Was really thinking of what could be the possible 5 things I REALLY REALLY hate about people, and not to mention these people are mostly those who are near to me as ofcourse I cant be really pointing at or talking about General Public out here.

The most annoying and irritating list of habits in my view I must say is as Follows:

1.People who forget to shut the washroom door after they have utilised it for their pleasure.

2.People who press the toothpaste or u can mention any tube from the center rather than the tail of the tube.

3.Picking on their noses whenever they are idle either on a traffic signal or in a long queue on a roundabout (And yeah this is a General Public Habit)

4.Picking up the clothes and simply stuffing em up in the wardrobe.

5.People who simply can't reject an annoying phone call even in the middle of an important discussion.

The list is not in an order of preference(or can say annoyance). The moment I see any of the things been enacted my BP level just pops up. But habits are habits neither can I get away from my annoying habits nor canI get rid of others, have to live so have to pay.

Do share any of ur annoying habits or of someone else's ;)