Was out for an end of EXAM shopping :P and lols it was a real relief after the weekends revision, i personally didnt do much of the shopping, but it was fun going through the stuff and this time i planned to play a game called "Snap a pic of any random object" but didnt succeed to grab much of the things lols dunno why i was having a feeling of being caught from behind with a thought of a guy saying me " Madam ur under arrest for illegally taking pictures of authorised products :P" i know that is a very weird thought but here the laws r really strick and every now and then a new and polished law is introduced in the market. I guess there isnt any law for such stuff but yeah the people might be a bit offensive if they felt that they were even accidentally a part of such a pic ;) so the random collection goes as below.

First stop at a Gift Shop.
My sis soo wanted this pic ofcourse the Mug was mentioning her star sign ;)
A cute pic of three Musketeers on a Traditional Jhoola though the Pakistani made Jhoolas are more prettier ;)
Next the clothing section, as ever fav's of women ;).

Fun filled trolley :P

And atlast the hyper market.
So this was my Exam end Shopping extravagenza hope u have enjoyed the random images ;). The images arent good at all but yeah they are great when it comes to randomness :P