These days the thing that is really getting on to me is the series of Islamice Letters that r being filled each day in my inbox and i can't decide what to really do with them. Please kidnly anyone a Muslim ofcourse please explain to me what is this:

"Whoever Forwards this will get his/her reward in three days. One PersonForward it to 40 people he had 8,000 thousand, take prophet in hisBusiness. One Person did not believe this news and his son died. One kept Saying he will forward it today,tomorrow but never forward this News he died as well. PLEASE DO NOT THINK THIS IS NOT TRUE. PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!"
What is the meaning of this cursified ending, is this the way to get Hasanats for your good deeds, and is it the right way? fwding Islamic Verses and Ayats bluntly to anyone, most of the people would be having Non-Muslim contacts ending up fwding the messages to them, we dont really know what the result would be, m not trying to portray that all Non-Muslims would regard Islam in a negative way, but my point is that fwding mails in this manner wouldnt make any difference either Take the above example whats the difference left then in a usual chain letter and that having Islamc Ayats, Hadiths n all, the ending is the same; "Ull die in so n so time unless u fwd this to so n so....". They have the same image os Islam as they have about other religions as that they are filled with hatred and that our Lord is ready to punish anyone who comes in his way. Just think about it once before u take a step towards what u think is right bt indeed it isnt.
Allah doesnt allow this at any costs, He wants His word to be spread through Love and Peace not through some idiotic cursed manner, and what level of Emaan is this anyways, believing in something that tells u that u will die soon enough after u have rejected and deleted the mail from ur inbox, is ur Emaan really at that weaker level that u believe in such stuff.
Regarding mails ryt now another thing just popped into mind and that is the spreading amount of Videos that include a sort of a miracle in which Quranic Verses are played as a background, by that day i happened to come across a video in which a cheetah hunts a small gorilla, which happened to gave birth at the spot, and to people's surprise the cheetah adopted that baby gorilla as his own and started to look after it, i know its a miracle but its meant to understand that this miracle is for all the Mothers who look after their children, a nature bestowed to a mother, to save and nurture a baby be it her own or somebodyelse's, bt yes ofcourse there are good and bad mothers too, i have seen a cat killing and eating it's own kittens with my own eyes, that doesnt proof that she wasnt the mother.
Why then why playing Quranic Verses over animal videos does that really make any sense, we being Muslims all know that all that is being happening on Earth is itself Allah's greatest miracle, we breathe isnt that a greatest miracle, any Muslim who sees the video can recall Surah Rehman's verses stating:

"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?
Whats the use to play Quranic Verses over the video when most of the population wouldnt even get what th Ayaat is really saying as majority learns to read Arabic bt not all can understand. A translation would help, bt not over a Video a side description would be better. We cant deny from any of our Allah's creation, as all of them are unique and powerful in their own manner, they cant be subjected to any acqusition, and they cant be either created by any other superficial force. My request is to stop creating such mails or even if ur getting any of such kind and u want to fwd the word of Allah please erase such messages from the end of the mail, as the Word of Allah is for prosperity not for punishment.