Fellow Peeps, have come here just to share with you a new and a real cute thing that I have discovered in a box lately, its tiny, its cute and its surely one of a kind :P [ not exactly one of a kind they have made other pieces as well ;) ] So I present to u PROUDLY the one of a kind that I have now The World's Tiniest Tape Dispenser :D:D:D:D:D:D hahahahahahaha, I mean just look at its Size, I was really shocked to see it at first not knowing that such a thing would exist as well, I have also owned the tiniest Staplers but I really didn't have a clue about these :P And yeah It's not just an empty Dispenser it has a roll of Tape in it as well.

As for a Comparison I have also presented a contrasting Image of an average Dispenser and the Tiniest One :P Loads of Difference ehhhh ;) and yeah these Images are real close shots so they might appear slightly larger than they actually are ;)

And not to mention the source from where I have discovered this Proud Creation :P and that is the Magic ToyBox hehehehe I know that is a weird thing to buy, but the truth is I dont buy such things my SIS loves buying tiny tiny things same as what she used to do when she was a kid ;) top of the list would be Kinder Surprise :P so this being a part of her Childhood she often tests her fortune on these tiny boxes ;) and this time her Fortune led her too Guinness Records :P hehehehahahahah

And to My Another surprise just today have I found out that my Manu Bee has a Manu Billa too :P I mean just look a him, look at those love filled eyes ;) who else would he be other than her Billa or u can say Would-Be Hubby, but Im ashamed to say that ma Manu Bee has found love in a Coward :P he is far more afraid of a Human than a Pigeons Offspring ;) and this Image my Fellow Peeps is the end result of an effort of 1.5hrs :O

Hope U enjoyed my Discoveries alongside ;)

Have a good day.
till then Doodle-Do ;)