Just imagine what happens when ur weeks hardwork is ruined in the nick of a time. Had happened with me just today. Was killing myself and beating my jaws doing the yap n yap all day reading the course books over n over again so tht i dont miss a slight object for the dreadful online exam m gonna have tomorrow. Just haeppened to drop by my institute today to ask a few probs from the sir and to my surprise he is having a bahana no 101 for not answering me that %&*#^$# Gosssssssssssssssh i so hate hypocrisy and lets see the rest half of the students are workers and rare studiers they hardly appear in the class just like the blue moon, and they supposedly give their pprs late as they know they'll b gtng the same ppr as the rest did before coz the faculty doesnt bothers to change it, they give their pprs and when it comes for the finals they would have thought of a bigger plan.
Was sitting with my friend in the cafeteria and my two bi*** batch mates were at a feet's distance from us, there came our last sem teacher who is a Keralite (gosh i sooo hate him now till the core :@ ) and he doesnt notices me and pops at their table with the dialogue:
"Haan woh mainay jo send kiya woh mil gaya na tm logun ko "(the half hindi half urdu accent)
and this sentence doesnt say much bt the shocked look that soon came on those 2 faces and their signal to the sir through their eyes and the Hypocrite turning towards me and waving a generous Hi towards me, do u really think m such a fool? i wldnt get what stinking shit u guys were cooking.
I really felt as my weeks hardwork has been drenched, no use to yell the whole day, going in circles, reducing weight and burning blood, when u know that whats cooking in the next room. When will these people really know the meaning of someone's hardwork and differentiate it from their own passiveness? I hate hypocrites and gosh i so wanna kill them, but not now may be sometime later, right now have plenty other stuff to think about.
Wish me luck, hope any of my well wishers prayers here at blogsphere helps me out :)