It is the day when our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) went on this Miraculous journey through time and space. Saw with His eyes what can never be seen. The events that were taking place, saw people who were bearing the fruits of what they had sown. Our Prophet( S.A.W.W) saw what will be the end of everything, witnessed the most beautiful thing created by Allah known as the Jannah, the fruits and the gifts that will be the eternal property of the one's who have lived their lives with truth and dignity.

The Martabaat they will be bestowed with cannot be imagined, and cannot be compared with the deeds of this world. Saddening to know as much as our Prophet (S.A.W.W) saw the fruits of Jannah, HE also had to witness Jahannum, the place where the punishments cannot be even imagined of. How hard it would have felt to Him when He saw what would happen to those who will end up in Jahannum, for His love of Mankind he surely would have wished to save them all. That was it when he told the people of the world once he returned from Mairaj, about all what he saw both in Jannah and Jahannum. He told about the beauties that lie in Jannah, and about the people who will reside in it. On the other hand he clearly stated the position of the people whom He saw with his own eyes of what they were going through. He defined their state and the cause for which they ended up in Jahannum. It was hard at that time for people to believe as most of the sins didnt even exist at their time. But now a days everything that is cynical is right. And what is right is looked up as a SIN these days, thats the main reason that Now doing right is 80 times harder than doing wrong. You will find zillions of supporters for doing wrong and only 2-3 for doing right.
We have to stay on the path of the right if for sure we dont want to end up in those who were seen in Jahannum and certainly the women :s as thats the part that certainly freaks me out :(. InshAllah Allah always keeps us in His shelter and showers us with His blessings Ameen sum Ameen.