Was going through alot of blogs these days, where people are discussing stuff regarding the current political scenario, the ups and downs of the current Govt. their drawbacks sometimes advantages and all such stuff. Most of the time pointing fingers on the other side(in which I certainly Include myself as well). Govt. is to be blamed at times when the citizens know that whatever is happening is not going in the right way, just to make sure to them that we arent blind and Yet they cant do whatever they want to, but along with that being nationals of our Country we have our responsiblities as well.
Most of us dont go with any of the political parties present in Pakistan, so what would be the deal? U wont vote and eventually that Party will come and rule the state that has won might be just because you didnt vote. And later on we'll keep on denying all the decisions made my that Govt. Being Pakistanis' the ones who have come so far from the time of its creation. 61 years are not a childs play, there were times when we could have lost it all, but we stayed, we beared the hardships, stayed firm with our decisions and thats when we realised that we are meant to be Untied under the Shelter of Islam. Allah has really instored something big for Us, that is yet to come may be in the near future or later. But for that we cant only rely on th Govt. we cant just keep on pointing fingers at others not knowing that what we are doing could be the reason for all of this. I mean nobody is a Saint and nobody is a born Sinner. Each of us have a set of responsiblities that we have to work for, we cant just keep sitting idle hand on hand, we need to work for it. We speak about western ideologies, their progress, their techniques but never do we really use our brains and make a little more effort for it. What do they really have which is their own? whatever they own now is all through us. Those were the Muslim Scholars who learned the laws of Physics, introduced algebra into Mathematics, learned the paths of the sun and the moon, invented things that seemed impossible to Human mind. Whatever the westerners are doing now isnt something new. They are looking deep into the books of Muslim History and bringing out the stuff they find is useful for them, but being the owners of that History what do WE do to make our future better. NOTHING!! that is what we do, we do NOTHING. The ones who are making efforts are like needle in a haystack, and for which many of us are creating difficulties as we fail to understand their ideologoy which is based on the path of the righteous. We are Muslims and Proud Educated Muslims. We are Pakistanis' and indeed we are Proud Pakistani's, but we still have to work for it, we have to establish ourselves even more. We have to follow Quaid's Ideology for being the Backbones of the Nation we have to be strong enough to hold the burden of the Country. We have to be responsible for our acts and words. We have to be responsible for our belongings. We have to work hard and walk on the right path which is the most hardest part of all, but we arent cowards, we arent weak and we arent afraid to bear the pain. If we succeed in establishing ourselves as a better Nation we can unite many others in our path for the Right and can build ourselves even stronger. We have to make sure that what we are now is still a threat to many others and if we worked a little harder then we can become the next Super Power.

Allah Bless us All and Our Pakistan Ameen!

PS: Would like to say to my Fellow Pakistani Bloggers for those who are interested support the Im Pakistan E-Rally. For it will unite us under one banner.