Man Americans are the Worst idiots i have ever seen( I mean i have seen many roaming around) but as they say themselves that lets see what the americans know about the world their country is apparently ruling.
My mind couldnt really process even the 1% answers they were giving, point to mention the Atlas of Americans is really strong. I wonder do they really give those around the World in 80 days these days as most of the Americans would be needing it.
Point here is not to point on Americans, point here is to realise what the Truth and Fact is, iread a comment of an American at Junaid Khan's blog over the Insulting issue of Hazrat Muhammad( Sal Allah Hu Alahai Wasalam) pictures in Wiki. The guy said smethng like :
"The rest of the world is not offended by Muhammed(pbuh) pictures. Only muslims. But Muslims are not the only users of Wikipedia; in fact they aren't even the majority. They make up a very small part of wikipedia users. So, why should we ruin the experience for everyone else just because a few people don't like it." --text edited!
The reason to write this was to show that just some people regard us Muslims being idiots its their majority who are actually idiots. Just because they have Microsoft, Apple now it doesnt mean its the Top of the World. We have had Millions of Muslims Scholars, Scientist and Mathematicians, Astronomers and etc etc cant forget that algebra (the base for the X and Y theory) was discoevered by Al Khuwarizmi. Who can forget the Great Great Educationist and Philospoher and what not Imam Ghazali(RA).
The things the western world has now is formed on Musli basis, and they Regard as Islam a retarded religion as said by Geert Wilder. What kind of a Retard is on this seat by the way.
Yes i am feeling bad at the time knowing the truth that why had we Muslims washed our hands over such golden treasures, and letting it off of it so easily, we shldnt be proud of what was there in the past and that what we dont possess now. Yet m happy that Americans r even more stupider than our own street kid atleast he would be knowing who Bush and Blair are, and that what religion Israeli's practise LMAO