Eid Mubarak to everyone. Sorry couldnt wish ya all earlier have been all tied up with the Eid jiggies :P. Had a good tyme, not the best but Im blessed that I have some good people to share my good times with :) All the rituals were followed as on every Eid. The Sheer Khurma, Mehndi, Pulao Biryani and etc etc :P Had my Wallet filled with Eidis ;) as what else are Eids for, and these Eidis are for just a few more years as sooner we will be passing on Eidis instead of having em :( but not really we alhumduliAllah have our elder's shelters over our head and their Eidis ofcourse :P

On this day I would love to share it with those who really dont have the opportunity or the resources to enjoy a fun filled Eid, being far from my land I feel a bit tied up as for how to help my people when they need to be happy, but soon ill be sharing some time with the people who really need it back in my homeland :). May Allah bless our people, Our Ummah, Our Nation and its superiors who are the bearers of our Nations Image and Hopes. Ameen

PS: This is surprisingly my 200th post :) and m glad It was on Eid!

PPS: The hands in the image on the right are decorated by me :D :D