Im really really happy along with the 160million Pakistani's who were so waiting for this day. A day that would certainly light their days Up. Not only was it like a chilled glass of water in these blood thirst days, but it surely IS a brighter star in the sky that is filled with so many stars of the hopes of Pakistani people.starOf all that happened to the Srilankan team in Pakistan this match proved to strengthen our bonds even more. We dont care about any damn terrorists that come in between our healthy relationships with our neighbouring countires. We care about Humans irrespective of their race and religion, as Islam is not as these terrorists protryaing it to be.
Gosh! This is surely a match to remember ur whole life, each moment was filled with excitement and mind you I still cant beleive that we actually have won it. Seeing the clips of the After Match Ceremony, the team members holding the Trophy and at the spot the sound of "Hay Jazba E Junoon tu Himmat na Haar" makes you go off your feet and start dancing, it gives you goose bumps. Takes you back in the era of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. And for all those youngsters who havent got a chance to play before than this T20 deserve this victory the most :)....
M Happy for my country coz after all what has happened with our country one after the other this event has united us all for good. For all the people who have contributed so much in the twitworld deserve a tap on the shoulder. Bringing Pakistan on the toppest rankings in Twitworld is BIG :P
Love You Pakistan.
Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan