy.
When I look, it is right here.
When I search, it is not here.
This moment that is about to go.

Once, this moment fell from time somewhere.
There I found this tale.
The moment is nowhere.
By making you laugh a little.
By making you cry a little.
This moment is also about to go.

And this is how THEY do it.

Breaking a Red Light is equivalent to paying 6000QR/= as the fine Money. And these guys have no trouble at all :P( as if they care ). They are cool enough as they know the fact they cant get CAUGHT :D. Even if the Camera has taken the shot they cannot be identified under any circumstances. Wonder how much far they had to travel just to come across from Hayatt Plaza till these Signals :P

Where WAS I?

Nope I certainly have no clue as in Where the Hell was I for the past few months, Havent gone for a world tour, neither came back from a trip to heaven. I was here at the same place for all this time. I dont have a reason why I wasnt updating my blog, nor writing bout something important, entertaining or worthy. Even for today I have just logged in on my Mom's sake (she like's Me doing good things :P ). For all these days the only thing related to my blog was to check my email and find Teabreak's updates and that too shamelessly I marked as read without even passing a look at it :S. Guess there is some spirit within me stopping me from doing all of this, but then again that is just being foolish. I m not sad, nor depressed nor frustrated, nor m I in search of myself (the all famous dialogue ). I was just being Me somewhere.

In between all I did was pass my time with some Sughar Larkiyun walay kaam :P I learnt some stitching (karahae) art heck that was fun but it hurts alot as well :P, guess that was it of what I was upto these days (loads of em). I guess Im happy giving sometime to myself, sometimes it feels quite relaxed staying away from all sorts of updates :P. M still not sure if I'll be posting quite often from now on as well, but I'll try my best :)

Loads of blessings for all my bloggy friends out there.

Allah Hafiz.

World's Tiniest !!

Fellow Peeps, have come here just to share with you a new and a real cute thing that I have discovered in a box lately, its tiny, its cute and its surely one of a kind :P [ not exactly one of a kind they have made other pieces as well ;) ] So I present to u PROUDLY the one of a kind that I have now The World's Tiniest Tape Dispenser :D:D:D:D:D:D hahahahahahaha, I mean just look at its Size, I was really shocked to see it at first not knowing that such a thing would exist as well, I have also owned the tiniest Staplers but I really didn't have a clue about these :P And yeah It's not just an empty Dispenser it has a roll of Tape in it as well.

As for a Comparison I have also presented a contrasting Image of an average Dispenser and the Tiniest One :P Loads of Difference ehhhh ;) and yeah these Images are real close shots so they might appear slightly larger than they actually are ;)

And not to mention the source from where I have discovered this Proud Creation :P and that is the Magic ToyBox hehehehe I know that is a weird thing to buy, but the truth is I dont buy such things my SIS loves buying tiny tiny things same as what she used to do when she was a kid ;) top of the list would be Kinder Surprise :P so this being a part of her Childhood she often tests her fortune on these tiny boxes ;) and this time her Fortune led her too Guinness Records :P hehehehahahahah

And to My Another surprise just today have I found out that my Manu Bee has a Manu Billa too :P I mean just look a him, look at those love filled eyes ;) who else would he be other than her Billa or u can say Would-Be Hubby, but Im ashamed to say that ma Manu Bee has found love in a Coward :P he is far more afraid of a Human than a Pigeons Offspring ;) and this Image my Fellow Peeps is the end result of an effort of 1.5hrs :O

Hope U enjoyed my Discoveries alongside ;)

Have a good day.
till then Doodle-Do ;)

A New Thing that I Discover :P

Lols It just popped up to me that from now on whenever Ill discover something that would be NEW to me ill drop by here and share it with other people no matter how common it would be for others. Like right now I have discovered how versatile this new browser is, named FLOCK. It just arrived through a Tweet. I mean a Peep Awais Naseer tweeted about how he was njoying Flock and Safari browser side by side. I had been hearing about Flock since long but never gave a thought to dll it. And now I did :P and to my surprise this is the most complex yet so dynamic at the same time. It is basically a social networking browser with almost all the social vibes built in it. From Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Wordress to any other thing that is Social. A dyanmic toolbar that allows u to choose from any site that U want to get connected to, and most of all the interesting FB sidebar :P a unique n easy drag n drop feature, media bar that shows u the most amazing collection ;)
Im happy to have discovered something New and yeah If u have time then do give it a look ;) here

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Funny Funny :D

Hilarious Wedding Dancegile Though its not a Pakistani Wedding gelakguling The anecdotes are just so timely sengihnampakgigi

Kaise Tauba ty Astaghfar

PS: for all the people who stopped by and were unable to read Im really sorry for that coz being Punjabi myself i didn't realize that most of U out there wouldnt be able to get it. So I'm not a translator or a trained interpreter but being able to understand it I'll describe it in my own words as thats all i can only do.

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

ہمیں دے کر چھوٹی چیزیں،
بڑوں کی تم نے بازی لگائی،
مسلمانی یہ کہاں سے آئی،
یہ تمہارے کردار۔

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

جہان نہیں جانا وہیں جائیں،
مال پرایہ لوٹ کر کھائیں،
جھوٹی کتابیں سر پر اٹھائیں،
یہ تمھارے اعتبار،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

ظالم ظلم کرتے ہؤے نہیں ڈرتے،
اپنے اعمال کی موت مرتے ہیں،
منہ سے توبہ دل سے نہیں کرتے،
ادھر ادھر ہوں خوار،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار،

سو دن جی کر بھی اک دن مرنا ہے،
اس دن خوف خدا کا کرتے ہیں،
آخری توبہ کی توبہ کرتے ہیں(کاش یہ توبہ پہلے کرلی ہوتی)
یہ توبہ کس کام کی پھر،

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار

بلہے شاہ کی سنو حکایت،
ہم نے بھی پیروں سے لی ہدایت،
میرا سائیں شاہ عنایت،
وہی لگائے پار۔

نہیں پڑھنا ہے استغفار،
کیسی توبہ ہے یہ یار

I hope I would have done enough justice do it, again I would say that I have translated it at my level best Im not a PhD Punjabi or something I might be wrong somewhere but as far as I can get it M right :P hope now my bloggy friends can get what Bulleh Shah was trying to say :)

I know Im Lost.

Hey All,

I'm sorry to say that haven't been able to post anything for like more than a week now, and it seems ages. Have been feeling guilty for not staying up-to-date. Had loads of ideas and thoughts to share but couldn't just make myself come and type something. Might be I have gone lazy or irritable or any other thing, but things didn't seem to end up here for me.
Listening to the news for the past few days have made me think how In-Humane we Pakistanis have become, we are selling our patriotism(if there was any at the first place) Pakistan seems to be in a worst condition than ever, but it seems as if nobody is ever bothered about it. The leaders are as calm as ever, the public is as confused and frustrated and as aggravated as ever. Crimes aren't falling any lower, inflation is at its peak (though this is the thing equally shared worldwide). Population is increasing even at a higher rate than an ants army/colony, everywhere u see there is a human working his head off to get enough money to buy himself bread n' butter. And on the other hand there r those who are sitting on the chairs, reading newspapers, drinking their coffee, talking on the phone, signing one or two papers and have enough money to charter a jet. Bearing all this doesnt seem to be everyone's cup of tea, but still we are swallowing this bitter node. Thats the reason frustrated souls have escalated so much in the past few years.