Have been tagged for the first time in my new blog, have done quite a lil tags in the previous ones ;) and its FUN but if they are not that annoying ones :P Have got tagged twice for the same thing By Siras and YouTee. So I thought for it for 3 days i guess as in what would be the most weirdest 6 things in me(have loads of em) but couldn't get which one's to put in my top 6 list :P, and then the thing was to think that which 6 people do i have to TAG and it was even harder than the my 6 weird habits. And m still uncertain as in whom to tag. My bestest friends who are bloggers hate tags :@ and i hate them for that coz that way half of ur burden is taken off, and my new friends here are already tagged :S M confused. So will point out at the end whom to tag once I have published my weirdest secrets :P

1) For me would be hmmmmm sleeping with my mouth open O_o i have blabbered that out and i know m embarrassed but yes i cant sleep with my mouth shut, guess some sinus thingy or what, but good thing is that i have never snored and that's a RECORD in my family :P

2)I chew my lips :s and i know my sis has just pointed out to me that thats the grossest and the mos hideous habit tht i have :( m feeling bad now. But thats me some people bite their nails when they are tensed or happy and i chew my lips like Nasir Hussain used to do when England was about to loose a match HAH :P lols but they dont look all swelled up like his did *ewwwww*.

3)This may sound funny more then weird but it happens most the times without people even noticing it. I literary make fun of people on their faces whenever im in a public transport. I remember once me n my sis were sitting in a Green Bus newly launched in Karachi at tht time. And there were these 2 aunties with us who were discussing their party plans and i was sitting in a position that i was facing them, amd those aunties were so into that thing that they werent even liseting to what i was saying to them on their face. And man what i was doing was unbelieveable even the driver noticed what i was upto Alas the aunties had other important things to worry about then my weird remake of their plans :P and to add up i dun know bt whenever im in such a situation i just cant stop my laughter and my Mom is just giving me those looks from the other side that i keep on ignoring :P

4) I talk when Im sleeping O_o and i laugh out loud too and yeah most of my dreams include(if any i see at all) Jin baba's and im saying these weird UFO things when im sleeping :P (Caution if somebody is sleeping with me they have to be prepared for the unknown :) hahahahahahahahahaha.

5)The weirdest thing my family hates about me is that. I eat Dahi(yogurt) with almost everything be it Daal as well. It has to be Dahi all the time :s and they hate this.

6)Another weirdest thing that irritates the hell out of someone is that I wont stop talking even if somebody isnt listening to me ill talk and talk and talk (",) now that's weird i can say that it happens mostly when im in the car and eveyrbody is busy thinking and m busy talking :p

Guess this was a clean sheet of my weirdest things or habits or watever u say em :P nobody was that true then me and yeah now if any one of u made any fun of me i swear ill come over there and kill ya all :P

and in the end i TAG hmmmmmmmm UglyDuckling91, Outcastrebelchic, Nadia, Uni in the end couldnt think of anyone else the rest two can tag urself :P