Well was my birthday yesterday celebrateyeah yeah another year passed by just with the blink of an eye. Have grown old guess neither that much of physically or mentally gileas thats how I see it. Havent seen a major change in myself since quite a long time.
Had a cake to celebrate my Hatching Day, made by my lovely dovely wovely Shishter MUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAH's for u sembah(and yeah a bow too ) Got Cash this year instead of Gifts from Mum n Dad as obviously they couldn't think of anything to Present me this yearlapar coz they kept on asking me what I wanted and I kept on saying I'll think and let em know till the day arrived and they handed me the Cash to buy whatever I wanted later onmenari. Will not be posting the rest of the gifts coz last years gift's sad stories shall not be revised this year:devilishgrin:. The day went well with a "REALLY NOT TURNED OUT TO BE A GOOD"hah surprise from my Friend but it ended out to be a source of laughter later on but then again when u grow old, Eids and Birthdays are just like any other day. Dont know how much more years or days will be written in my fate. But just pray that they pass by happily and peacefully angel

Love to all the people around the worldpeluk:inlove: