Was feeling a weird low in my emotion bank today. Winters can be so gloomy and boring at times :( *HAH*. Couldn't find interest over the internet, nor in book nor in the course work. Everything gets quite boring, even my Mano wasn't in her mood :O *NAKHRAY*. Couldnt possibly get any idea as in what to do. Surfed as much as i could, went for a walk (got bored plus had frozen fingers :S ) played UNO but ALAS nothing could somehwhat fit the specific state. But then i thought of a recipe to try, was just an idea but the end result was GOOOOD YEAAAAH ;) Cooked Boneless Chicken on Skewers or u can say Shashlik sticks ;) was a new experience for me havent cooked any proper dishes so far (bad at cooking) but YEAH this dish turned out to be pretty DELICIOUS and hell SPICY ;) And as for the emotion bank then its quite balanced now :D