Ok it's been ages since I have been making myself to come down over here at my lovey dovey blog and post something. But every time I ended up doing other things overnight and forgot to blog :( my bad :P
I have become a member of the GoGreen clan since 6th of August and have successfully processed 225 images :D I know they are quite alot but in 8 days and alot of hrs each day u too will end up making this much DP's :P. GoGreen is a campaign launched by our very own.... IT Guru Mr.Farhan Masood, his initiative was to turn everyone's DP (who was willing to) Green, green in the sense the background was turned green with the Pakistani Flag (and not the person itself :P ). It was fun, many of us got united and volunteered for this work as the Guru himself is always busy :). Team members were Talal Masood, Ayesha, Nizamani, Razzman, Rehan, ||c0d3r||, Hina and a few others as well, Im sorry if I have missed out your names but it might be that I didnt know u were a part of the team as well :S It is a great effort done by the Green team, and we the members are enjoying it as much as the people who are receiving their requests :)
So if Anyone of you still wants his/her DP to be Greened email us @ greenkaro@gmail.com , hurry up as 14th of August is just one day away ;)

Im Green :) R U ??