I came across this heart wrenching video and it gave me just one thought that WHY am I always crying for things that make no sense at all. I'm moaning for stuff I would use once and will keep it somewhere at a place that I can never find again. And always crying asking Allah for why I'm like this, why this n that and so on is happening to me, I have done nothing wrong, I haven't stolen someone's assets, I haven't robbed a bank, I haven't even killed a living thing in my life, than why all this is happening to me. At times, rather million of times I think I cant make it upto the Top any more. Like the guy in the video describes I cant stand up anymore no matter how hard I try I feel I'm not meant for this task, its something done to me and I wasn't chosen for this thing, this is in-justice with me. But when I saw Him, I felt ashamed of my own self. I couldn't process more but the fact that I'm just a loser, Allah has nothing to do with me. It is "I" who is not looking into my own self, he knows what I can do but it's me who is still unaware of it. And instead of looking for it I say its not like this, HE cant just do this to me, I'm not worth all of this. I feel ashamed for acting like a loser my entire life!