Yes the Topic seems sad, and it is really sad for me that Im shifting back to my homeland. Going back to Pakistan isn't the saddest part but leaving everything that is behind is the real cause :(. For the one who has opened her eyes and spent her golden years of childhood, pre-teens, teens and so on in such a peaceful place, for me leaving right now is something not good :(. Have been into packing, taking out old stuff, losing old memories, and putting all my life into small and big boxes. Piling up my life in huge columns and then staring at them.
This post is just a good bye message for all my followers and readers who have been so kind to me and have spared their time in leaving comments Im really grateful to u all :). Its not that this is going to be the end of the world or something but yes big changes take alot of time to digest, and it will take its time for me too. Ill be disconnected from the internet in a few days or so, so I apologize if I may not be able to reply to all of ur comments.
May Allah bless us all and keep us all happy :)
Fe Aman Allah !

PS: Samah (if your reading this) will be completing that Award Tag once I get back with the internet and my life too ;)