Was just happy about this day so thought why not share it with the world who seems to think that Pakistani's are not really fascinated about their country and their culture. So just to push their high spirits of destruction aside I'm proud to say that i'm a Pakistani and that since those years of bloodshed and destruction caused by none other then the Gora Sahab, i proudly state that i Hate the Goras and their Kaghazi Paisa :D (i just hate dollars and its smell u know ;) ) and here i didnt mean all, i meant those who keep us down and think we are at some no-mans land. Its just like to make them aware of the facts that Pakistani's are not haters or rebellions they are peace lovers and hospitable, they treat all with the same care as they do with any other fellow citizen.

Wishing and praying for the best in the coming years for our fellow countrymen both within and abroad and a hope that we The Pakistani's and shall I include the Intellectual and the Mighty Hearted Pakistani's at the blogsphere work even harder to portray an even better image of our Beloved Land, who has given us alot but we have failed to feel it's essence ad nurture it's soul, but not from now on, as this is the year of the new beginning.
Allah Blesses our Country and our Countrymen.
PS: Done with the 60th Post ;) yippeee