:woooh:m so soooooooooooooooooo excited to install these super cool smileys. As wherever i was passing by i could see these hillarious smileys apperaing bt Alas after trying so much i couldnt get or u can say discover the right code.... BUt now i can say that i produly done it, and wanna say that for firfox users it's just a few clicks away. Im sharing for those who are interested to add em up at their blogs as well....

  1. Simply start ur firefox.
  2. Install Greasemonkey, its just another add-on from firefox so u can trust it.
  3. Then u can either Install the Basic Smileys or the Funny Smileys or both if u want too fikir

M feeling super super Happy today....lols though it isnt something that big but it was something i wanted for quite sometime now lols but HECK if i got bored ill remove em all someday. Moods swing u say :ahaha:. I guess an additonal screenshot would help u determine how eventually it would appear to ustar

Till then Adios