Have u ever felt that essence of Namaz when ur alone, when there is no sound around u, no buzzing TV, no blats and flats inthe kitchen, no sound of kids screaming and running around u, no irritationg and distracting sound of people who r sitting right next to u and gossping about the latest family affairs. What is that feeling that fills ur soul at that moment, Is it like at that particular moment ur line is clear and there isnt any disruption and u have connected with Him, finally after so much of effort u have finally made it there, u have cleared the lines, the connection is clean and u can get the signals now. Just envision the peace that fills ur soul, the might that is filled in ur heart, the serenity in the mind, the healing in the flesh wounds, the healing of a broken heart, the aroma of the peaceful air. Nothing in mind other then the Praise of the Creator.

It may be sounding weird bt indeed this smooth connection does get abrupted when ur in the middle of ur prayers and there comes a deceiving sound from the next room, where noone is bothered to reduce the TV volume even knowing that ur praying, it does get disturbed when ur trying to pray and the people sitting just next to you are talking as if they would'nt be getting another chance to talk, the kids whose parents arent bothered enough to teach them that running infront of a Namazi isnt right. What about when ur in the middle of the prayer and someone gets upto u and asks to pass by a sign if ur about to finish the prayer and can attend ur friends call, or someone asking for u to nod for ur decision during the prayer if u would like to have tea after u finish.

Still apart from all of this is it possible to get a solid connection beyond this? How to still keep ur connection strong and bound with ur Lord after so much of disturbance? Do we have to clear our thoughts before we raise our hands for takbeer? so that the only sound that we can hear is our own.As there would be some way to reach that state where there is noone else but U and Him.

PS: A request for all! Try to be a bit more responsible and care for the ones who are praying cozs if u'd really care u would surely get a chance to do what u were doing later on.