So its the 10 Honest Things Tag for me this time, its been a week now that I have been tagged and Im not able to come up with one thing I was afraid how come Ill manage 10 :S Than I just made myself come up here and start writing as eventually the things will start popping up in my mind :P. The Tag goes like I have to state 10 Honest Things about me that most of my readers out there wouldnt know about, and later on at the the end as always I have to Tag some people about whom I wanna know ;) So the One who tagged me was Asad, and certainly I didnt know that he read me, might be coz most of the people who read my blog either dont comment or just pass by :P. Ok Apart from all this I better get started with the tag or else ill get carried away some where here and there :P

So the 10 Honest Things About ME are:

  1. I have real strong Faith in my Allah, and I believe that after every Test, Hardship and Sadness there is another Flower that blooms and that flower is the Fruit of Sabr and Consistency.
  2. I often cant describe what is within me, and sometimes when I give it a shot it comes out to be weird.
  3. I am a die hard fan of animals(not all but most of em) My Fav's are dolphins, cats, dogs, birds of any kind,turtles etc etc now I should stop adding stuff in the list :p
  4. Im a bit kanjoos at times, not much but most of the times im not in a mood to buy things :P
  5. I somewhat dont feel my own pain at times, if Im broke, devastated, injured or be it anything I cant feel the damn thing.
  6. Im not into crying...I cant cry most of the times, and certainly not infront of someone.
  7. I always keep the smaller things in life more close to me than the bigger surprises. For me having a good lunch or dinner with my Family is the best treat.
  8. Im more of a physical person than mental, I can do alot of work but when it comes to creating simple logics I often fail to :(
  9. I love water, I cant explain this love but the pleasure and the feeling I get when I reach a beach or any where near large bodies of water Im simply elated with happiness. I someday wanna go deep inside it and see and feel how it is inside. But the fact is that I cant swim :S coz basically I haven't learnt to swim so far :(
  10. So the 10th Honest thing right now was that I have passed by and read almost 4 blogs to clear up my mind before I came here and started writing these points specifically :s
OKie so practically I have successfully completed this long pending task ;) The ones whom I wanna tag would be


for now ill tag just 5 as these are the only people I can come up with, rest of them ill sure will get annoyed at being tagged :P

Adios till then c(".)