Okie so 2 of the Projects went well :D Thank u all for the list of wishes. Had a real hectic puzzling weekend. Remembering all those weird conversion formulas from 6th-8th grade was BADDDDD. Alryt so add it up here apart from the XML blogger template my 2nd project was to develop an Online Metrics Converter, and yeah i ONLY had to develop it not to design it. Though i think it really needed a neat hand :P. So i wont be posting it here as the design needs alot of re-touching hands. Had a tiny presentation infront of another Sir, as a practise u can say but for the bigger game we have to prepare a Pro Presentation as in we have to REALLY sell the product coz by far we only had imaginory Clients roaming around us :P Ok so there will be 1st year kids (who are no younger than us, i mean there are uncles in there as well (",) ) lols apart from that they will be giving us those creepy looks of not getting a darn word ur trying to say kinda stuff. Apart from that I had a tiny bug with the working I forget to mention expiry session once i Logged out :( *sniff* the Sir nailed me bad :P lols

Ok so for quick changes (not that they are going to be quick) There needs some changes in the DESIGN and BIG ONES ;) and then there will be some more calculations. DARN! man all i was doing for the past few days were how do u make it from kilometers to miles or Acres to Square Yards. Liters to Gallons and vice verca I mean all this ga-ga made me crazy that even the slightest things were like e=mc2 to me @_@ Im not and i really mean NOT a Maths person. I hated Maths bt somewhat i was good at exams :P Im kinda biological being bt luck takes u where ur needed :D. For the next few days will be tweaking the site, running a so called forum adding stuff as an instructor out there :P and whatelse guess that would be enough then u know shouldnt take that much of a stress. Beauty counts as well :P heheheheheheheheh

PS: the sneak preview for the XML template is on the right side. Nothing cheesy just a simple template and yeah the snap is taken when i was testing it on the blogger as the person hasnt uploaded the theme yet :) and yeah Im NOT open to criticism so BEAT IT ;)