Was just wondering bout a few things, and was analyzing myself what could be the one possible attribute in a woman that makes her beautiful. A list of thousand points arouse in my mind. Sometimes thinking selfish of how hard this world is I justified that a girl's / woman's beauty is just what you can see means the outer beauty. Than the orthodox ideal struck in my head that all our mothers' keep telling us. No matter how beautiful you get the real beauty is the inner beauty. But still the generations old experience didn't satisfy me.

I mocked up a number of situations that a girl/woman usually goes through. Than characterized each attribute accordingly in that situation. Summed up the possible results and found out a few things that results in an eternal beauty for a woman. Out of which the most genuine and the most charming asset I feel a woman/girl possess is possibly her SINCERITY. Her sincerity towards her Parents. Her faith in her parents, and in return the faith of her Parents in HER. A woman's sincerity in Her Husband has no match with any other asset of her character. No matter she seems as pretty as Miss World, as smart as your neighbor's wife :P and etc etc, but if a Husband finds out that the one woman that he calls HIS is not actually HIS he forgets about every other asset in a woman. But if the only quality that a woman holds is her sincerity towards her husband than this is the knot that keeps both of them tied up for real long and real long means REAL LONG!

After this whole scenario passing by my eyes, my analysis than took a turn towards the Strength of a Man (not the beauty coz that didn't make any sense to me :P ). And after going through all of the above stated points I analyzed that the Strength of a Man lies in having such a Woman, and than caring and respecting her thoughts and values. If a Man doesn't look after such a Woman than I must say he is indeed making a fool out of himself. Whatever he is trying to find out in a smart, sexy, bold and outrageous woman can also be found in his Wife, if Only he could see her through the eyes from which he sees the other.

Every other person has his/her own views. The ones above are entirely through my own analysis and experience those who don't agree with it, I can only say that Your right in your way and so M I!