Yes buying a new mobile can be a really big task, specially in this era when always a new mobile is an old mobile the other day *sigh*. The demands of the growing technology is driving me nuts because for the past 2 months I couldn't finalize the ONE mobile that apparently Ill be keeping for the next 2-3 years :S But that isn't sure either after what happened to my previous mobiles(one got broke and the other got stolen)

Kheir my list started off from Nokia E71(for my long love of having a Communicator). But then I have realized that all Nokia's are the same @_@ Yes indeed they have different bodies but internally they are all the same except for 2-3 models. Left E71 coz it came out a weeeeee bit out off my pocket. Then came along Samsung G400. Stylish fold mobile with a touch screen on the outer side for a few functions. And the same tragedy of budgeting struck with this mobile (Gosh Im feeling so poor :P ). Then came the newly released Samsung Star the one like Iphone. Its a good mobile I must say but still a lil less than IPhone but as compared to the prices and the features given along I suppose Star would be the best ;). But I couldnt get that one either *sigh* as my sister got that, that too coz she is getting married so she has a better opportunity to get things this way :P and heck I had just bought a new DSLR and yet m crying over a mobile. I can be such a whiner :P So obviously I had a cut in my budget because of that, so on the day on which I was supposed to buy a mobile I went blank to the shops :S Yeah sounds weird when the shopkeepers ask you for the model and your like "Kuch bhe dekha do" coz this act of yours surely disgusts them. Everyone knows how busy the mobile shop owners are and when they get stupid customers like me they want to burn their own shops :P hahahahahahah.

Okie apart from that looking around a dozen shops asking for models their prizes their features I got to know A Man's hunger for technology can never be satisfied. WHY? coz I wanted a mobile that should be CHEAP, has to be LATEST, with CAM greater than 3MP, must have an FM Radio, WiFi, and bla bla and the person who was serving had no other option but to give me blank looks as if he couldn't hear me :P. After a reckless effort of more than an hour I ended up buying Nokia's 7510 Supernova. M happy coz its a fold mobile (I always wished to have one :P). Features are ok good for a mobile that comes in my range. 2MP camera, Strikey front screen, Great colours, a heavy body :P, and what yeah FM Radio, Music Player( its an express music actually). The other tragedy sort of that happened with me on the shop was they couldnt find the set in Red Color (my fav color). Stupid jerks no wonder why they keep them for selling things. Possessing no Customer Care :P. But on my family's great pressure I finally had to buy this one in Zinc Green Color :( I was happy and sad both at the same time. Happy for u all know why and Sad as after so much of checking and tiring effort I could'nt get the mobile in Red Color :(.
With a tiny heart in my hand I got back home thinking positive that this surely wouldn't be my last phone on Earth and I would be getting enough chances to buy a new one in Red sometime soon. But what I didnt know was Allah would grant me my wish veryyy soon :D. As I got back home and started to unpack the box I felt the upper leaflet a bit heavier than it should have been. Upon inspecting it I found something I was wishing to have :D The box came with an extra cover and that too a RED one YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :D. It could have been purple, blue or brown as it comes in these ranges but it was REDDD!!. I wanted to cry like a drama queen but my cry tanks are usually empty or not full :P This particular thing made me realize of how a person like me can be so un-greatful at times :(

Apart from this another unusual thing made me think twice before I ask for something that I already have but Im not satisfied with it. I was going through some old stuff of mine. I have to pack all of my stuff now and have to think which particular thing should be taken away and which has to stay back. I had loads and loads of course books that were of no particular use for me anymore. As with the growing advancements you can find everything according to your requirements over the internet. SO I didnt know what to do with all of those books. I really didnt want to throw them away, and If I asked them in exchange of money then ofcourse nobody would buy them. So I decided its better to give them away for FREE, as selling them would certainly not increase anything in my bank balance. The day I placed the ad. I got a dozen calls everyone asking for the books and trying to sort of book them for themselves but I couldnt book them for any particular person as they were for free, the one who comes first will get them all. The day before I got a call from a Man (most certainly a Filipino coz of his english accent as they have a unique way to speak in english ). He was living or God knows working somewhere near my area, when he asked me for my location he got happy and started thanking Lord of how LUCKY he was. I was amazed of how certain person thinks towards something. For me those books were helpful at the time when I really needed them and may be now was the time that this person needed those book even more than I did at that time.. He came to my place the other day and couldnt stop thanking me for those books. I felt kind of ashamed coz I wasn't the one to be thanked :S. But I felt pretty happy because instead of abandoning those books in some refuse room I decided to give them away. And most probably they will be coming handy to that man at this moment :D.
Ok so I guess this should be an end to such a lengthy post after quite sometime :). Uploading some pictures of my mobile hope U like it ;)

till then Adios Amigos :P